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juliet: Thanks! I'll stop at one some time this week and pick up some. There isn't a trader joe's near here but lots in columbus where I'll be everyday for the rest of the week! Any baby yet?! 

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Julie, *hugs* I'm glad to hear the NST went well. It's scary when they don't cooperate with the poke and prod test. I have heard they get less active toward the end. And I seem to recall that a burst of energy is a good sign, too
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I'm here, I'm here!  Not a lot of time to post with personals, but here are some pics and a few details of my imperfect perfect birth.

We aimed for a homebirth and were doing well with it until everything grinded to a halt at about 130am on October 2nd, much to everyone's surprise.
Baby decided he was not going to be born vaginally at all, and had turned himself to block the birth canal.  After a very painful and unpleasant trip to Women's Hospital via ambulance (not my proudest moment, hello colleagues), we laboured some more in hopes that he would turn, but he didn't.  Many tears later, there I was in the operating room getting the caesarian I'd been so afraid of.
He looks just like his big sister did in those first few hours and days ... it will interesting to see if they resemble each other as they get older.
I left the hospital today, earlier than I should've, but I wanted to get home to E and am glad that I did. 

Our little family is together for the first time tonight! 




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Yeah Starling! I am so very glad that you delivered safely, although I know the disappointment of not getting the birth you wanted. He is absolutely gorgeous and I love the two photos. How sweet! It is wonderful to hear an update from you and I am sooo glad your family will be together at home tonight. Rest well and congratulations to you all!





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Starling! He's so beautiful! I'm so glad everyone is safe and at home (I've been stalking this thread several times a day!!). Welcome to the world, little one!! joy.gif

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Oh, Starling!!! So beautiful!!! Welcome to the world little.... er, I just realized we may not know the name on here. Welcome.gif Anyway, welcome, welcome perfect one!Welcome.gifWhile reading of your unplanned C, I felt as I often do with these birth stories.... so touched and moved that they really are an imperfect perfection because here's your child healthy and safe in your arms! Thinking of you resting, healing, safe and happy with your family. All good things to you all. flower.gif

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Welcome little one.. He is one pretty baby!! I am so sorry you did not get the birth you hoped for.. but your son in here and safe in your arms!! 

Does he have a name yet? Congrats to you and DP and DD.. she looks so happy next to her baby brother!!




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Sara--Congrats on the great ultrasound! Sounds like you had a really good appointment too. I am sooo sorry that you are feeling tired and pukey. That is no fun and I empathize with you. Early pregnancy was so rough for me too. I hope that the B6 helps you (it didn't help me so I've got lots left). I have two bottles of it from Walgreen's and can easily put some in the mail for you if you PM me. I also did Unisom at night when I was really in the throes of being sick, and it's totally safe and will help you get good sleep too. It was actually first developed as an anti-nausea/anti-emetic, but it made people so sleepy that they decided to market it as a sleep-aid instead to hit a wider audience. It sounds like you're super busy with working too; I hope your schedule lets up soon so that you can get some good rest in.


Seraf--I hope there was extra money or some cool poem that you wrote and thought you lost in that wallet of yours! How are you feeling? I hope the soreness lets up. I'm sure that it's probably not stopping you from making homemade soup, sewing wool undies and all of the other amazing projects that you are always working on!


Julietea--Sorry to hear about the scare. I'm hoping her lack of activity today is due to her running out of room or just having a lazy day. Take it easy and keep us posted! You are getting so close that I hope we'll be hearing about her safe arrival any day now. Oh yeah, any more decisions on encapsulating?


Isa--Can't wait to hear about your OB appt! I hope you get to hear a nice clear, strong heartbeat!  And may you transition to bumpaliciousness soon--I hear you about the awkward, chubby phase. I loved read your fantasy about donor sib connections too. I love that social, connectedness that you seem to love and I only wish I had been feeling more myself when you were here so we could have chatted more!


Indigo--Wow, seems that your family has had their share of stomach bugs over the last few months. I hope everyone is on the mend. How is DP feeling these days?


Library--I hope Alice is having a better night tonight. I had to use the old prune remedy with DD once...I foolishly gave it to her right before bed and at 4 a.m. I woke up to lots of grunting and back-to-back loaded diapers. I was relieved (and so was she!), but simultaneously a little grossed out. But Alice is still pretty young so hopefully it won't be as bad.


