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soy free tortillas

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Does anyone have a whole wheat tortilla recipe?  DD1 is soy free, but DH looooooooves tortillas, so I need to have some that she can eat.  I was buying the one brand I could find, but I need to tighten up my food budget by about $400 next month yikes2.gif and they are pretty pricey.


I've tried some recipes online, and they all turned out pretty gross.

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Most tortillas in our store are wheat flour and not much else. Are you finding them made with soybean oil? We are gluten free so I make these tortillas: http://spiceandmore.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/an-exciting-discovery/ They taste different than wheat, but the whole family loves them.

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Yeah, the tortillas I see everywhere have a HUUUUUGE list of ingredients and hydrogenated soybean oil. It's just the one brand I can find without it, and it's super expensive.


I'll have to see if she'll eat the mung bean ones.

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So when I was at our grocery store I decided to check out the ingredient lists on the tortillas. We live in Tucson so there are a lot of locally made choices that are wheat, water, vegetable shortening and that's about it. But the national brands. Wow.


Something interesting that I noted. We've been gluten free since March. Recently I've had a bit of wheat when eating out, but none at home (for our daughter's benefit.) When I was in the tortilla area and when I walked by the bakery, I couldn't stand the smell of the bread. It was awful. It just smelled nasty and chemically.

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I know, isn't it crazy?  I don't buy bread, it's just so, ugh. If I want it, I make it, or I buy really high quality. Dh is a different story though....

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Most corn tortillas at the grocery store are soy-free.

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She doesn't like corn tortillas....maybe I should try again though.

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