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Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post

Oh, Krista!  It is breathtakingly wonderful to see you here, woman!  Our fertility warrior and lesbodoula has arrived! 

I hope and pray that this is the baby who will make you a grandmother someday.  Blessings of every kind coming your way!  dust.gif


Well, I certainly can't put it any better than that!  Welcome, Krista, and best best wishes for a long, healthy pregnancy and a very happy baby. 

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post



KS, I think it's hard to understand for adults, an 18 month old is sure young to get it.  Most kids under 4 just noticed my "big round belly."  Good luck keeping her from squishing you.  I tend to think fetuses are pretty well padded for a good while, but it sure hurts when that belly is squished.



I so agree. Now that it's my second time around, knowing that there's a human inside my belly is a little bit more real to me. I guess also seeing the embryos on the screen before they were put in, knowing from genetic testing that the baby is a girl, and having three ultrasounds already done also helps make it real. But I remember when I was expecting G... I just could not wrap my head around the fact that I was actually the home to a tiny person, no matter how much time I spent on the internet reading about how big she was and which parts were developing. Even when she was big and moving and crushing my internal organs, I just never was able to fully come to reality with the fact that one day she would be on the outside and I'd have a baby. I never felt like I "bonded" with her in utero... But the second she was out it was a different story. Isn't it amazing how something so unbelievable can turn into someone you can't imagine life without?


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Krista--I am thrilled to see you over here! Welcome, may you settle in to Q&P for the long haul! You and DP will be in my thoughts as you navigate through this early pregnancy. I wish you peace and a healthy, growing bean!

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Library—how did your solo weekend go?

Sara/Seraf—Oh no on the plane! Did you get it sorted out?

Julie—I’m sorry that the sleeping isn’t working out the way you’d hoped—but I think the advice to let the baby where she sleeps best is sound, even if it sucks for now. Judging by some of the other sleep issues people run into, it might be a blessing in the long run that she doesn’t need to be on one of you to fall asleep.

Ad Astra—I wish there was some way to reassure you and promise that everything will turn out alright this time. (hell, I wish I could do that for all of us, forever). I’m glad you’re still doing well, and I do think of you often.

KSDoula—oh, man. My dog never wanted to jump on my stomach until this past month. He’s stealthy, too, so I’ve had to start lying with my arms in protective formation against his impromptu bounding.

Still loving the stories!

Krista—yay! Welcome on over! I’ve got all kinds of good feelings about you this time around—can’t wait to see them justified! smile.gif

Starling—I love that she thought you could put him on the lawn like an old tv and just wait for someone to come buy and think, ‘huh. A baby. I guess we could use one of those.’ Glad she’s adjusting well—he’ll be fun for her to play with, soon, too!

I’m 30, DP is 31—we feel about right in the middle of people having babies, I guess. My parents were this age when they had my little sister (I was born when they were 28 and 30) so it feels perfectly fine to me. DP’s parents were younger (24ish) so I wonder if she feels late to the party, but 24 would have been too young for us (partly because we hadn’t met yet, of course…)

No king sized beds for us. Our room barely fits the queen, and even then DP has to scooch to the end to get out. One day we’ll have a bigger house…

Not much else going on—I’m woefully behind on things like thank you notes, but we spent most of the weekend doing holiday visiting and cooking, which was really pleasant. Just signed up for a hypnobirthing class and have a long list of other related issues (does my insurance cover breast pumps? When can we go meet with our potential midwife? And, because I’m really crazy—what kind of baby blessing ceremony could our former church do sometime in June?). Hopefully I’ll actually get through a couple of them…
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Oh, and Krista--when is your EDD? I'll add you to the board!
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Hello Wonderful Ones!!!  I've missed a lot on my lazy weekend, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!! A really lovely mini-babymoon for me and my baby.  DP left at 7 on Saturday and came back at 8:30 last night, and in the meantime, Alice and I had the most delightful time. We had many co-naps, took a few walks (though yesterday she was cranky and cried for much of her walk) played in the floor and on her toy mat (she pulls herself up and will cruise around if I hold her butt for balance. Still no interest in crawling) sat in the high chair and threw sweet potato puffs at/to the dog (dog: very grateful).  It was so hard to get up this morning and leave her to come back to work.



