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I've been told that the boobs don't last though... Do they? I actually don't know how to deal with them lol... I've never really had any before...

They do go down, once you're done Bf-ing, but for me, I was an A before I had my kid and before I got pregnant this time around, I was a B-and-a-half.  So some does stay, typically.

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I had a gap of not bfing between children between my first and second child and my breasts became smaller than they did before getting pregnant with my first. Then I got pregnant with my third while my second was still a nursling, so can't say anything there, but mt third child was weaned for 1 month before getting pregnan with this baby (#4) and even in just that one month my breasts went back to smaller than they ever were before having children. I really do have the chest of an 8 year old boy. We'll see what it is like this time. I'm oping for 2+ years of nursing and we'll see what happens.

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I'm totally hoping for shrinkage after breastfeeding this second one!  We got pregnant while #1 was still nursing, so I don't know what they're going to do.  They were DD before pregnancy.  Some kind of cartoonish size in the last months and the first year of BF, then sort of normalish again when he cut down his nursing and was eating more solid food.  He weaned this summer, but I was already pregnant, so I can only hope for a nice single letter in a couple of years, preferably near the front of the alphabet!

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I'm totally hoping for shrinkage after breastfeeding this second one! 

I hear you Psythme. I'm normally at 34DD or DDD, depending on my weight.


After burying my head in my hands in the dressing room at Nordstrom when the fitting professional told me I am now a 36G, I can only hope that my girls will shrink a little when breastfeeding is over. I imagine I am going to be in H or I territory in my early days of feeding the little guy. Talk about over the shoulder boulder holders! blush.gif

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Kinda OT (at least deviating from boob size)... is there such a thing as too MUCH colostrum? I'm not leaking per se, but I can express what looks to be an awful lot! I thought it just came out in little bits at a time, but I feel like I can get at least a tablespoon or so from each side with hand expressing. It is still fairly watery at this time too.

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It seems like I can express a decent amount of Colostrum as well, from what I've read there's not really a "too much". Everyone is a little different, and our bodies will continue producing Colostrum until our little ones arrive, and our milk comes in.

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Being able to express a spoonful soon after birth was great.  Rocket was having a hard time latching, so we spoonfed him a little bit that way.  I'd be psyched if I got that much out pre-birth!


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