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Advice please

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My 2 3/4 year old toddler has been saying for several days, maybe a week? (I've been sick and exhausted with the flu, so I didn't pay attention to exactly when it started hurting) that his penis ("pee pee place") is sore.  He doesn't say it is sore all the time.  Sometimes I ask him and he says it's okay.  When I look at it, it doesn't seem red or irritated though.  Several times when he said it was sore, I put some ointment on, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference.  He usually wears underwear during the day and disposable diapers at night.  Any advice?   Should I take him to the doctor already?

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It could be a simple matter of him being too rough with it. Since he's wearing underwear during the day, I'm assuming he has access to his penis, it would be pretty normal for him to be playing with it, and sometimes young ones are just too hard on those poor things. It could be something else, so it couldn't hurt to keep an eye on the situation, but that's what I'd guess if nothing else seems to be going on and it's not always sore.

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UTI?  Boys get them more often during early childhood though that changes later on.

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