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October Monthly Room Challenge - Front Entry and Living Room - Page 3

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I worked on a different room today. LOL I spent the whole day in the office!!! We finally got things hung on the walls from way too many years ago when we painted the whole house. I cleaned THAT window inside and out (crawled out on the roof to do so) and washed the screen in our shower. Each of our three desk areas are dust-free and cat-hair-free now! I need to wash the cotton sheers and shorten them and rehang them...also have my desk drawer to take care of.


Tomorrow will be the living room's turn! DD cleaned the banister and front door today (and all the lightswitches and door knobs). love.gif I will need to do the upper part of the main door and the entire screen door tomorrow (and all the other cleaning...).

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WOW! What a long day!


From my list on page one, I accomplished 9 of the 14 tasks. I am quite pleased even if there is more to do. There is and always will be more to do... winky.gif


I started outside this morning and worked my way from the sidewalk leading to our house all the way to the entryway to the kitchen, which includes:

1. Swept front walkway, walls, doors, eaves, light, windows, plant shelf, etc....everywhere the broom could reach!

2. Washed the outside of the windows and wiped down the bicycles and watered the flowers with the bucket of water when I was finished.

3. Cleaned the inside of the windows -- removing the movable window to clean the outside part since our screens are far more challenging to remove -- and cleaning the blinds and window sills.

4. Washed down every surface of both doors, door casing, threshold, and the space in between.

5. Damp dusted every single item in the room, including shelving, tables, speakers, picture frames (on tables and on the walls), cabinets, every little thing! I rubbed the nicest wood table down with my homemade rosemary-infused olive oil.

6. Vacuumed every little nook and cranny -- moving all furniture, except the TV console. I also vacuumed the recliner and DH vacuumed the sofas. DD vacuumed the stairs.

7. Mopped every little nook and cranny along the way.

[8. DH cleaned the powder room thoroughly, including vacuuming. I came through with the mop.]


I washed out the kitty's basket (it needed it!) and let it air-dry in the sun. Then, I dug into my stash and found a cute piece of fabric for it. I didn't sew it, yet, but it is in place.


DD pulled out all of our reusable bags from the coat closet and we each chose our favorites. DH & DD ran errands and put one bag of bags into each car. We kept one bag of bags in the house. All the rest went into the charity pile to be used as we give items away. I plunk the items into the reusable bags. If we have any gifts to give and they don't fit in our paper gift bags, I've been known to grab one of our charity bags. Just because we don't care for that particular bag doesn't mean others won't... The rest of the coat closet was recently culled, so I just vacuumed and mopped it along with the rest of the living room. (I had vacuumed and hand-scrubbed every nook and cranny when I decluttered it last, which was earlier this month, I believe.)


I am very happy with my efforts and the results this month! Thanks for joining me in this challenge!!! I'll take pictures tomorrow (31st) in the daylight, but I doubt I'll get much more accomplished.

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My "after" pictures were taken this morning...



Front doors are clean and foyer is clear of "stuff"...one pair of shoes per person *who is home* (only me @ time of pic).

LR 1.jpg



Recliner and small bookcase -- all clean and wiped down...kitty scratching post is clean, too.

LR 2.jpg



No more coffee table = the room grew!!!

LR 3.jpg



No more projects in the middle of the room = calm and comfortable room with room to walk!

LR 4.jpg

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before and after living room- really focusing on decluttering!! -nakb4 lvrm.jpgb4 lvrm2.jpgafterlvrm.jpgafterlvrm2.jpgIMG_4071.JPG

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Wow, looks GREAT!

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Great job, mamas! ...still feel like I'm at square one here, lol.

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