I don't have time for many personals (at least not this morning...Mean Girl lurking!!!) but I have to get to at least one: 


Krista~ I second, third and fourth all the congratulations and welcome xoxo Your beta numbers look great, and I am SO excited you're here with us for the long haul xoxoxoxox



More later~ love to all xoxox


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Originally Posted by seraf

Are you feeling well physically?  Is your family feeling super excited or more worried?  How is your DP coping? Are you thinking of names?  Have you felt movement?  Do you know if you're having a boy or girl already?  Will you be finding out?  Do you have an opinion about one being easier or harder?  Is work getting easier or harder?  LOL.  Sorry, you and Sara are at the same stage so you are being picked on.



I'm feeling well enough just a lot more tired this time around- I attribute it to being older and not in as good of a shape at the start of this pregnancy.

Believe it or not we have not told our families yet, we don't see them that often and wanted to spare them the possible heart ache if we suffer another loss.  We will let them know at Christmas as it will be obvious by then anyway. 

Our donor and friends are both excited and worried and check up on us very often.  My DP is coping by being in "caregiver overdrive".  She does an amazing job looking after us and the house, but occasionally goes overboard like carrying my bag to the car in the mornings (if I could only get this kind of service at work :).  We very tentatively had the name talk and got really nervous as soon as we found some names we both liked.  I feel "something" occasionally, but not sure if its movement or just my digestion.  We found out the gender few weeks ago, but will keep it between the two of us until birth.  We really have no preference as long as its a healthy baby that gets to come home with us.  Both DP and I have way more experience with boys (me at work and DP from looking after her nephews) but were looking forward to bringing up our daughter.  I really enjoy my work (I'm a teacher) and it keeps me sane although I find it very tiring.  It's a great distraction: you can't be consumed with worry while trying to effectively engage 30+ teenagers.    Wow I feel like I just had a sit down with Barbara Walters LOL.  Btw love the pics of your family - keep them coming. Is Sara 17 or 18 weeks? I will be 17 tomorrow and I think we have almost the same EDD.  Will you find out the sex are you hoping to even things out at 2 and 2?


Isa- thanks for your thoughts.... Yes a guarantee would be great please! I think as the thread keeper you should look into getting one for all of us. 


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KRISTA! I am so happy to see you here! I will be thinking sticky thoughts for you.


A lot has been going on for me. I have gestational diabetes, but after checking my sugar levels 2-4 times a day I realize its not very bad I rarely get a high level but I do despise testing. The night before our baby shower (this past friday) I started bleeding-a lot. So we spent the night in labor and delivery. I was having small contractions that they think was causing the cervix to be irritated causing the bleeding (at this time it was pretty light). I got a shot and some pills to stop the contractions and it worked. Ultrasound showed a 1.7x 8.8x 9.9cm clot by the placenta on the baby's side which I guess in uncommon. I passed a clot the size on my palm and fingers the next morning so I'm thinking this was the clot they saw. It reminds me of the SCH I had at 14 weeks, since I passed the clot the bleeding has slowed and now I am barely spotting. I am on bed rest and waiting to hear from the perinatoligist to get a better ultrasound done.


The day before all this happened we had a ob check up and I expressed my worry that the baby is still transverse and with my bicornuate uterus he probably wont turn (no use taking a labor class) the ob did an ultrasound and to everyone's surprise-head down! I have been having these weird pains where the baby will stick out of my right side (i thought it was a head but it is feet and placenta) and coincidentally when they were monitoring me at the hospital everytime that happened was a contraction. So I may have been having them for a long time. My theory is all the kicking and stretching he has been doing to the placenta caused the bleed. I said that to the nurse (she could see how he was sticking out on my side) and she said maybe that is what happened since the bleed usually isnt on the baby's side. Anyways, the baby is doing fine and never stops moving we are just trying to get everything ready for him because even before the contractions and bleeding the ob said he will probably come 36-37weeks. That gives us about a month!


