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Hi mamas!


I desperately need to replace our mattress!! I co-sleep with our 12 month old DD so it's even more important to me to do this. 


I'm on a super tight budget though so we'd like to find the cheapest option available. I was thinking of ordering wholesale product from white lotus and making my own mattress. Either will all cotton or latex/cotton and then maybe making a wool cover to cover it. 


Does anyone have any experience with this? How many lbs of cotton will I need for a king size bed? 


Would it be hard to make buckwheat/wool pillows and possibly a wool comforter (or cotton because it's cheaper)? I am good at sewing I just haven't had experience with items like this. How much buckwheat/wool will I need for items like these? Where can I find cheap wool batting/stuffing?


Thanks for your help!