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Thanks for the congrats, but it honestly feels as if I'm still miles away from finishing. Neither technically has more sway, but my first advisor is more familiar with the issues that the examiners will be looking at (and that they themselves are familiar). My second advisor has a lot of knowledge about my topic and is useful in pointing out technical errors, but I'm also a little concerned that by adding too much historical and political fact to this thesis, it detracts from its anthropological focus, kwim? Sigh. ;-)


Off to check out the new thread!

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I wanted to join in, too. I take my comps exams in a month and then I'll be trying to get a prospectus written up and approved ASAP so I can do my data collection in the fall (I'm in an education program, doing qualitative rsch). I have two little girls, 2 and 4 years old, born during the coursework phase. We are cautiously considering having another baby in about 2 years. I know firsthand how hard it can be to get work done with a baby, but I also feel like I'd like to have another before I start a job. Since my husband has reasonably secure employment, there's no rush for me to finish (other than that I'd really LIKE to) and get a job right away. Do you think it would be possible to write a dissertation -- or at least, a complete draft -- in 9 mo- 1 year? We have childcare but I'd be teaching a bit as well as caring for my children in the afternoon/evening. IF we have another baby (IF!!), we'd probably TTC in about a year (just after I finish up data collection).

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Congrats to all you ladies! 


I just wrapped up my Ph.D.


It was a strange thing, actually.  I finished my Ph.D. in 4 years and we moved out to Vermont right away.  After a few months here we decided this was the right place and time to start a family.  A few months ago I got my official certificate.  I didn't really feel like I had accomplished much.  I mean, here I am in my second trimester and all I can really think about is how amazing and rewarding this motherhood process is.  MORE rewarding that a Ph.D., apparently.  My husband said, "well, don't you feel excited!  You're a DR!"  And I shrugged.  "Eh," I said, "yeah." 


I'm super excited about my research, my book projects, my job opportunities (and the teaching job I already have), but I feel like I have left my life as a student behind -- and it feels SO good I don't ever want to go back.  In fact, I don't really feel any pride about my degree.  It's something that I worked my butt off for, growing up in a trailer park with illiterate parents -- it used to be my biggest dream.  It was my only focus for a good part of 10 years. 


And now, it's all gone.  It's accomplished.  And I feel so happy and proud to be moving on to my next adventure -- one that promises even more joy for me.  This is a great feeling!

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Congratulations, Modestmothering!! I totally know what you mean -- I felt the same way. I worked hard for it, it was a very long road (started at a different program 10 years before finishing at my second institution). But, becoming a mother is so much more transformative!! Wishing you the best on your motherhood journey!

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Thanks, Porcelina!  wave.gif

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