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I think every mom has to seek her own comfort level. We get enough guilt as it is, for tons of different things. If another mom doesn't want to let it all hang out, then she shouldn't be made to feel like she's being a Bad Lactivist for it if that is her preference, any more than a mom who feels okay with not covering should be made to feel bad about not covering. I've heard variants of this as a Bad Feminist argument lots of times: if you take your husband's name/stay home with your kids/shave your legs/wear makeup/whatever, you are undermining feminism. It just gets ridiculous, with people wasting their own and others' time judging others rather than working on their common cause.


I own a cover and have used it exactly once--in the privacy of my own home, to see if it helped with my daughter's distractibility. It didn't. I do think it's a little peculiar that in one of the two breastfeeding groups I sometimes go to, almost all of the moms nurse with covers, and this is in a room with only moms, babies, and (female) LCs. Oh well, different strokes.

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No, covering up while breastfeeding in itself is NOT anti lactivism.


I personally DO cover up when I'm in certain situations in public. WHY? because it makes me feel more comfortable, plain and simple. Do I think it is necessary? nope. But I want to, so I do. If someone else doesn't want to, I feel that is perfectly acceptable too. 



So, go with how YOU feel, and ignore how you think other people will feel in this situation. Good luck, momma and I pray that your trip goes by beautifully and without incident!

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I have thought a lot about this question, and here is what it comes down to for me: if mama uses a cover for her/baby's comfort, then it is totally awesome.  If mama feels she must use a cover because of other people's comments/looks/reactions then using a cover is unfortunate, but not anti-lactivist because (imo) those covers scream "Hi, I'm nursing!" -- which is great!


However, I think the choice to not cover can be an active form of lactivism.  Personally, I have chosen to nurse without a cover, and to not move to a more "private" location many times with the specific thought that my actions would help to normalize breastfeeding in our culture.  Just that it's no big deal... so other potential parents can see that it's not inconvenient, or that you don't have to show skin if you breastfeed without a cover.


Since the public opinion I am hearing these days is much more "breastfeed is great, but the only modest/discreet way to do so is to cover up/go somewhere else," I hope that my choice to breastfeed uncovered will make more women feel confident to breastfeed in public whether or not they personally choose to use a cover.

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I think that whatever you and your babe are comfy with is the most important.  A baby fighting to get out of some sort of covering is pretty weird- but me and my sisters all nurse really openly and we have had some resistance with the public and that's OK with us...we stand our ground pretty well.  If I did not come from a family of nursing mamas I would do it however I could.  Mostly make sure sure your babe is getting what he/she need out of the interaction- cover or no.

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I don't think I am a lactivist or anti-lactivist (def. not the latter), but I cover up. It's just cultural, I suppose; nay, definitely. But I have seen women nurse their children on trains and buses a lot in India. They just pull their saree over the child. It is NIP, everyone knows what's going on, but covered. And I've never heard anyone comment about it. I don't even remember giving it a second thought unless the child was amusing and I was upset that he/she was taken away from being my play thing, lol (goes to show how young I was). But jokes apart, I sat on a bus in India this past summer, and the woman next to me nursed her child on the bus. Just like that. The child was fussing, she nursed. My daughter is very pleasant on buses and planes too, just because she can retire to her comfort zone. But yes, I do cover up. It has nothing to do with the act of nursing so much as my skin showing that I am not comfortable with.


On the other hand, it does not bother me when a woman NIPs (it did, pre-baby, if a man not her partner was around; big surprise I am a prude :-)), but now, you've gotta do what you've gotta do, and if people don't like it, tough! Let them look away.

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I once came across this blog about covering up being a feminist issue. I thought it was an excellent take on the subject.



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Originally Posted by dejagerw View Post

I once came across this blog about covering up being a feminist issue. I thought it was an excellent take on the subject.



thanks for sharing this. very cool

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I have only covered up twice in public. My DD was a couple weeks old and we were at an airport. We still hadn't gotten breastfeeding down and the hormones were still raging so it was more comfortable for me to cover. Since then I've nursed a hand full of time in public and not covered. It's just easier for us not to now. 


I think covering up could still be seen as a form of lactivism, in the way that it still draws a wee bit of attention to what you're doing. People may not gawk at you but I think the connection is made in their brain that, yes this woman is nursing a baby. yes underneath that cover is a baby on a boob. So in a round about way breastfeeding awareness is still being made. "Oh i see she is covered. She must be nursing. How nice. Look how calm/good/nice/peaceful that is." Does that make sense? In my mind it's a round about way of still bringing awareness to breastfeeding in public. We've established that some people just aren't comfortable exposing themselves and we've established that some babies are so nosy curious they need a cover so they can focus on the task at hand; so as long as it is for mum and/or baby's comfort it's all good. 


NOW...I think we need to find some covers that have a big ol' pro-nursing message on em! "Boob Buffet: Baby Only!" 

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