Sorry for the lack of personals but I try to keep up and at least read all the birth stories that I love so much!




bed rest at the baby shower!

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I just did a quick read through of the supportive and thoughtful responses to my co-sleeping woes. So very helpful. DW brought the babe into bed last night. She misses her too, but finds it much more clear cut that R should sleep where she's comfy. R does great in arms but not in the co-sleeper or in bed yet. I hope we get there. Have to run to start bedtime for a fussy babe, but I'm looking forward to reading through all of that good input and the suggestions more closely. And, Krista!... Welcome and congrats!!! Sending good vibes eastward down 580 (you're by Mills right?).


Here's a pic of our birthing class babes. R is the one howling the loudest (visually that is).



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Krista: joy.gifWooo-Hooo on your BFP and your great Beta numbers!! My fingers are crossed tightly for you and I am sending you LOTS of Sticky Baby Vibes!!!! I am so excited to have you with us to stay!


Library: Your Alice weekend sounds so peaceful! I am happy that it was an enjoyable experience I bet it was super hard to go back to work on Monday!


KS: I am so there with you on the no energy thing! I barely have the energy to do daily tasks, I will be so happy when I start feeling like me again!


Seraf: As usual LOVE the pics especially the toe nail polish on S!


Sara:Were you able to get everything sorted out with your plane ticket? How are you feeling? Are you getting excited about your trip?


Ad Astra: It is comforting in a weird way to hear that there is someone else in the world who has the same fears that I do. Sometimes I feel that my fears are irrational but then I think of DD and how I didn't really fear anything until she was gone. With this pregnancy I am afraid of everything and I know that it is really hindering the process but I can't get past the fear and anxiety and I am not sure when I will not be afraid anymore. Little do you know it, but your stength gives me hope for the road ahead!


Crystal: I was just thinking about you the other day! I am sorry to hear that you are having complications and are on bedrest I know how awful that is. I am hoping that you have an uneventful next month! And what a cute picture of you and DP! How was your baby shower?


Julie: That picture is so cute and I could def hear R howling through the pic lol.gif



I am Loving reading all of you partner stories they are so awesome and I especially love the pics! And wave.gifto anyone that I missed!


AFM: I am officially 10 weeks! I know that seems not very far along for most people but it is a major milestone for me! Getting pregnant is a hurdle in and of itself but staying pregnant is an even bigger hurdle for me so to be 2 weeks shy of my 2nd trimester is really blowing my mind! As I mentioned in my comment to Ad Astra I still suffer from fear and anxiety everyday about all of the what ifs, but as our fearless leader Krista from QC says for today I am Pregnant and that thought makes my heart soar! We will be having our 1st round of genetic testing next week and I am getting nervous especially with the chances of a false positive, but in our case the testing is necessary so we are asking the Universe to cover us. We bought an at-home doppler and we found our little bean Sunday night and it was so AMAZING to just listen to her heartbeat galloping away. DP and I are so ecstatic that I am actually pregnant and with an actual belly to prove it LOL! Our midwife assured me that with a 2nd (+) pregnancy you sometimes show sooner, and my uterus has seemed to pop already so I am in maternity clothing already LOL!



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Krista: I'm so glad that you're here! How are you feeling?

Rainbow: Congratulations on being so close to the second trimester! That is a very exciting milestone. I'm glad that you have been getting to hear your little one's heartbeat. I hope that the genetic testing is smooth and easy and that you get clear and complete and reassuring answers from it. It's fun that you're already showing!

