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growth spurt?

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I think DD is going through a growth spurt. I feel like she just went through one but she's starting to nurse frequently, and getting super frustrated when no more milk is coming out. I don't remember DS being that frustrated when there wasn't enough milk. He'd just keep on nursing until I'd make more. It breaks my heart, but I guess I just need to know that other mamas experience this too. I know the best thing to do it just to let her suck so I'll make more milk, but it's frustrating. Any tips for making more milk?!

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My son is only 6 weeks old but we experience the same. He nurses constantly and then fusses about the slow flow. He is very lazy and does not want to work for it ;)

Also I am weaning off a nipple shield and hope my supply will be better once accomplished.

Fenugreek helped me to up my milk supply a bit. It makes fussy evenings less fussy.



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I just had the same thing yesterday, it was so frustrating! DS is 7 weeks old and was nursing almost constantly yesterday, but he would pop off and on the boob and fuss the whole time, hitting me and making these sad little whimpers. I just look at it like he's "putting in an order" for later. You don't need to worry about making more milk, that's what he's doing right now for you.  My guess is that you are going to be extra full for the next couple of days. I already am! 

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