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Please tell me I'm NOT pregnant...

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I had a baby 2.5 months ago, our 4th.  We are done...really, really done having children.  I've been so paranoid about not getting pregnant that DH and I have only had intercourse once in those 2.5 months, about 2 weeks ago.  I used my diaphragm but didn't have any spermicide so I left it in for 12+ hours instead of the normal 4 to 6 just to make sure.  The diaphragm was fitted to me after number 3 (just never used it.)


I am nursing/pumping full time and haven't had my period come back yet.  But yesterday I felt a little crampy and had a very small amount of bleeding.  I feel a little crampy on and off today.  I've not had any bleeding today though.  My fear is that this isn't a period but implantation bleeding (which I've had with my others). 


I think it's probably too early for a test and I'm scared to take one anyway.  If I don't take one then I can pretend I'm not pregnant, right?  *hopeful eyes*  I know that won't make the possibility go away but I never claimed to be entirely rational right now.


What I'm wanting is for someone to tell me that it's very unlikely that I'm pregnant.  Can you do that honestly?  Please?


(and is it too early for a test? I have one but only one and don't want to waste it if it's too early.)

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There's a good chance a test will be accurate. 


Your last birth has been recent enough that it could be some left over baby bleeding. It sounds like this is stressing you out, so take the test. If you still want to take another one a little later, grab one from the dollar store. They work nearly identically to brand name tests.



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At 14 days it's very likely to be accurate. And that would be really late for implantation bleeding.
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were you charting your cervical mucus or vaginal sensation at all? 


if you dtd 14 days ago, and you had fertile mucus, sperm could live up to 5 days to fertilize and egg released at o. the average is 3 days i believe. so that would be 11 days ago. today being the 11th. it should have been long enough to get an accurate test. any updates?

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I got pregnant this January after I had DS in September with the same circumstances you did. I did miscarry in late March...we were shocked, surprised, but happy all the same...we only had intercourse once, he did pull out...but they always say you are SUPER fertile right after you give birth.  You definitely could be, and I would think that since it has been more than 8 weeks you very well should get an accurate test.  Good luck!

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