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New Mums in Philly/South Jersey Area?

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My husband and I just moved from overseas (UK), starting a new life here with a new babe is slightly daunting! We know no one in the area, would be great to connect with other new mums going through similar experiences - I gave birth beginning of Sept. so now have a lovely one month old baby girl.


Please let me know if there are resources I can tap to meet other new Mums with newborns!


We are just about to settle in Philly/South Jersey area.


All the best,


New Mum in new area

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Welcome to the area!  Where will you be living?

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Hello SpottedFoxx!


It was very difficult trying to figure out where to live! We really like the city and wanted to be in PA but we didn't have time to explore the suburbs and get to know the downtown areas.


For now we are going to be in South Jersey as we figure things out!


All the best!

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I grew up in South Jersey, and I liked it. Of course we had 18 acres to play on. I just moved away because of the housing costs. It's nice to be close to the shore and the city, and then there are the pine barrens for canoeing and camping. I highly recommend going to La Leche League meetings. I was the first of my friends to have a child, and I made all of my other mother friends through LLL. And there are always new moms coming, so you are always meeting new people. 

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I'm in Cherry Hill :)  It's a lovely area and very accessible to downtown Philly.   As far as places to meet other Moms of newborns, there are some great Mommy & Me classes at the Katz JCC (www.katzjcc.org), there is the usual gymboree classes which are fun, there is the new Nest in Philly (www.nestphilly.com).  Great place to go out to eat that is super family friendly - the Pop Shop in Collingswood.  They even have organic baby food on the menu :)

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Hello!  I live near Cherry Hill, NJ (two towns over) and am expecting my first baby in March.  I don't really know any new moms, but am looking to meet some, too!  None of my friends are married or have kids yet, so I'm also hoping to meet some new people.


I would try LLL meetings; I know there is also a Holistic Moms meeting in Collingswood, NJ, on the first Tuesday of the month, I think.  I am planning to try to get to these soon to meet people!  There is a babywearing group in Philly, I think. 




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Meetup.com has a few different mothering groups you can probably connect with as well. Never knew about LLL meetings, I'll have to look into a few of those myself :) Maybe I'll see a few of you at one of these events...anyway, congrats on all the new (or soon to be) babies!

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The Collingswood Holistic mom's network group is good, there's also one in Pitman. There is a LLL group in Marlton that is really nice, I think there is a LLL group in Cherry Hill too, though I've never been to it. 

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Hello Mommies!


Wow! These all sound great - I will definitely be checking out the LLL meetings too.


I visited some places in Cherry Hill and we finally decided on a place in Haddonfield. We had to be near the Patco and I saw a lot of mom's with buggies on the busy street with shops so we thought it would be a great place to start with a new family :)


The baby wearing group sounds good as well - I'm currently in the midst of finding the ideal carrier (babe refuses to go in stretchy fabric.)


So hopefully I will see some of you all at these meet ups, thank you for all the replies and look forward to getting to know the area!


All the best :)



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Purple - I loved my babyhawk mai tai.  Not stretchy at all.  Collingswood is incredibly family friendly.  They have wonderful street fairs and a wonderful farmer's market under the Patco High Speed Line.  There is a babywearing group in Philly and I've heard good things about it.

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Hello, I live in Collingswood very close to you in Haddonfield. I am also looking for local moms to meet up with. I recently had my first baby in late October, and moved to south jersey about a year ago. 

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Collingswood here. I have lived here for 2 years. nice little area. I have a 2 year old son. We would love to have a playdate with another mommy and child around his age. I am a 25 yr old stay at home mom. i do not drive but the fiance does. Transportation is pretty limited for me since he has the car most of the time for work.

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