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Quick: name your top 5 solids

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What are the staple can't live without solids for Lo in your house?

Six months is a few weeks away and I'd love to see your thoughts.
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DS2 is almost eight months but we've only been feeding solids regularly for a few weeks because he wasn't showing all the signs of readiness, particularly sitting well alone and interest in food. He likes beef (cook organic ground beef in slowcooker with water, puree), sweet potato, avocado and peach. I'm combining spoonfeeding of iron-rich foods and letting him explore on his own with chunks of ripe fruit, veggies or pieces of bread.
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DD wasn't into solids much before 8 months. She didn't really like much of it and choked on everything (not gagged- actually choked- scariest moments of my life!) so we held off. She's 11 mo now and loves food. Now our staples are scrambled eggs, cheese cubes, broccoli, squash, sweet potato, brown rice/cheese balls, chicken and peas.



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Eggs, broccoli, canteloupe, sweet potatoes and chicken. 


DD also loves those puree/smoothie type things made by Ella's organic kitchen... really great in-a-pinch while you're out food. Her favorite is the carrot/parsnip one.


DD does not like.... slippery. She gets very frustrated when trying to eat peaches, pears, sometimes banana (she prefers to gnaw on the whole banana) or anything where the texture is all sorts of wrong for her pincher grasp. She prefers meats, non-slippery cooked veggies and more solid-type fruits like apples.

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DD got really into solids around 9 months. Her very favorites have been beans (boiled and eaten one by one, or as hummus), cantaloupe, peaches, lightly steamed peas, and broccoli. Have fun!

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Bananas, sweet potatoes, any kind of beans, shredded cheese, blueberries

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DS is currently 11 months.  Knock on wood, he's been pretty happy with most of the foods we've given him (except blueberries and kiwi, for some odd reason), but I'd say the top five have been:


  • Bananas
  • Cheese - all kinds, shredded, cubed, slices, whatever.  The boy loves his cheese.
  • Steamed carrots.  I hate hate hate carrots, but they make him happy and he can mush them pretty easily.
  • Peaches
  • Broccoli cheddar nuggets
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These are great! Love to hear the stories too. Thanks!
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Scrambled egg (which she is currently eating)



black beans



special treat: pizza crust

bonus item: cheerios


she is 9 months and has been eating solids since just before 6 months.  she hasn't rejected anything yet.

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I like giving him fresh foods, so I cook them well, mash some up and cube the rest for his finger food practice, because he's at that stage.


Sweet potatoes (I cube these after they're refridgerated)

Bananas (too slippery for cubes!)

Baby carrots (I make these really soft so he can bite pieces off and hold them in his fist)

Potatoes (I use steak fries a lot for him they are perfect for him to grip and suck the guts out of)

Baked beans


Also, Cheerios (though I use Cascadia Farms fruity o's cause they're even cheaper than Cheerio's in my local supermarket)



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Jack loves sweet potatoes, apples, meat-stuff (started that around 6.5 months), sweet corn, sweet peas...mostly everything except for mac n cheese (too thick for him).
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Woohoo!  Keep em coming!

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Beans, beans, beans-- refried, spicy black, baked, chili... any way they're made, he'll eat 'em






Squash and sweet potatoes have been a hit as well. And Cheerios (and other cracker-type things).

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DS2 is 9.5 months old and been eating since about 6 months, though just really into it in the last month or two. His fav five:


- banana

- sweet potato

- applesauce

- carrots

- rice cakes (hey, keeps him occupied!)


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Our baby is just over 6 months now and she's been "eating" solids for about a month now.  She hasn't rejected anything yet and she's tried a wide variety of foods.  We're doing baby led weaning (finger foods), but we've also done some purees or mushy food as my MIL bought us a baby bullet when I was pregnant that we needed to use.  I just put those foods on a spoon (definitely on the thicker side and with little chunks) and let her take the spoon from me and feed herself.  She seems to find the spoon much easier to hold onto than many other types of foods that you put into chunks or slices.


Her top five:

- Apples.  Pureed, in slices or she gnaws on a whole apple.

- Broccoli.  Likes it cause it's easy to hold.

- Avocado.  One of the first mushy foods she got into and just devoured it.

- Mango.  We've been teething again and she seems to really like it chilled, cut into cubes but still attached to the peel.

- Peaches.  This was her first food and she loves to gnaw on it whole or pureed.


Oh, and I think cheerios are going to be up there.  She's only had them twice.  The first time she managed to get 1 out of the 10+ I gave her into her mouth.  Today, about 50% of them made it into her mouth.  She seems to really like the challenge as she doesn't have a pincer grasp yet.

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When my DS started solids, I'd say: avocado, banana, sweet potato, black beans, yogurt.
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Yogurt, sweet potatoes, blueberries, bananas, steamed broccoli...and steamed carrots, cottage cheese, avocado, diced raw apple, heavily buttered whole wheat pasta, brown rice, bites of whatever we're eating, etc. The list seems endless--she'll eat anything at this point (11 months). She's a bottomless pit and her latest nickname is "Tank". lol.gif

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Seeing the good wholesome plain foods on these lists and thinking about my first Lo eating foods... it is definitely making me think about my own consumption. I wonder if any of you have noticed a change in your own eating habits through family nutrition?

There is something (haha) very basic about seeing it on its way in AND out, if ykwim!

It makes me want to get back to extreme simple eating along with the babe. Brown rice, black beans, sweet potatoes and good local fruit?

Sounds great.
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avocado, sweet potato, banana, egg yolk, peas :) Those were my LO's favorite when he was first starting solids.

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