Julietea: I love that picture. What a cute group of babies. Like you, our baby sleeps best in a crib. My wife and I both slept with our parents when we were babies, and we have discussions every single day about whether we're depriving him of cuddles he needs. So we cuddle him a lot during the day, and we bring him into bed when he wakes up in the early morning. But for most of the night he and we are all getting better sleep by having him in his crib. We don't feel 100% sure that it is the right decision, but I do think at this time it is the best choice for our family. Anyway, I'm just telling you all that to say that I understand having a child who sleeps best in a crib but also having mixed feelings about that.

Crystal: Great picture! Hooray for a head down baby! It's amazing you're possibly just a month away now.

Seraf: Nice pottying pictures! I love Shay's facial expressions. He is so cute. I need to try holding my babe over the toilet while sitting on a stool. Early on we tried holding him over the toilet while we sat on the edge of the toilet, but it never felt secure. A stool might help with that. About the car seat: we're currently keeping an infant car seat (that was given to us) in our closet. We've used it a couple of times in my in-laws' car, but they now have their own car seat so I don't know how much we'll continue to use it. We haven't yet had any opportunity to use it in any other car. We haven't decided if we'll get a convertible once he outgrows this one.

AmandaHope: How was your Bradley class reunion?

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: Our baby is six weeks old now. I can't believe how fast he is growing. A few days ago he did a bunch of rolling from his belly to his back, but now he seems to have forgotten how. He is very vocal, which is absolutely delightful even though it makes a few things (quieter events like church) slightly more difficult. He seems to be much more in control of how he communicates with us, and unless he is very tired he often just gives a little cry and then watches for our reaction rather than launching into real crying. It is so delightful to be on maternity leave with my wife. I feel like having us both home full-time has made this early stage much easier and much more fun. We're all definitely going to miss being home together when she goes back to work in January. Hopefully I can figure out how to be home alone with a baby all day, and hopefully we all can figure out how to give her maximum baby bonding time in the evenings and on weekends. Any suggestions on this?
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Crystal we have missed you around here! Love the picture, your belly is so cute and I love how DP is all protective. Sounds like you have had some major preggo drama, hopefully this means your labor will be easy peasy:) I can't believe you are right around the corner


Julietea: Love the pic! I love her little jumper, so adorable.


Escher: 6 weeks! How time flies, I am glad you seem to have such a chill lil one. I think it is about time for a new pic....pretty please?! I think you will find it easier than you think to be home with a baby all day. You will get into a routine with just the 2 of you and when DP gets home that can be mostly her time. When chels walks in the door, she pretty much gets passed a baby and 3 year old everyday. I (think) she loves it redface.gif


Sara: Jeez o pete, let me know how the airplane drama works out. can't wait to get an extra visit Friday, we really kept the hat and socks on purpose so we could see you guys again ;)


Ahope: How are doing with going to work a few days a week? Having a hard time or are you enjoying the break? For me it is mixed, some days it feels nice to  put on real pants and remember that I have an identity outside of my boobs. But most days I would much rather be home.


Rainbow: 10 weekS!!! That is the first big milestone!  So many pregnancies end before that marker so the fact that you are hearing a heartbeat and are 10 weeks is SO exicting! We love belly pics around here...... just sayin


Krista: Yay! Congrats on your super sticky pregnancy! Can't wait to hear about that growing belly!


Library: How is mean girl this week, when is your xmas break? Are you pumped? How is the cosleep debate at your house?  Any resolution or just agreeing to disagree?


AFU: Harrison is MISERABLE, he has 2 teeth about to poke through, one RIGHT under the surface. I haven't sleep in days, he is up wanting to nurse every 45 minutes. i am not kidding. Good thing he is cute or he would so be getting sold to the gypsies. ;) No, I feel terrible for him. I can't imagine teething to be anything but just wretched.

We are having our semi annual "do good" Saturday where we spend the day bringing cookies to our firefighters, librarians, police officers, and nursing home residents this Saturday and I am SO excited. We try to do it at least 3 or 4 times a year and they are always my favorite days. Any ideas of fun things to do to brighten someones day?