Ahope/QOTD--The DSR...we signed up when DD was a few months old. We were the first to post our donor's profile. For us, since we didn't know of we'd ever find out the identity of our donor, we wanted to do the legwork to make it easier for DD in case she wanted to know about donor siblings as she grows up. When we chose an anonymous donor, part of the reason we did that was because we knew the DSR existed. So far, one other family has also posted a profile and contacted us. We found out about 9 months ago that DD has triplet boy donor sibs. I was thrilled when I found out because it was the first contact we had with another family. So far, it has been really nice. We've exchanged photos and updates a couple of times and it has been really non-invasive. I feel comforted knowing that there are others out there, but I don't feel burdened or obligated to have a relationship. We are going to leave it up to the kids as they get older and in the mean time, be in touch via email occasionally. I think both of our families are on the same page in terms of expectations and that is really nice. It was never a consideration of our to vet donors through contacting other people on the DSR though. It seems that that may be overthinking it a bit too much, but maybe she's got some really good reason. For us, we found someone we liked, jumped in with both feet and took our chances that we might connect with other families. It has worked out marvelously for us so far.


Okay, it's way late and I need to get to bed to get this baby some rest. I'm sorry I didn't get to everyone, but I am thinking of you all. Hi escher, hi OMOM, wehrli, 2ez, others...

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Starling! Congratulations! He's beautiful. Welcome to the world, little one!


I hope that you are healing well and that you all are resting comfortably now at home.

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Congratulations Starling!!! love.gif  I've been popping in here to see if you had popped yet!  He's absolutely beautiful and handsome.  I'm glad you're now home and hope that your first night all together was blissful.  I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted and had the imperfectly perfect one instead.  Here's to celebrating your baby boy's arrival and enjoying these precious newborn days. joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gifjoy.gif

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Starling~ HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to the world, little fella!!!! I'm sorry the birth didn't go as you'd planned (and that you had to ride in the ambulance with your colleagues), but that all of you are well and home and safe. He's gorgeous and so is his proud big sis!!!  I too am curious about his name, but understand you might not want to share.  I'm just glad he's here and you're all well xoxoxoxoxoxoxo




Juliet~ Scary! But I'm so glad you were able to go at once and hear heartbeats and have MW reassurance. And the cervix punches.  Nothing says 'I'm ok in here, mama!' like constant, kicking pain. It won't be much longer now!!!!



Sara~ Yay for li'l baby heads and Geminis!!! 



AFM~ Short week this week, so it's like a Wednesday, which is lovely.  Then I splashed coffee all over my side in the car this morning so I'm scalded and smelly. Awesome.   Alice is doing well, napped for me in the swing yesterday and was smiley this morning (though a bit of a noisy night).  I'm still continuing Operation Prune. I expect explosive results soon.    Here's a photo of her in her bat costume (the first of about five she'll have~ I LOVE Halloween!!)





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STARLING!!!! Yay for the birth of your beautiful boy! Those photos are gorgeous. I wish you a speedy recovery from your unplanned surgery and hope your family manages to get some rest finally.
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Congrats, Starling and family!! Welcome sweet little one!!! sorry you didn't get your home birth (again) but I can totally relate to the imperfectly perfectness of it. smile.gif

joy.gif HAPPY BABYMOON! joy.gif
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Starling~ I just had to post again because he's such a cutie. That little squashed nose is adorable. Kiss it lots!!

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Starling, he is so pretty! Congratulations to you and your family! I had a dream about you last night so you guys must have been in ,y thoughts. How was your first night home?

Your turn Juliet!
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Congratulations Starling and welcome to the world, little one!  He's absolutely beautiful!

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Starling: rainbow1284.gif  CONGRATULATIONS!  rainbow1284.gif He is so beautiful and just perfect, and I'm so glad he got here safely.  I was thinking of how unusual it is, outside of adoption situations, for two children to be genetic siblings to each other but not to the parents.  I am amazed both by the gift that your friends gave you--twice--and my your family's wonderful adaptability.  Can you believe that you are a mom of TWO and a family of FOUR?  I'm thrilled for you and hope that your recovery and transition time go as easily as possible.  I am sorry about the ambulance ride and C, though.  Take it easy at home!  Big hugs and congrats again.flowersforyou.gif


Sara: Fabulous u/s pics and YAY for a strong heartbeat!  You must be hugely relieved.  Congratulations!joy.gif


Library: Alice is an adorable bat!


