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Queer Conceptions: October 2011

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Welcome to Fall & October!! Let's let the season change bring in LOTS of BFPs for those Summer babies!!!

Waiting to O whistling.gif

* BunnyLullabye

* cnmk14

* Maybeababy

* 2moms3kids

* Southern Fried Karma 

* OwlandTurtle

* want2bepapa

* jennytuck

* Nos Reves


* Pleasantlyfurious


* Lisedea BFPChart2.gif


* Hoping2bemoms


* Carmen BFPChart2.gif



Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW fingersx.gif

* Go_Vegan

* MujerMamaMismo

* JennP85

* Habitat

* Aljm41910

* EmandJoHeil


* Desert Sunsets


* MrsPP BFPChart2.gif


* Kgulbransen

* Handerson
* Sky

Working on IVF baby.gif

* Alphahen & DP

* KSDoulaMama


* FiveGrandBaby

Waiting for AF af.gif



Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready om.gif
* RainbowValleyMama
* mami2mami
* MaxK
* Happycalm
* IrishBabies
* AmandaMom
* Glados
* Serepartera (February 2011)
* Miss Scarlett
* Milletpuff
* Chiquitayy
* Lyndzies
* MidwifeStephPDX

* Gellybeangrl BFPChart2.gif
* Cananny

* Dandylez

* Want2bePapa

* MeghanC

* Rs11
* Yeledov

2011 Graduates!


October * Vienna79 banana.gif* SwtRainbowBritebanana.gif

September * Smilingsara BFPChart2.gif  carrot.gif  * Ad Astra  carrot.gif  * Mumquest carrot.gif       


August *Prettyisa broc1.gif   
July * Onemommyonemama joy.gif

June * CrystalPerez broc1.gif * Qmama42 broc1.gif

May * KellySF carrot.gif

April * want2bmumx2 joy.gif * Indigoscot & DP joy.gif
March * Graceie :broc1.gif * Seraf broc1.gif * 2ezforyou broc1.gif *Mommy55 broc1.gif
February * Escher carrot.gif *SharriKitColorado carrot.gif * DAWNMP1 carrot.gif
January * Starling&diesel joy.gif

2010 Graduates!

November * Mizyellow 7/25/11 * AmyPDX 7/30/11 * AmandaHope 8/3/11 * Cejae 7/4/11

September * Solejean 5/19/11 * Painefaria 6/5/11

August * Bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas 4/15/11 * LibraryLady 4/15/11

July * Beastie 3/21/11 * Gumshoegirl007 4/2/11 * Wehrli 4/1/11

June * Coco & DP 2/14/11

May * Burg 2/4/11 * Korey 2/1/11

April * Calimeow * Mtnlisa * Kimlyn32

February * Mistral * Quasar & smartycat * Monarchgrrl * Erthe_mama & DP

January * Lyndzies * FtMpapa

2009 Graduates!

December* Osker * Megan sacha * Mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * Megincl & Ktcl

September * Elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * Pleasantlyfurious

August * Chicagoml * Wishin'&hopin'

July * Hbog

May * Indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * Whoabethy * Carmen

March * Scalpel * Katwomyn4

February * Deny_zoo29

January * Jodybird511

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Welcome to October everyone! Please take a brief moment to look over the list above and if you have any changes or corrections please let me know in BOLD so that I can fix it smile.gif


After being here actively for almost a year I am so excited to be your threadkeeper!! Now let's bring on the October BFPs for those Summer 2012 Babies!!

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Hi ladies im new and looking forward to our very first insem this month but we are having a crisis kd lives in kansas and we are in pa we will be receiving sperm via biotranz or similar but the problem is that I am almost certain I "O" on 23rd 24th which is a sunday and monday its too late to purchase saturday delivery do you think if I insem on friday that would be tooo early and not work at all? Please help ladies I put my trust in you all.
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Thanks for the shiny new thread Brite!!

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Hello. New here as well. Just looking around, hoping to find some wisdom and inspiration. I've had 8 unsuccessful IUI's, the last one in August, and can't seem to figure out why it's not working. I'm healthy and fit, no medical issues, and I ovulate like clockwork. I'm on the fence about continuing to try. It's been such an emotional roller coaster as you all know.

