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party ideas

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we r having a small surprise party at our house next weekend with about 6 10 yr old girls. I need some ideas of what to do with them for a few hours. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Crafts are always fun.  You could make sock animals, all you need are some hot glue guns, knee socks, stuffing and googly eyes.  Yarn and felt are good too for decoration purposes.  


Decorate your own little planter, and buy potting soil and plants to go in the planter afterwards.  


If your neighborhood is amenable, you could send them on a scavenger hunt.  


I don't think you'll need too many activities.  Girls this age are pretty good about keeping themselves entertained.  

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I was actually thinking about doing a scavenger hunt! I'm not sure about crafts..some of the girls r quite mature for 10 and r 'too cool' for so many things lol. I do want to have things planned just in case because we r inviting a few new girls who don't know the rest of the group well, and i want to make sure they aren't left out and minimize awkwardness.
I was thinking about having them make candy kabobs since it is an activity and would also serve as the goody bags
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Even too mature for that kind of kids get into crafts.  Just has to be up their alley.  Little make up bags, home made lipgloss... there are a lot of things they would make if shown how. 

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That's true, i should look up some recipes. I could incorporate the ingredients into the scavengar hunt or something and then they will lead into each other.
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That actually sounds like fun.  I think I'm going to make lipstick with my DDs this weekend.  I can just see how showing them how to make their own stuff could open their eyes to the possibilities.  Next thing you know one of them will come back with all her own products...   Have a good party, your DD is gonna be thrilled no matter what.

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Just a word on the candy kabobs.  I made those once as a prize for my piano students.  They're harder to make than they look!  The gummy candies get all stuck to the stick as you're trying to slide them on, and leave gummy gunk behind all along the stick... then the other candies won't slide on very easily at all.  The piano students loved them but I won't be making them again!


ETA re. the crafts.  My friend taught a group of pre-teens how to make (hand sew) their own "cute monster" stuffies, and all the kids really enjoyed doing it.

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I think you're right to have planned activities. My daughter just had her 9th bday party, and wanted it very open - dinner outside, bonfire w/smores, flashlight tag, dancing to their music, we set up a tent outside and they hung around and talked. but.... my daughter knew what she wanted, but didn't know how to keep the others on it - and I tried not to micromanage, so she ended up being upset when the party went in another direction and girl bickering ensued. they actually weren't ready for the unscheduled sort of party that adults have, as much as she wanted it - and i knew all these girls and thought they could do it. the scavenger hunt is a great idea and they love working in groups. have fun!

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I just asked 11 yo DD and she says, "make friendship bracelets and  do makeovers". So, some embroidery thread, hairspray, hair pins and a bunch of makeup should keep them entertained for hours. :)

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Makeovers!!!  Oh and do nails!  Mani's and pedi's!  what girl doesn't love those?  (pedi's freak me out but the mani, yes!)

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