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what's on the agenda today?

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Sooooo, what's on the agenda today? :)  


I have no car irked.gif  But I suppose it's good because i do have a lot of housework. lol.gif. I have 3 loads of laundry to fold and my bedroom to clean yikes2.gif.  My youngest and I will spend some time outside in the backyard. She has been really into her "mad science" I have an art project for her to do if she's interested, endless stories to read.  Hoping I can sneak in a 20 min nap when she naps. I was up waaaayyyy to late last night. whistling.gif   Oh and we should be hitting the library after dinner unless my son has football practice. I suppose i need to take something out for dinner........

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Coffee with mom at Starbucks, which is right next to a grocery store where they have some good deals we're going to check out, and the bank where she's got to do a transfer and I just realized I can deposit my DH's cheque for him. after that I'll probably take a nap, then pack an after school snack and meet the kids at the playground. We usually stay there until 4 - 4:30 and one of my daycare kids gets picked up shortly after we get back to my house, the other kids start on homework and I start on dinner, then they play until J's parents come get him, usually around 6. There's a load of towels sitting in the dryer that I really should fold, but I'm not doing housework besides that today.

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Today was nice : ) This morning it was cloudy but no rain so we went onto the deck with a giant bowl of water and the kids (mostly DD) made "mud soup" with some of my herbs that I left out there. It was gross, they had a blast and after we all just jumped into the shower because well, they were filthy! I packed a few boxes (we are moving in two weeks) and than we met a friend for lunch at the mall...I got DD some pumpkin/ghost/bat Lego set thing, and we wandered for awhile...came home and it was pouring so DD played with her fairy stickers, DS climbed everything and I thwarted it every time, and I made black bean burgers and we hung out for the evening. 

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