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Oak Meadow and Live Education!

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does anybody have any experience to compare these two cirriculums?

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I have used OM but not LE!, although I have looked pretty intensely into LE!, so keep this in  mind. The main differences are LE! touts itself as being for "the waldorf purist", while OM is set to meet state standards and just has a "waldorf flavor".  OM introduces academics in the K year, it has a online schooling option, is very scheduled out for you, doesn't really get into waldorf pedagogy or anything Steiner at all(that I saw), it seems to essentially be "a curriculum in a box". LE! on the other hand doesn't introduce academics until 1st grade, is not scheduled really at all, gets deep into the waldorf pedagogy, I've heard you need to supplement quite a bit with this curriculum, I've heard it works great for those whom lean towards unschooling, they "train you to become a homeschool teacher", I've heard this curriculum is used in some Waldorf schools. Some other differences are obviously the price, you can only buy a complete grade package through LE! while you can pick and choose with OM, the LE! package includes forum/phone consultations/email support.

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Great description above.  LE! is very open-ended with a lot of foot-work needed, whereas OM is a lot more spelled out for you.

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Thanks girls, What kind of stuff would i need to supplement with the LE! i was talking to Rainbow , the 'LE! guy' and he seemed to think it was all there.(i paid my $35 and just balking at which way to turn now). I come from a Sonlight background, but wanted more wonder in life, i don't think i've got what it takes to piece together something from OM, Christopherous, etc. any feed back on what you all do and how you find it? and by"LE! needs a lot of foot work" do you mean trips to the library? that is rather an obsticle for us.

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I was given the same message by Rainbow when I talked to him last year as well. From what I saw of my friends 1st grade LE! curriculum it looks mainly like "booklets" briefly explaining the subject and waldorf pedagogy behind it, and then you're left with planning out the block and adding in additional resources. I've heard from other friends who have used LE! and they said certain grades were better than others, and some seemed to require a great deal of extra planning and resources that were not in the curriculum. I really don't know much more about this particular curriculum as I haven't used it, we decided it seemed like too much work for us.


All that being said I use and adore Christopherus! It's planned out for you, but not quite as much as OM was, pretty much everything is right there, the price is decent, Donna is well respected in waldorf circles, and she doesn't go too deep into the pedagogy. I find it's a good middle ground for us.

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Thanks Mittsy, I will look into Christopherus again. What levels are you using? and how does it go teaching several grades, i have a 6,8,9 and 11. the 9 and 8 sound close but are not.

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I'm teaching 1st grade with Christopherus, and Pre-K with Little Acorn Learning. I'm just getting started with the teaching different levels thing, but if you can have a bit of alone time with each kiddo for the main lesson I think you will do fine.
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