AFM: Well, now both Lilah and I have colds.  We both slept pretty poorly, but I'm in a good mood anyway (probably thanks to Starling's good news and an extra hour of sleep this morning thanks to my mother-in-law).  And my BFF is coming on Friday!  Can't wait!  She is like a sister to me.  We had our first babies 9 months apart and lived across the street from each other until they were 4 years old.  I was at the births of both of her kids. We celebrated everything together.  Then she moved to IL and we moved to IN, so we were still only a few hours apart and managed to see lots of one another for two years.  Then, impossibly, I got a job in her very department (odds of that are probably one in a million, in all seriousness) at the same time that she got a new job in BC.  I was thrilled for her and would have jumped at the same opportunity, but it was devastating.  She's coming out here to meet Lilah, and I just need to get rid of this freaking cold so that I can enjoy every minute with her.

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 Starling, congratulations again. 

Qmama, Me? Poetry? I would have thought anyone reading my posts would realize that I probably can't even hold a pen in my hand and you could get something more coherent from a monkey. No new projects, a few fleece soakers last week and a few little birds, but I haven't been home. I work the first 3 days of every week, and if I don't have to stop for gas, groceries or paperwork I will be home for exactly 8 hours between shifts. 
How are you feeling?

Library, that is a cute little bat you've got there! What's it like being in a house of 2 pregos?  I think we have more challenges with working so much right now. I get texts about barf and I encourage food consumption. Finding time together is tricky, time when we are both awake is scarce. I know we will both be home on leave soon, but that time will come with it's own difficulties. 

Escher, how is your back?

AmandaHope, sorry about your cold. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

So besides this cold I woke up with, and the poison ivy, I feel really good.  I am loving apple season and Sara got me a pint of fresh figs last week that I finally finished. Every day enjoying the juiciest, sweetest ones. Mmmmm. I can't think of anything else going on. Just working and enjoying the kicks and grinning and bearing the occasional reminder that a cranium is sharing space with my rectum. 

Hope you all are having a lovely week. 
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LOVE that bat, Library!!! So awesome! luxlove.gif

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Sara—I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you had told your parents yet and how they took it—I remember when you were thinking of trying last year (or whenever that was) they weren’t excited about the idea. I don’t think I’d send them the pictures (mostly because I think they’ll get confused about whether it’s the one seraf is carrying)—I’d probably call them and just tell them the good news. That way they can react however they are going to with each other and by the time you see them again they’ll have their excited game faces on (which hopefully will be their normal reaction anyway, of course!).

Julie—Ugh! So sorry about the scare, but I’m glad you’re being punched in the cervix just like normal! wink1.gif Hopefully it was just a passing ghost, as they say, and nothing else!

Starling! They are SO BEAUTIFUL. Really, both of them are just gorgeous—congratulations x 1,000,000,000! And I’m glad he got here healthy and perfect, even if not how you’d hoped.

Qmama—oh, I thought we chatted just fine! smile.gif Part of my socialness is realizing that not everyone is this bubbly (and this unable to stop talking)—Actually when I met DP she kept getting mad at me because I felt like I knew her right away and commenced with some light teasing/predicting what she would do/etc. She thought that I was making assumptions about who she was and that I should stop, but I just tend to feel very comfortable with certain people right away and can’t help myself. I felt a bit like that with you and your DP (of course, S helped by being so chatty herself!)—friends right away! Now I just have to wait until y’all come back to visit IL to do it again!

Library—you are lucky that you live all the way down in OK, because if I was within a hundred mile radius I would eat that little girl up! She is so, so cute! Glad it’s a short week—one less day of Mean Girl Mayhem!

AHope—Good luck with the cold! Hopefully it’s got a short run-time so you can be feeling your best for your BFF!

2EZ—how are you doing? I hope everything’s going well!

AFM—heard the heartbeat this morning—she found it right away and I recognized it as not being mine immediately. I thought it was really cool—DP was somewhat underwhelmed. I think she’s gotten spoiled on ultrasounds, to tell the truth. Our phones are pathetic (we keep meaning to get fancy ones but haven’t bothered yet) so used a little digital recorder thing that she had to get for class last year to record it. Other than that it was pretty uneventful, although I did get confirmation that my shoulders are REALLY tight—my muscles there always hurt—and she recommended massages. Which is about the best thing a doctor can say to you, right? I’ve been waiting all my life to be prescribed massage…
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