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4 year d boy with pimples?

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My 4 1/2 year old ds has little dry whiteheads on his cheeks and forehead. They are not red, inflamed or itchy. It's kind of like the baby acne that newborns get. Could this be hormonal? I've heard of the testosterone surge at this age. Our naturopath feels that it is connected to food intolerances but we've had him off gluten for a couple of months and they haven't cleared up. Thoughts?
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My bet is that they're allergy related. My dd gets this. We haven't been able to isolate the cause, other than sunscreen. But she's clearly got some food sensitivities that I'm going to have to buckle down and try to find if it gets worse. She also gets heat rash, and reacts to some soaps.

Have you tried eliminating dairy? Citrus? I know there are a couple more major allergens that you might want to test. If you post in Health & Healing, they've got an allergy section, with some really experienced parents who might be able to point you in the right direction.
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I spoke to my naturopath about it again. She says its dairy related but not a true intolerance, just a skin reaction and he needs to drink more water. Neither of us want to take dairy out of his diet as he's already vegetarian and gluten free. 

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i would still try eliminating dairy.


i would increase his beans or lentils intake - quinoa or nuts too - all high in protein.


milk is really big on low impact allergies.


taking out gluten and dairy from diet (actually just reducing them) has had a huge impact on dd's issues. we are mostly vegans and eat meat maybe once a month or less. 

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Since they can't actually test for intolerance (my dd has some food intolerances), could you try an elimination diet and see how that works?  It may or may not be dairy related, but it does sound like it's diet.  Keeping a food diary and doing the elimination process can be long and seem like a waste of time, but in the long run, it will not only help his skin, it could help with his immune system and a host of other issues that may crop up over the years.  Good luck!

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I am new here, but I think cutting out dairy just to check for intolerance is a great idea. Also, applying tea tree oil topically just to keep the area clean may help. Hope you figure out the cause or it disappears soon!

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My son gets pimples if he ingests any dairy or cocoa - I'd definitely try the elimination diet!

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I think that before eliminating anything diet-wise, I'd try using scrubby gloves gently on the afflicted areas.  My son gets milia from time to time.  I think some folks may just be more prone to them.  I tend to get them around my eyes and sometimes on my cheeks.

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My son has the same thing and his Dr. told me it was eczema. If I keep lotion on it it goes away. You might try the lotion first and see if it helps. It would be easier than eliminating dairy. Been there, done that. 

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