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Fundal Height

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Previous to today, we did not know exactly how far along I am in this pregnancy. My "LMP" was irregular, so we thought I was either 10 weeks or 14 weeks along. After an exam today, the doctor said the top of my uterus is right at my belly button, and that he thinks I am about 15 weeks. This slightly confuses me because most of what I have read and heard says fundal height at the belly button usually means the mother is around 20 weeks along. I am kind of hoping this is the case, because I am scheduled for an ultrasound October 7th and i am hoping they will be able to tell me if it is a boy or a girl :) Even if I am 16 weeks at the ultrasound thats a possibility, but I am very anxious to find out so i can start buying baby clothes and such :)

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out of curiousity, do you know how accurate fundal height is?  I am 16wks but my midwife said my fundal height is 18wks.  i didn't think to ask her what that meant.  hoping someone here knows how accurate it may be!

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Well i've done some reading up on it, and everything I have read says it isn't the MOST accurate thing to go by because every woman and pregnancy is different. I think fundal height is just a general measurement they go by to make sure the baby is around the right size for how far along you are. I have also read that sometimes if the height of the fundus doesnt match up to how far along you are that your dates could be wrong.  Here is some information I found helpful:



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Fundal height isn't the most accurate thing. My OB just feels it with her fingers and lets me know that is in the right spot, give or take some. I know that I'm bigger than I was last time, at least by a week in fundal height. After 20 weeks or so the fundal height is a little more accurate, but still not 100%.
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If this is your first pregnancy it's half decently acurate. It WOULD probably only reach the belly button at 20 weeks, and not sooner. If this is your second it's much more likely that you'll feel it sooner and/or measure ahead. Mine just so happens to sit super far forward, such that I can feel it right away. Kinda scared my midwife about multples or something but nope. That's just where it was.

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Oh okay I understand now why mine is already at my belly button at 15 weeks, because this is my second pregnancy. They still scheduled an ultrasound to make sure the dates are correct..so i'll find out for sure in about a week :)

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My fundal height seems way big for a second pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks and I feel baby above my belly button and to the right. I wonder what the midwife has to say about it at my Tuesday appt. I would love an early ultrasound, but she'll probably say it's just 2nd pregnancy uterine growth, blah, blah, blah.
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LOL I hope you get your ultrasound :) They pretty much always schedule an ultrasound at my doctors office if your are even a little unsure of your LMP.. and I was apparently way off with mine according to where the top of my uterus is.. It's hard for me to feel where the top of the uterus is because I have some extra weight this time around from my first pregnancy. I thought it felt like it was at the belly button, but I thought there was no way I was feeling the right thing because I had had a "period" the past three months, even though they were irregular, and also had a blood test done and it came back negative!! so i thought I couldn't be too far along.. turns out im 16 weeks now according to the doctor! Cant wait for my ultrasound next friday so I can confirm it and find out if my son is getting a baby brother or sister :)

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I went to my midwife today and she said my uterus is where it should be; so my obsessing over a big belly is no longer necessary. And I didn't gain any weight yet. Heard baby's heartbeat and got my referral for the anatomy scan in 3 weeks. All in all, a good appt.
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