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Thanks everyone! I was petrified on more than one occasion yesterday before we got home! I was about to lose it with the nurse in there and don't know what I would have done if the baby weren't okay. That hour drive to the doc was the worst drive filled with all kinds of bad thoughts. I am feeling better now but am a bit nervous every time i use the bathroom. Hopefully the rest o these 20 weeks are very uneventful!

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Sara: Jesus woman! You rest your butt up. Or I will kick in next time I see it! I can't wait to talk to that baby!


Seraf: Doc said it looks like he is getting in 4 teeth at once and every one is causing painful teething blisters. Ouch. She told me to give him ibuprofen at night to see if it helped. I gave him a bit last night and he slept 4 hours! In a row!!!! YAYAYAY!!! Plus he has taken 2 good naps today. Jeez, I don't love using medicine but I honestly wished i had done it sooner. He is much happier today. Now if I could just sleep.


Mami: Love those pics! Are all those presents for Layla? Spoiled lil princess!:)


Does anyone take anti anxiety meds around these parts? My anxiety is pretty bad and Chels is asking me to get on something to calm my obsessions a bit. I don't want to take anything really but esp not while nursing. Any good natural remedies for anxiety? i tried the St. Johns Wort years ago and didn't care for it.

Other than my crazy  butt, this house is much happier day with a baby that got a little sleep last night. He rolled over from back to front today too! Big kid!


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Originally Posted by smilingsara View Post

Thanks everyone! I was petrified on more than one occasion yesterday before we got home! I was about to lose it with the nurse in there and don't know what I would have done if the baby weren't okay. That hour drive to the doc was the worst drive filled with all kinds of bad thoughts. I am feeling better now but am a bit nervous every time i use the bathroom. Hopefully the rest o these 20 weeks are very uneventful!

Big hugs to you, sara! Wishing you a most uneventful 20 weeks!!

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Miz yellow- Hi..the pic where Layla is sitting on the presents those are all hers. She is spoiled rotten already!!..Well all our babies are when we can.


Sara-Glad to hear you are feeling better!

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I don't jump in often, mostly lurk and enjoy the baby updates (my baby is 20 months now!).  But wanted to chime in on Mizyellow's question.  I had fairly severe anxiety for the first 9 months of my guy's life...and if I could go back in time I would have taken something for it.  It made life much harder on DW, but mostly much harder on me.  I breastfed and still do...and should I carry another baby for our family I will breastfeed--and take medication if I need it.  Some of the anti-anxialitics are breastfeeding friendly (or at least as friendly as any medication, herbal or otherwise, is).  


Otherwise, I'm HOPING we can jump in here again in a few months--our first appt with the RE for number 2 (hopefully to be carried by DW) is next month!  DS finally started sleeping at night and we FINALLY feel like we can go into the breech of newborn baby once more.

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Hopping in to comment on the anxiety topic. I suffered mild anxiety after DD was born (actually, I suffered with it more when I was pregnant...) but I also had mild post partum depression. You've probably already been told this but if the anxiety is really bad it is likely post partum depression and should absolutely be treated....of course, I would prefer naturally if it was me but I also know some women just can't beat it without medication. Have you tried talking to a naturopathic doctor? Yoga? Meditation? I bet acupuncture could help as well. It's hard to say what will work for one person may not work for another. I took st. john's wort by accident several years ago (didn't realize it was in the remedy I took) and I didn't like it all!

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Hi everyone!!!! I havent't had a chance to read up on everyone but I hope all is well!!! Here is an update on me, I definitely wasn't next in line but her is my LABOR STORY:


