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4 week old breastfeeding, green stool, diarrhea and blood?!

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Hi guys! I've been breastfeeding my 4 week old. He had watery yellow stools in the beginning which I was told is normal and then the watery stools decreased... After 3 weeks his stools turned into green algae like stools, and now (since 1 day) he started pooping mostly watery stools with some blood in it. There is the yellow stool but is also greenish as well! The blood is a few drops, I can see it pouring with the water when he poops diarrhea, the diaper is a tad tinged with bloody drops.


It's not a whole lot of blood but every few diaper changes I see a few droplets


I`m so worried! Does anyone know what it can be? Doc appt is pending! :(

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It sounds like what they call a milk imbalance (fore milk to hind milk).  When the sugary fore milk moves too fast through the digestive system this is what happens.  It happened to me only without the blood.  The blood is most likely caused by an irritation to the digestive tract.


DS' stools started out yellow in the morning but by afternoon were green.  He didn't have any froth but did have some mucous and "explosiveness." 

You can try and remedy the situation by block feeding.  With block feeding baby will get more of the hind (fatty milk).  Block feeding is feeding off of only one breast for a period of time 2, 4, 6 up to 12 hours.  You may have to express a bit from the opposite breast if it becomes engorged during that block.  Start off with the smaller block and increase the time if the situation doesn't improve.  I added probiotics to DS as well and that seemed to help as well.  The problem has pretty much resolved for us.

Good luck....It sounds like it's most likely nothing to worry about.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.


I was aware that fore-milk and hind-milk can cause green stools. I was trying to do what you said, it did help. However, I haven't heard or read anywhere about diarrhea and blood, so that's what worried me more so :(

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eek! I love dairy :(

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Originally Posted by to-mama View Post

eek! I love dairy :(

Me too! I was dairy/soy-free for the first 6 months (we discovered the issue his first week of life) and although DS can't have dairy still, he was fine when I started to eat it at 6 months.

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Hi again patiogardener..


There's another problem now...he started to have thick yogurt like very pale light yellowish poop since last night. It has an odd odor..It wasn't seedy yellow as how it should me.. Now I'm really starting to freak out! I'm really hoping the worst it can be is a lactose intolerance...but pale/whitish yellowish thick yogurt poop????


Please, someone tell me that's normal?! :(:'(

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My doctor told me that any colour poop was OK if baby was doing well, except for red (blood) true black (also blood) and white (as in a sheet of paper white).


At least has the blood stopped?hug2.gif

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