Speaking of nursing homes, we went and visited a local one today. They had a santa there and we got to visit the older folk. I was speaking to these ladies and they both told me (at least 20 times, they had alzheimers) that they were so glad they had girls as their boys don't visit them. So now I am having a classic Raegan panic attack. I told Chels I better get a girl next time or she is in trouble. Hahahah. But really.......


ANNNDD I am leaving with a stupid amount of pictures. :) Enjoy  1. Boys before bed. 2. Harrison and Chels, she is just so lovely. 3.Harrison nakey and awesome.4. Boys on Santas lap. 5. Lennon and at the zoo wildlights!

s 074.JPG054.JPG192.JPG204.JPG117.JPG

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plane ticket has been worked out! thank you all for asking! I spent nearly 4 hours on the phone trying not to kill someone from the cheap ticket site I used and the airline I was going to fly with (I shall NEVER fly with them now). I went to bed grumpy, had mean mean dreams and woke up grumpy. Then I decided to call my bank to cancel the charge to the airline and the lady was a TOATL sweetheart and said I'd have my money back within one business day. Money has cleared into my account now and I have booked another ticket to fly into pittsburgh where my handsome son and beautiful Sara will be waiting for me! PHEW.


Yellow: Excited to see you guys for a few minutes friday! 


Rainbow: I'm feeling okay. Kinda queasy but I learned something. If I get out of bed in the mornings and actually eat breakfast, I don't feel nearly as crappy all day long. How are YOU feeling?! 


Julietea: What a cute birth class pictures! I love it!


Crystal: SO sorry to hear about how rough things have been for you! Hope soon it gets better! Baby time is soon for you it seems! Wuhu!


Library: Things seeming better with DP after your small space time from her?!


Adastra: I'm 17 weeks today. Apparently I got REALLY excited about the baby coming and just decided to make myself further along than I actually am. Finding out the sex of the baby on the 27th. I'm so jealous you already know (even if you aren't telling anyone). 


Isa: Thanks for your concern about the plane. I was a grump about it for a while. But shay laughing in his sleep (like he is doing right now) is calming and soothing so its all good. He also helped me re-book my flight this afternoon, so that was good!


Starling: I think your dd asking to leave him in the lawn across the street is such a funny image. What a cutie! Glad she's feeling like she's enjoying him more now!


AFM: Headaches aren't getting better. Sara (and the doc) say to eat loads of protein and more food than I already have been (I've only gained a pound in the last month....oops. That puts me up 1 pound for the whole pregnancy). The doc also said to get my eyes checked to see if they are having issues and causing me headaches. If thats not the case and the protein and even more water, then I see a neurologist at the end of the month to see what my deal is. OY VEH. 


The little dude had a check up today. He has gained (unlike his mama) 4 pounds in the last month, which the doctor was super shocked about. He is now 23.5 inches tall and 12 pounds 8 ounces, which puts him in the 95% for both height and weight. He's also as strong as a two month old. HAHA. I find it all very funny. All of his 3 month clothes are too tight now. We have a little moose on our hands. I bet he gains another 2 pounds while I'm gone. 


I kinda of feel awful leaving him and sara and o and a for so long....

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Hey all~   Frosty cold morning here, but I kinda like that... 


MizYellow~ Might I say how much I support the idea of bringing cookies to librarians?  A fine tradition all should uphold.  And the co-sleep debate is going well. I think DP's calming down as to how much in danger Alice is, and also how futile the efforts of moving her to her own room at this time would be. I might have said this already, but last week when I was having the wedding, DP had the evening with Alice, so she decided to put her to bed early and in her own bed just the way it 'should be' and Alice screamed and wouldn't sleep. So there you go!   I love all your pix.  The one of your sweetie and the baby is definitely a keeper.



RainbowBrite~ I'm so glad you're feeling happy and healthy! And yay for having a bump already. You deserve all the special treatment you can get x


Sara~ My DP break was very much a treat. I love her, but I love time to myself, and I get precious little these days. Even the 'by myself' that includes Alice. At least I got to watch what I wanted during Alice's booby-naps!  Glad your plane ticket worked out.  Have you read the book 'Girl, Unwrapped'?  It's on my book award list this year~ about a Jewish-Canadian dyke in the 60s. Part of the book is set in Israel, so I thought of you.