A week after I had the bleed and was put on bedrest I started heavily bleeding again and went to the hospital L&D, I got the same treatment-a shot called trebutiline (or something like that) to stop the small contractions and was sent home to stay on bedrest. My mom and sister were staying with us because DP just had surgery on her wrist, so they were with us. The next night my WATER BROKE and I couldn't believe it. I was only 32 weeks, and at first I wasn't sure if it had broken because it was blood colored, but I became sure when it kept coming out and was watery. We went to L&D again and I knew they would be keeping me there until the baby came. The OB that I usually see was at the hospital so she came to see me and let me know that they would be admitting me to high risk maternity and giving me an IV for antibiotics and other stuff to help mature the baby along with shots of steroids etc. She said that they would keep me in high risk until 34 weeks when they would induce me. High risk maternity was TERRIBLE! I had a room mate that I had to walk past everytime I had to use the bathroom-which was A LOT. Also they monitored out liquid ins and outs so we had to pee in a bowl type thing everytime. I heard them tell my room mate that she was GBS positive and it totally grossed me out when she would leave her bowl of pee in the toilet and I had to move it to go. I don't know how it is spread but it freaked me out. The first night was uneventful but uncomfortable because me and DP were sharing the little hospital bed and I had to be careful of her wrist and she had to be careful of my IV. She was great and helped me lug my IV stand to the bathroom every time I had to pee. The next night after dinner I started noticing more painful/annoying contractions but kept it to myself because I didn't want DP to make my family worry . By 11pm I was really tired but couldn't get to sleep because of the contractions, so a nurse offered me a sleeping pill that would help my uterus relax also so I took it and slept for about 4 hours, after that I woke up to breathe through contractions and went back to sleep, I was too tired to time them. By morning time they were about 9-10 min apart. My am nurse came in to take my vitals and asked me if I wanted to take a shower I told her I really wanted one but that my contractions were getting worse so I wanted to be monitored first and she agreed that was a good idea. After monitoring me for an hour she talked to the dr and they decided to give me some pills to stop the contractions (8min apart), she said they worked very well but could take up to an hour to work. I was happy to hear this because I was thinking I really couldn't take the contractions anymore if I wasn't planning on having the baby then. I asked her if I could move around to work through the contractions and she said no because that would make me progress more if the contractions were dialating my cervix. She also told me not to get up to use the bathroom while they were monitoring me. An hour later the contractions were stil coming (7min apart) so they gave me another dose of the pills, I asked for the shot I was given before and the nurse said they didn't want to give me that since I was bleeding but if the pills didnt work in an hour they would give me the shot. Soon after this I felt the urge to push and use the bathroom I called for the nurse and she told me not to go to the bathroom and I told her I HAD to. She called to have someone check me (FINALLY!) and of course I was fully dialated!! They rushed me out of the room and ran me down the hall and 20 minutes and a small tear later Cohen Anthony Perez was born at 32 weeks 5 days weighing 4lbs 6oz 17 1/2 inches. DP likes to tell everyone how easy I made it look but it really was hard work! The last hour or 2 of contractions I started to think I couldn't take it anymore but I just kept taking deep breaths in my nose and out my mouth and trying to blow the pain away and thinking it would be over soon. The contractions were pretty short so I was hoping they weren't making a change to my cervix, the intense part of the contractions only lasted about 15 seconds. I was really surprised that I was ready to push-but relieved I wouldn't have to go through all the contractions again!


Born on 12/12/11 at 1pmIMG00354-20111212-1509.jpgIMG00363-20111218-1543.jpg


He had no problems with breathing or anything else besides eating. He has been in the NICU and had a feeding tube in until yesterday, they took it out because he started to take the bottle at every feeding and if he keeps it up we can bring him home on sunday! IMG00387-20111229-1313.jpg

He is now 5lbs 8oz.


btw-I have been pumping and have waaaaay more milk than this guy needs right now so if anyone in or near Sacramento wants some let me know! :) I can't wait to have this litle guy home!

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jumping thread to say, CONGRATULATIONS to Crystal, and Welcome to the world, little Cohen!  Your family is absolutely beautiful.  I hope you get to take him home this weekend!

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Wow Crystal, congratulations a bit early!  It sounds like he is doing very well for how early he came. I hope he gets to come home soon. Does he take the breast at all or are you hoping to move that direction? Way to go on pumping so successfully. 


Indigo, 1-1-12 or 1-2-12 would be a great birthday. 


Yellow, I'm sorry, I have no experience with anxiety drugs during pregnancy. I know lots of natural stuff for regular depression but not so much the anxiety. 


AmandaHope, I haven't seen the sun since I left Florida, I hope y'all are having a great time. 

