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Constant nausea driving me mad

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So it's been almost two weeks since I started this thread and it's not getting any better. In fact, it's gotten worse. I know this is totally normal. But I don't know how women get through it. I feel like I'm at my wits' end. My husband and I planned secret vacations for each other and we went on mine in August, it was great. His is coming up in three weeks and he's so excited about it. I don't want to ruin it. Just thinking about it makes me cry. I haven't been myself for two weeks and it's unnerving.


Sorry to whine, vent, spill... it's nice to have some place to do it though. If you haven't been through it, you have no idea.

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Oh god I know how you feel. For a while there I really thought my body was trying to kill me. I was a complete mess.


I've tried every remedy under the sun short of prescription medication, and I don't know whether it's just time or a combination of things, but here's what I've tried and found useful:


- sea bands. These are little accupressure bands that go on your wrist. They look dorky, but do help. I got mine at the drugstore.

- eating small amounts of food every 1-2 hours whether I want to or not. Sometimes, this is really really hard, and becomes a test of will. I cried trying to choke down a bowl of plain chicken and rice last week. Soups I have a little easier time with, and I carry cliff bars for when I'm out.

- ginger everything. Ginger gum, gingersnap cookies, ginger ale. I can't handle the flavor of ginger candies though, that was too intense.

- mild exercise. If I'm feeling stable enough drag myself to the gym, I can usually bike slowly on the recumbent bicycle for half an hour or so.

- upping my iron intake. My prenatal didn't have enough. Flintstones vitamins are the only ones with iron I don't seem to throw up.


I hope it eases up for you soon.

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I was terribly sick with my first two. The only thing that got me by was not eating or drinking ANYTHING until 1pm or so, that seemed to be when my stomach would settle down. I gorged all evening to get me through the next morning. I would still throw up in the morning, but it wouldn't be as severe. I tried everything under the sun too, but that was the only thing that helped me. I even got a Rx for the tongue tabs it was so bad, but they would have been $250 so I never got them. Good luck!

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My BFF gets m/s really bad.  With her first she threw up for months.  She would carry plastic bags with her so she had something to throw up into when out and about.  She got to know all of the locations of restrooms during that to throw up in.  She had to tell work early on because she knew they could hear her in the restroom and didn't want them to think she was bulimic.  Nope just pregnant.  It was bad.  And it didn't subside until the third trimester.  So when she was pregnant with her second she mentioned to her Dr how bad it was and he gave her a prescription.  She said it was bliss.  I couldn't imagine throwing up multiple times a day for months.  It is not good for you in so many ways.  If it's that bad talk to your care provider and get something.  She said her 2nd one was so much nicer than her first all because of those dang pills.  She didn't know she could take anything for it in her first one and just suffered through it.  :(

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