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Root Canals

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I've never had a root canal so I'm a bit lost.


I'm doing lots of reading and it seems that root canals can be very toxic and in the long term do more bad than good.  Last week my husband had an emergency first half of a root canal.  He's supposed to go back on Saturday and get the rest completed. So my question is, what is put in the root canal?  Are there alternatives?  The nerve has already been removed and the decay has been dug out but so far it hasn't been filled back in.  (maybe I'm missing some info here?)


Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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The root canal procedure will be just fine. The filling is gutta-percha. Evidence based medicine, ya know?

The whole root canal toxicity theory was something come up with in the 1930s to sell snake oil, or something like that.
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I would only avoid a root canal and seek other treatment (extraction and socket preservation for an implant) if repeated root canals on the same tooth had been needed. In some cases, it the tooth is cracked or a little bit of root is left, and it is best to pull.

In 99% of cases, though, root canals are safe and recommended. Most dentists today choose the safest materials, knowing that they are also exposed to what is put in your mouth.
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whew, thanks.  I started getting a bit nervous.

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