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Visitation transportation question...

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I moved from NY to MA to live with family because of an abusive father of my baby.  He filed for visitation.  He got Supervised Visitation, but the judge said I had to set it up and pay for the supervisor.  I got relocation granted and sole physical and legal custody.  Nothing was said about who would pay for travel expenses of each party.  Now, would that mean that HE has to pay for himself to get to the visitation center, or that he could somehow make me pay?  He's taking public transportation and the judge herself did tell him she doesn't care if it's a 5 1/2 hour each way train/bus trip for him.  I didn't think at the time to ask the judge about transportation and I really can't afford to pay for everything.

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I would call your atty but I don't think he can make you pay his travel expenses.

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If it isn't in your order then don't worry about it. Just set up the visit at a place local to you and be there on time every time. It would be up to him to do the same.

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Yeah, it seems the judge is making you pay for the supervision, and making him pay for the transportation.  Usually, I think the party who requires supervised visits has to pay for them, but due to the relocation she probably figured that this was a fair way to split the costs between parents.

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If the order doesn't specify it seems to me it would be hard for him to make you pay....though note he could seek a reconsideration after a few visits when he can document expenses and a pattern of participating in the visits.  You should document all your expenses and, as a PP said, be there on time every time in case he tries to make a case later...

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OP I don't have any advice on the transportation as I have no experience with that. But I just wanted to say how happy I am to see you posting here on the Single Parents forum again, and how glad I am that you've made it back to MA to be close to your family. I've thought about you and your sons a lot and was really hoping that you would update sometime.

I'm also so glad to hear that you have a restraining order against your baby's father which is being respected. Please keep yourself safe and look into your rights and your baby's rights in re: these ridiculous "visits."
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