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Crystal--Congratulations, mama! I'm so glad to hear that little Cohen is doing well and has been having a good three weeks. I'm sorry you had to go through all the stress and fear (and gross roommate) but what a great result in the end! I can't wait to see more pics of your little man home--what a great start to the new year that'll be! smile.gif
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Crystal--Wow! I had been thinking about you and wondering where you've been! Congratulations to you and DP on the arrival of Cohen! What a cutie! I'm so happy you'll be able to take him home soon. It's good to hear that your supply is abundant too. Your labor story sounds pretty empowering. Great job, mama. Be sure to keep up posted on your little one with photos and updates.



2ez...you around, lurking somewhere? If so, we'd love an update!


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Congratulation, Crystal! And welcome to Cohen! I'm glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy :)

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Heeeey girls - Happy New Year (almost!) I am here, and have been lurking a wee bit! It's been crazy since Jagger's arrival - family and friends visiting from out of town, DP working retail holiday hell, me (basically) being a single mother to our 2 boys while she works, DS1's wrestling schedule, and just being tired. But...we're all doing well and we had a wonderful Christmas. The boys received way too much stuff, and I've yet to clean it all up! Our hearth room is trashed still and filled with toys everywhere. I figure I'll leave it that way until this coming week, and then will get motivated to clean it up.


Jagger is 7lbs 13 oz now, and is growing like crazy. I hate it. :( I want him to stay this size forever. He's 8 weeks old and is the love of my life. He's such a wonderful baby, smiles alot and is content just hanging out. He doesn't, however, like his diaper changed and he hates, hates lotion. Weird, huh? But, he's a ton of fun and makes every day and all the 3 am feedings worthwhile. Speaking of feeding, he's strictly on formula, much to my dismay. I tried almost everything in the book with breast feeding, but I simply wasn't producing enough for him to eat exclusively. I worked with a LC for a few weeks, took Fenugreek, milk thistle, and nothing seemed to work. Sigh. I really hoped to BF atleast six months, so we're on 100% formula. I've made peace that it's not happening, but it's still disappointing.


The best news of early 2012 is that we're moving back to Nashville!! Thank goodness! We will find out for sure on Thursday when, but there's still a 10% chance it wont happen. I am hoping and praying that it does. So ready to be out of Memphis.


Crystal - Oh gosh, your birth story had me on the edge. I am so happy to hear Cohen and you are doing well. He's a doll! Jagger had the same issue and couldn't eat the way he should. I hated him being in NICU. I hope you guys get to come home soon. I am a firm believer that letting him out and to his momma will also help get him on the schedule he needs! Congrats!


Qmama - How are YOU feeling momma? I have been terrible about keeping in touch I know.


Happy New Year friends! I wish love and happiness for your families in the New Year! Xoxoxoxo.


Jagger Feet 4.jpg





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Congratulations to Crystal on the arrival of your son!  He's lovely.  I'm so glad he's doing well and can hopefully come home soon. 


2ez, the pictures of your kids are gorgeous!  I *LOVE* the one of Jagger's feet.  :)  


Nothing much going on here, the wife's newest developments are "boulder boobs" and eating every 2 hours, and then just last night she started experiencing a metallic taste in her mouth.  


Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!  

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Crystal- congrats to your and your DP on the early arrival of Cohen!  Hope your first day of 2012 will see you all at home together!

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2ez, wow, so tiny.  He looks like he's coming right along.  Yay for Nashville!  I'm sorry nursing didn't work as planned.  Y'all certainly had a rough start.


Speaking of things not going as planned, Shay won't take a bottle anymore.  We've been trying the last couple of days with no luck.  He will chew on it but that's about it.  We've only tried 2 styles plus cup and a syringe.  The syringe is the only way he will swallow milk so far.  Poor kid and poor Sara tomorrow, when I go back to work for 16 hours away from him.


We tried to get that iconic shot of a baby on a bear skin rug.  He kept accidentally rolling over, so it was pretty funny.




Happy New Year.

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New thread!  Join the conversation at Queer, Pregnant and Parenting!

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Crystal- Congrats on your lil man Cohen!!!..Sorry to hear all the trouble you went thru with your hospital stays and all..We had our share and yes it SUCKED!!!!..But well worth it @ the end.Hope your lil man gets to come home soon.


2ez-Thanks for the updates..Jagger is a cute lil guy love all the pics!


Seraf-Shay looks too cute..What a chunkers!



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