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Finally! The perfect unassisted birth story of Benjamin Jeziah!

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The perfect unassisted birth of Benjamin Jeziah. After a VERY VERY LONG 42 week and 4 day pregnancy baby Benjamin Jeziah was born healthy and happily into daddy’s arms! At 10:30 pm on Sunday night September 18th I went to bed discouraged and sad (again!). Worried that I would never start labor on my own and would have to have a hospital birth due to my blood pressure creeping up. I was 230lbs and miserable waddling around with a huge watermelon between my legs and had put myself on bed rest with 2 toddles to take care of (impossible!).  That night hubby and I decided to give nipple stimulation another try (didn’t work before). After about 5 minutes of stimulation contractions started STRONG! But I didn’t think anything of it because I had been having strong contractions on and off for weeks! But after 2 huge BM’s (sorry TMI) and constant pressure down there I knew this was it. SOOOO HAPPY and welcoming the pain! Hubby filled up the birth pool. The contractions were SOOOO strong I was delirious with pain. All I could say was LORD HAVE MERCY!!! And He did! After almost only AN HOUR AND A HALF of contractions my body involuntarily gave one big push and his head was crowning! But my water hadn’t even broke yet! “Impossible”, I thought! But sure enough he was coming! I felt the bulging bag of water and his head right behind it. I gave the bag a little pinch and it burst, perfectly clear fluid, for which I was so grateful because my other two births had meconium in the fluid. One more push and his head was out! I had about a 3 minute resting phase and gave one more push and he was born! He was covered in sooo much vernix! I was soo happy I almost forgot to look to see if it was a boy or girl! So happy to see it was a boy! (that makes 3 boys for me!) He didn’t even cry and was sooo alert, looking around at mommy and daddy and his two brothers who were present. (they were so good, just watching mommy and waiting patiently to see their baby brother).  Daddy cut the cord and held baby while I gave one more push to have the placenta, which came out perfectly intact. I got out of the pool and we all laid in the bed and watched baby nurse. He was so beautiful. And the birth was So perfect! I never expected to give birth in a total of 1.5 hours from start to finish!! I thought my last one was quick at 3 hours! But an hour and a half! Wow! God is so GOOD! He really taught me to trust Him more through this birth. It was so perfect. He is in control of everything! Praise Jesus! Baby Benjamin is a happy healthy 8 lb 9oz baby boy born at 12:05am September 19th. So glad I decided to UC again and put my trust the Lord instead of man and hold on during the hard times when every voice was screaming at me, “YOU BETTER GO TO THE HOSPITAL!”. He is all I need. Thank you Lord.

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sorry i posted this twice i have no idea how to delete one. :(

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Great news!!!! Wow wonderful story!!

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Congratulations mama!  Sounds like a wonderful birth!  Happy babymooning!

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So beautiful! Congratulations!

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Man! One and a half hours! That is EPIC! lol Congrats, mama! Bask in the glow and love on that little baby of yours!

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Beautiful story. Congratulations!

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I must say, I am impressed with your faith and courage. I have never gone more than two days past my due date, so I can't imagine what those long days of waiting and wondering must of been like. I am thrilled that you had a beautiful homebirth. I'm sure you are treasuring these moments and I am praising God with you!

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Wonderful story!  Thanks for sharing!

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