My partner is going to have her first IUI this month. She's healthy and all tests look good. She's gotten the green light to go from our RE. Our initial idea was for both of us to experience pregnancy but that I would go first since I'm a few yrs older. That didn't exactly pan out so I'm trying to come to grips. Our goal is a baby, whether it comes from my body or hers but it's still difficult to think that I may not ever experience it.

Anyone else out there trying with both partners? With both of our biological clocks ticking, it's certainly caused some interesting dynamics and challenges in our relationship.
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2MommmiesTTC:  Welcome!  Sounds like you are making a difficult, but possibly needed, decision to switch conception to your DP.  My wife gave birth to our first, and I am working on conceiving our second.  I do wonder how many months I will try before we throw in the towel and switch back to her.  It does cause challenges to be in a relationship where both parties are technically able to have kids.    I am sorry your 8 IUI did not result in a pregnancy.  Did you do more than one IUI per cycle?  I know that 2, or even 3, are considered optimal, but many clinics only do one.  For my wife, we found that the magic combo was 2 IUIs and one at home vaginal insemination.


AFM:  I am 6 DPO.  My boobs are super sore, but I am also poking them repeatedly throughout the day.  I never get sore boobs, so this is interesting.  I am having all sorts of vague systems that can easily be explained by something else.  I get excited every time I have to go pee because it means I can check for implantation bleeding!  


Hope everyone has a fertile weekend

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Thanks for the new thread, Brite!  Hopefully it brings you the tiny luck booster that you need for a healthy pregnancy.


Welcome, Skyandtru, to Queer Parenting. What do you mean "It's too late to purchase Saturday delivery"?  If you aren't inseminating for a few weeks, shouldn't you still be able to get Saturday delivery for October 22nd?  Forgive my ignorance, I know nothing of using BioTranz.  Although I think it would definitely be possible for a Friday insemination to work if you didn't ovulate until Sunday/Monday, though that timing is not ideal.  Better too early than too late.  


 Amt, any news?  Also, I just noticed on your signature that you have a 7 week old lab puppy!!!!  Do you have pictures to share?  Pretty please?  I love ALL kinds of cute babies :)  Congrats on your newest addition.  


Sorry I've been MIA, things have been pretty hectic and it's kind of been a frustrating time for us as far as TTC goes.  Our foster kids are about to have a new baby brother, in potentially less than two weeks (bio mom is being induced) and it's just so maddening that she will have four kids (we are only fostering two) she can't take care of and we don't have one ... not YET.  I feel like... maybe the universe is suggesting that we shouldn't be trying to get pregnant while we have these little guys to care for.  I don't know.  


Yesterday our foster daughter (almost 4) got hit in the face with a plastic toy shovel at daycare.  She got a cut on her forehead that needed three stitches at urgent care.  Poor kid!  She's okay though.  Today she's running around like nothing is wrong.  Simply amazing.  


Anyway.  It's that time again - we did two inseminations yesterday, which puts us at 1 DPO today.  DW ovulated a day early this cycle, which of course isn't out of the normal range, but was a little unexpected.  We do at home inseminations with frozen sperm from a bank, and we always use two vials.  The first insemination is always an ICI, and the second insemination is always intended to be an IUI, though I've never managed to get the catheter to advance into her uterus.  UNTIL NOW!  Last night was a true IUI, so I'm pretty excited about that.  We did decide to go ahead and use Bromelain this cycle, so DW started taking those this morning in the place of eating a pineapple.  We haven't discussed it yet, but I'm fairly confident in saying that we don't plan to test until at least 12 or 13 DPO, if not later.  


Brite, could you please move us to Waiting to Know/Braving the TWW? 

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2Mommies, welcome!  I'm sorry your journey hasn't been easy.  My wife is the one we're trying to get pregnant right now, and we are now on our third cycle of trying.  The plan is for me to carry the second, and we both are very excited at the prospect of carrying.  It does complicate some things though, I'm sure.  Since we've only been inseminating my wife so far I haven't experienced the other end of things.  


Vienna, hooray for sore boobs!  I hope this is the one for you!  When do you plan to start testing? 