Crystal~ Cute pix!! I love your bump!!!  Great to hear from you, I agree.


Juliet~ I love that photo so much you don't even know.  Way to go, baby R!  Make your presence known!!!



AFM~  Alice had a tummy bug for 24 hours, so lots of barf and poop, alas. Poor thing! And poor DP who was ragged by the time I got home yesterday trying to comfort a fussy kiddo. And poor me, who had to go to work when all I want to do is stay home with my little biscuit. Our lives are so hard ;)  I'm glad Alice is better, though.  And I hope we don't get sick. At work now~ am so over it.

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Ad Astra—my DP is doing a lot more of the work at our house—and it makes me nervous for once the baby is a little older and I have to make it back up to her somehow. I know it’s not a tit for tat kind of thing, but I feel guilty every time I collapse on the couch in a heap and watch her do all the dishes…

Crystal—you look adorable! Sorry to hear about the GD, but yay for an upside down baby! We were wondering yesterday about why they end up that way—do they know they need to be upside down? Or is it just gravity? Either way, let’s hope your little one stays put until it’s time to come out and meet you!

Julietea—oh, man, those are some great outfits! I was going to say that I liked R’s overalls the best, but then I noticed the suspender onesie…and the little bandana scarf…and the awesome striped leg warmers/pink diaper/polkadot top ensemble and decided that you all must just have some awesome taste out there!

Brite—congrats on hitting ten weeks! I think being in the double digits is really reassuring, for some reason. And yay for having a Doppler at home! My (now former) OB said she would sneak into the exam rooms all the time when she was pregnant to use on and just check that things were going well in there.

Escher—I think that happy baby noises are (or should be) always welcome! Unrelenting crying, maybe move to another room if you’re at church—but baby giggles and cooing? Isn’t that better than the sermon?

Mizyellow—is this just something you do as a family? Or with an organized group? Also, your boys will come and visit you—we’re all raising metrosexuals, dontcha know? They visit their mamas in the nursing home. Love the santa shot!

Sara—When are you leaving again? I have a friend going on the gay-specific birthright tour leaving on Jan 4th. It’d be so funny if you were on the same one! Glad you got the details sorted out—hopefully the headaches will be taken care of by then, too, so you can enjoy the trip!

Library—Poor little bug! I hope she’s feeling better!

AFM—too many cookies. And too much candy. I spent the last couple days overbaking, as is my wont. Sugar cookies, rugelach, caramels, pecan bourbon truffles, peppermint bark, fruit jellies, lemon bars. And I haven’t gotten to the snickerdoodles, molasses and peanut butter cookies, or biscotti yet (truthfully, we haven’t frosted the sugar cookies, either). I’m instituting a reverse-librarian cookie giveaway, because this is out of hand. I just keep telling myself that next year I won’t be able to get this crazy because the kid won’t let me, right?

New QOTD! When you and your sweetie get presents for each other, do you try to keep them surprises? Or do you just ask what they want and then go buy them and dispense with the mystery? My DP is a habitual present-shaker (and usually guesses correctly) so I keep trying to go to new lengths to thwart her. But she leans much more towards getting what I ask for—which is kind of dull. So she’s trying to be better about surprising me, even though it’s foreign to her.
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Okay, girls. I did it. Third beta in. 1344! That's a doubling time of 41 hours. This is different than the first pregnancy in that regards. I'm still cautious but I'm willing to say that my due date is August 8, 2012. Thanks for all the good vibes. I hope to be in a place where I can start doing personals on this board soon.



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Krista- SO excited for you. Those betas sound great.


Crystal- Wow, that is great that baby is head down. It really IS a mystery how they know to get that way, I agree with Isa!


