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Elimination diet how to?

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I need to go on an elimination diet.


About us: I've got a sweet little girl who is 8 weeks old and has horrible, horrible gas.  It smells worse than my dog's gas, I kid you not.  In addition to the gas, she has LOTS of fussing at the breast, some pretty terrible acne that feels so rough and dry (really more eczema-like than acne) on her face, and after she nurses her face seems to almost break out in hives.  She's sleeping okay, but...


I'm wondering if there's an elimination diet plan anywhere.  I'm just talking about something that could give me some ideas of what to eat, so that I can come up with a menu.  If I don't come up with a menu, I'm sunk, and quite frankly there is dairy, soy, or gluten in everything that I cook.  If I'm going to leave those things behind for a month, I need a plan.  And there are so many websites and tangents and sidebars to everything, and people in these threads seem to be so light years ahead of cutting out those foods.


So, is there a plan?  A gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free book?  I know that there's "The Elimination Diet Cookbook," but from what I understand, that's for EVERYTHING.  I'm just looking to eliminate the big three there, and I don't know where to start.  I'm quite frankly so terribly overwhelmed and confused.  I just want some basic menu ideas to get the ball rolling to cut those out and see if any of them help.


Any help?  Is there a sticky?  A good simple website that outlines some kind of plan?  I need to make a plan, and I have NO idea how.

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I really enjoy Jae Steele for advice, recipes and her books are easy and fun to read.  She is a holistic nutritionist that has great recipes that are GF, SF, night shade free, raw diet, etc.  She promotes a vegan lifestyle, which I am not a vegan (but considering it), however you can toss your proteins in her dishes.  I absolutely love her book "Get it ripe".  I am sure you could find it at your local library. 


Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

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