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2mommies, tryig with both partners? Or trying with both partners atthe same time? There was a thread a while back about people trying at the same time. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1310889/lesbian-twins if thats what you were asking about.
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Thank you for the warm welcome DesertSunsets. The issue is that I prepaid for the postage label and had it delievered to KD but I didn't add saturday shipping to it and it seems like KD is not willing to add saturday shipping for 15 bucks to the package when he drop it off to be shipped to us. soo we are just hoping that inseminating on friday won't ruin our chances too much.shrug.gif

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Hello everyone. Been MIA. Lots going on... But today is 11DPO and my DP got lil cramps from 9dpo til today. she said they are not like AF cramps, they are in a different spot. On the side one day then lower tummy. Also she is still wet and her nips have been sore for at least 4 days... We are not getting our hopes up cuz of AF tricking us last month... But last month she spotted and cramped. This time its just cramps but not the same as normal so ????? What do u ladies think???? lol She is suppose to start her AF on Tuesday so just a few more days and we will know...  FINGERS CROSSED!


Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!!

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Sky- why wont he pay the extra $15? He should be willing to send it whenever u need.. My DP and I are using shipped sperm also.. We will find out in a few days if it worked. We tried last month but got a positive OPK on a Sunday which sucked so we didnt even insert til Tuesday which was to late cuz that morning my DPs temps went up.. But this month was perfect timing and shes having some not normal stuff going on with her so we shall see if AF comes on Tuesday or not... I think if you know u O on Sunday then inseminating Friday might be ok.. Good luck!!!

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Brite~ Thanks for the shiny new thread.


 Welcome.gif  Skyandtru and 2mommiesttc, hope that your stay is short and sweet! This is a great group of women here...glad you found us.


Desert~ Great to see ya...yeah for insem's and a true IUI! dust.gif

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Well, we had our appointment today and looks like we are a go! Lining is 12.7, so nice and thick. I start progesterone today. Sorry I can not do personals on dw's iPad, but I will try to catch up on those later.
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Thank you Handerson, it's good to know that there are people out there going through very similar situations as we are. KD says previous recipients did wrong things to him as far as finances so i guess thats why he won't contribute $15 but we are just going to inseminate on friday i guess and we really hope for the best. GOOD LUCK! to you as well I hope for the best outcome possible for you guys.goodvibes.gif dust.gif

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Thank You Gelly!!!orngbiggrin.gif

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Sky~ Well if he has been burned, then why won't he let you all send him the $15 dollars? It would make it there before October 22, or could you purchase a new lable with weekend delivery and send it to him...if that's not too expensive and have him hold onto the one without the weekend delivery for future use...not that you will need it, but just in case.



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Thanks for the thread, Brite! I hope you catch some threadkeeper's luck!

Skyandtru: I think it's possible it will still work...I've gotten pregnant when we inseminated 2 days before O!

Welcome, 2mommies! I'm sorry you've had some challenges on your ttc journey. Perhaps with your partner trying for awhile you will feel less pressure/stress....which can make ttc that much harder...Good luck to you!

Vienna: Sounds like a promising cycle!


Desert: Welcome to the 2WW!

handerson: Test! Test! orngtongue.gif

KS: Hooray for a good lining!


Afm: 8DPO today and I don't feel pregnant at all. I was having some achy cramps and creamy cm the last two days but neither today. All I feel is irritable and impatient lol I'm going to call this one a bfn at this point. Of course, I hope I'm wrong though!


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Gelly, that is actually a good idea i didn't think it would get there in time but it should. I was willing to transfer him the money via paypal or moneygram but he says he don't like either soo i guess i will print another one add saturday shipping and send it to him. Thank you. we really hope too conceive this monthfingersx.gif Good luck too all the ladies that are TTCdust.gif

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Desert: Thanks for asking! Sadly not much news. Still no AF but I am scared to test. See with I got preggers with our eldest I had had a MC the month before and couldn't get a postive HPT, infact I had to have a blood test before I even knew I was expecting. IDK maybe I'll wait a few more days then test if still no AF.


Here is Jaxon, born 8/7/11




And here is Bella and Izzy, born 4/12/11...so they are still "babies" too



Bella is the dark one and Izzy is the whiteish one






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