Julie- Love the pic. What a dramatic moment for little R, hehe.


Mizyellow- Hope you all start getting some sleep soon. DD was sick this past weekend and also awake frequently and it really took its toll on DW (as the current breastfeeding mom) and on me (as a pregnant, exhausted lady who can't seem to get enough sleep in the first place.) Hope your little guy gets those teeth quick so he can start feeling better.


Library- Hope Alice starts feeling better too! Ick on the stomach bugs. I was just thinking about how lucky we are that Grace hasn't thrown up since her breastmilk-only days, even when she did have a stomach bug. I am dreading the day I have to clean up vomit because that is probably the grossest job in the world. But I definitely feel for her. The belly ickies are the worst!


Isa- I could agree word for word about my DP doing all the chores. I spend so much time just laying around and I just physically hit my limits very easily... So she has done way more than her fair share of dishes and cleaning and whatnot- especially considering I'm actually home all day and she's teaching full time and pursuing her Master's degree. I definitely feel guilty, but she always reminds me that it is a lot of hard work to make a person, and it's definitely true. I'm sure it's worth it to your DP because she is going to get a baby out of the deal- you both have to work for it! :)


QOTD- We are kind of some of each on presents. I'd say we surprise each other more often than not, though I am terrible with suspense,  so I often get it out of her what she got me. A lot of the time we'll just splurge on something to share and call that our Christmas present. This year I think we're going to go to dinner and get a hotel for NYE, our first night away from DD.

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Krista: FANTASTIC news!  Those are some great numbers.  I hope that despite the ongoing anxiety (that several on this board are experiencing, I know), you are able to enjoy some relief and hope right about now.  I was due in early August last year and highly recommend it as a lovely time to have a baby! 


QOTD: We do a mix.  We get each other a few small surprise gifts and then pool resources to get a few things we agree that we both want/need. 


Library: UGH on the tummy bug.  Glad Alice is feeling better.


Julie: Great photo!  I like the way you put them in a circle.  We put our Bradley babies on the couch, and Lilah always immediately slumps over onto the baby next to her.  She doesn't have a lot of core strength yet, apparently.wink1.gif  And Lilah has been the screaming baby in a few group photos.  Our girls know how to use their voices!


Isa: Your baking sounds amazing.  If you manage to do it all next year, you'll deserve a medal. I can't imagine. 


Sara: Glad you got the plane mess figured out. I'm sure it will be hard to be away, but I bet they'll keep you busy on the trip. 


Yellow: Sweet photos!  You make some seriously cute boys.  Maybe you should have another. wink1.gif  Am I hallucinating, or is your ex-husband also your donor?  How did I miss this info over the past year?   As for work, I do enjoy it most of the time.  After a few days at home, I go stir crazy.  But I might feel differently if I weren't trying to get work done while she napped.  And I feel terrible when she cries when I'm not home. 


AFM: Lilah is now 16lbs 13oz (at just over 4 months).  What a chunker!  Sadly, she is about to catch up to the baby whose hand-me-down clothes have been our favorites.  Crap.  On the upside, her many rolls and folds are delicious! 



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Hey gals. You know it's never a dull moment. Wondering if I've got any progesterone level experts out there as I need some advice.


In my previous losses, we never tested Progesterone. I do have a short luteal phase so I've been on Progesterone supplements after ovulation for awhile. This time, once I found out I was pregnant, I tripled my dosage of Prometrium (they had never told me to do that before so I figured it out myself). Today my doc emails me and says that my Progesterone is 21.6 and that they "prefer to see it at 25." Nowhere have I been able to find that any doctor prefers a 25 and above. Some say 10 and above. One site said 16 and above. Of course, she offers me no solutions or suggestions. I've read enough to know that once a pregnancy starts, if it's doomed, it's doomed and there isn't a lot you can do but I'm trying to determine if Progesterone has possibly been my issue!


Thanks for any light you could shed on this one.



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krista, just popping in to say that my RE wanted my P4 level at 30+
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