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evening primerose to start labor .

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to start off this pregnancy has been a roller coaster of a ride . i am 26 weeks along now and cant wait for it to be over . i having been planning on a home-birth with just the hubby and no one else. tried looking for a midwife but failed on that area because there are none in Indiana that will take Medicaid . i don't have the money to pay for one myself so the hubby will just have to relax in that area.

anyway i had contractions and bleeding at ten weeks was took off work and they stopped for a few weeks , than at 24 weeks the contractions came back and would not stop. i went to er and was in hospital for about a week. they gave me many meds to stop contractions slowed them down but i still get them . so i am now back home on procardia every four hours. still seeing my ob and she wants me to stay on the meds till 36 weeks. what scars me is when she talks to me about it she talks about how when i come off the meds i should be prepared for labor to start for awhile and that it might not start on its own meaning induction . she don't know i am planning a home birth . i am scared to death of the thought that i might carry my third child past 40 weeks. i carried my first one till 40 weeks and she was to big for me to push out had to have a c-section with her. she was only 7 lbs . my second i had at 37 weeks i pushed her out she was 6 lbs but i can see how big she would have got had i carried her longer. i don't want to be inducted i don't want to carry that long and i don't want another hospital birth. i have been looking natural methods of bringing on labor at home and i like the evening prime-rose method the most so far. can anyone suggest when i should start taking evening  prime-rose. i am even thinking of dropping the procardia at 34 or 35 weeks with out the ob knowing .

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I know that a complicated pregnancy doesn't always lead to a complicated delivery, but there is just so much going on here that it's way over my comfort thresshold for avoiding medical intervention.


In this case, I am especially concerned about the baby's size (has the bleeding/contracting, etc. had any effect on placental function?  Is there any indication of IUGR?) and lung development.  Premature babies (particularly at the 34-35 week end of things) often do not have enough lung surfactant, which means the interior surfaces of their lungs stick together when they exhale.  It then takes a lot of effort for them to inhale, and they wind up taking short, fast breaths (tachypnea), and not getting enough oxygen.  This problem is fairly easy to treat in a hospital, but there's nothing that can be done about it at home.


I think you'd be best off discussing your concerns with your OB and looking for ways to improve your chances of vaginal delivery if you carry to term. 

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I would not risk premature labor under these circumstances. At the end of the day, the health of the baby trumps the "birth experience". A homebirth or UC could unnecessarily endanger your child if you are pre-term. And purposefully inducing pre-term labor if not for the health of the baby is an unacceptable risk. I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your OB and come up with a plan that does not endanger your child.

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was not planning on trying to induce labor until after the 37th week , and the idea about stopping the meds at 34 or 35 weeks was just something i was thinking of maybe doing not to start labor but just to give my body a chance to start it up on its own when it is the right time. i have read from some other women about having their babeis at home around 34 to 35 weeks and not having problems plus i have been given the shots to speed up lung matrutity so i dont really think the baby would at a high risk if she did come at 35 or 36 weeks. i am not trying to risk my childs life just looking at my options as they seem to be few and far between . i love all my children and would never put them in danger on purpose. i have had many ultrasounds done and they can not find anything wrong with me or the baby. they are just calling it irritable uterus .

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The steroid injections that help with maturity don't last forever, you can't count on having had those now meaning greater lung maturity later (they are suggested only when there is very real risk of delivery within a week because of this.)


Quite honestly, with all those complicating factors, i would be extraordinarily hesitant to choose to UC- particularly if you are hoping to have the baby sooner rather than later.  I mean, if you are going to try to evict the baby before he/she is ready, at least do so where there is a NICU to help with respiratory support... You may get lucky and have a baby who can breathe well at 35 weeks, but some (particularly if they have been induced) will still need support at 40+ weeks.  Given the complications, this is already a baby stressed in utero. 


I would talk with your OB.  I would probably ask about the risk/benefit of staying on procardia all the way through 36 weeks (for me that's an area that becomes murky at 33/34 weeks.)  Then talk about your fear of labor and vaginal delivery with a baby over 7 lbs.  Frankly, if you have successfully had a vaginal delivery, I wouldn't worry about whether this baby is 6 lbs, 8 lbs or even 10 lbs, your pelvis has proven that it can successfully deliver a baby. 


You have to decide where your comfort level is, but make sure you ask all the questions you need to to have the information to make a totally informed decision. 

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There is no evidence that evening primrose oil does anything, also when used on the cervix it is only supposed to ripen the cervix and is not meant to induce labour.

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My DD had the steriod shots three weeks before birth - they were useless by the time she was born.  She actually had worse than usual respiratory distress for her gestational age. 


It's hard to say what will happen when you go off the procardia, but I wouldn't risk a preemie at home if I could help it.

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any updates? I've been thinking about you.

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Honestly, everything is your choice in the end.


However, it sounds like you need to do some serious research and soul searching before trying to attempt a UC.  I personally would probably not attempt one myself if I was having the problems that you were, and I'm extremely pro-UC.


Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I really think you need to do some research about cesareans & so-called CPD. It is HIGHLY unlikely that your cesarean was solely due to the size of your baby. Lots of women are given that as an excuse and go on to birth babies bigger than the the one that supposedly wouldn't fit. It has more to do with how labour starts, your position, the baby's position etc. And if you don't even get to pushing, it's a complete lie. There's no way to tell if a baby won't fit until after you've tried pushing it out unless there are other major medical issues (eg previous pelvic surgery)


Also, 40 weeks is actually early for first babies, the average is over 41 weeks if labour isn't forced early. The average for second & later babies is 40 weeks 3 days. Unless you happen to be one of those women who gestate shorter than average, every day before 39 weeks increases the chances of your baby needing extra help after birth.


So long as baby is growing well, the preterm labour & stressful pregnancy in themselves aren't a reason to not UC. Trying to have an early baby is a very bad idea, though. And I'm concerned that since you seem to be missing some important information about pregnancy & birth, you may not have done anything to educate yourself about UC'ing and what to watch for in terms of things that might be problems.


I understand about not wanting to go to the hospital or be induced & not having money for a midwife, but I really think you need to do more studying before making a decision about UC'ing.

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UPDATE: I had my baby on 1/6/12 .8 lbs 7.4 oz will post my birth story soon .

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Congrats on your new baby! :)

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Woohoo, 40 weeks!  Can't wait to hear the story. :)

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