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hi gals and welcome to all the newcomers! i've been keeping up with everyone here, but i haven't written anything in awhile, because i had a really hard time last month with the clomid and estradiol i was taking.  it made me feel extremely depressed and hopeless, and DP had to deal with me weeping nearly non-stop for a few weeks.  i decided to take a month off the meds just to give my body and mind a chance to rest.  we inseminated early in the week so now i'm in the tww, and i'm feeling pretty laid back about the whole thing.  


i'm going to visit a friend in amsterdam in a few weeks, and while i'm there i'm going to try to see a dutch gynecologist or even an RE.  i figure that it's my only chance to see a doctor who will listen to my concerns and possibly prescribe a trigger.  i've hit a wall as far as trying to find a french gynecologist who will do anything beyond prescribing clomid.  my acupuncturist here in paris called several colleagues who are gyns but they all refused to take on a lesbian who is tcc as a patient.  my acupuncturist was completely shocked by their responses and he even said "if the doctor isn't putting the patient's life in danger, who cares what the laws say."  it's mindblowing that even most doctors don't know about the discrimination we face.  on a more positive note, the french senate just recently shifted to the left and there's a presidential election coming up.  with a socialist government in power, we should get full marriage rights and the right to adopt and have fertility treatments.... that could take a couple of years though, and at 39, i'm not sure i can wait.    in other good news, we have a potential third donor who (if his STD tests are clean) will be able to help us on weekends if needed.  this takes a lot of stress off us, because its means we don't have to rely on flakey donor anymore.  the funny thing is that the new donor is american.    



anyway... that's where i am.  i'm not expecting a BFP this month, so i'll probably be back on clomid (eep!) in a few weeks.  i'm sending baby dust and fertile thoughts to all of you gals out there in ttc-land!

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Nosreves!  It's so great to see you in here.  Wow, it sounds like you've had a very busy and emotional time away from posting.  The meds sound so frustrating.  As if the process isn't difficult enough, we need to take meds that make us even more emotional!  Insult to injury.  Your acupuncturist sounds great... I wish I could say the same for your doctors.  I'm glad you'll be getting a chance to visit someone more helpful in Amsterdam.  I hope you can get a trigger prescription from someone there.  And a new American donor!  Who knew.  I hope it all falls into place for you two.  Keep your chin to the sunshine.  

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Hello all!


I'm back, after a couple month break (a month of which was in Maui!) and about to get on the TTC rollercoaster again. We've pretty much decided to let go of our KD and try with frozen sperm for a bit. I keep having to tell myself that even though we started this process 8 months ago, and emotionally it feels like we've been trying for a while, we haven't physically tried at all because of our KD's infertility.

Anyway! We're feeling stressed about the change in financial output this will mean. We are looking around on the free sperm donor site but may not be able to do that this cycle (I'm on day 2 now), unless we find someone local who magically has their STI screen and sperm counts done already. SO, we will probably just get sperm at our local bank this month (and do just 1 insem) and go from there.


It's nice to "see" you all again and hear how everyone is doing. Congrats to the BFPs!!!!!!! and good luck to everyone trying!

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desert -- you sure know how to make a gal feel welcome.  thanks for that...i was feeling a bit hesitant about posting.  i hope you and DP are and your two little rugrats are doing well, and I hope that DP's AF shows up soon!  btw...how's the painting for your bedroom going? 

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Nosreves, we must be checking the forum at the same time today, haha.  Mostly I'm having a horribly lazy day at home with the kids - right now DFD is balancing books on top of DFS's cranial banding helmet, to the enjoyment of both of them.  As well as mine, lol.  So I have plenty of opportunity to check back here!  Weekends, alas, are slow though.  I hope you don't ever hesitate to post your way back into the community!  As far as I'm concerned, you never left.  winky.gif 


DW's temperature went down this morning so we are expecting AF anytime now.  We are still attempting to get DFD to use the toilet instead of her pull-up and her bio-mom bought her a "Potty Watch" that reminds her to use the bathroom every 30, 60, or 90 minutes.  It's obnoxious but she's been using it all weekend without an accident yet... *fingers crossed*.  Frankly I just don't think she's ready to be potty trained but hey, nobody listens to me, I'm just the foster parent.  Oh well.  Also, thank you for asking about my giant painting!  Sadly, I've had several things I've committed to doing in the interim so the painting has been hanging on the wall, unfinished.  I *WILL* get it done, though.  Someday.  


MidwifeSteph, welcome back to you too!  I'm insanely jealous of your month in Maui.  It's a good thing we don't know each other IRL because I might be upset with you, haha.  My MIL travels frequently, she's a solar engineer and she's working on a project to build a solar telescope on Maui - when they move to the actual building phase she'll have an apartment on Maui and commute back and forth from Hawaii to Tucson!  Wow.  However... she can bet on being visited by us when she's in Maui!  Best of luck on your new journey, TTC with frozen instead of donor sperm.  That had to be a difficult decision, I'm so sorry your donor isn't going to work out.  


Afu, we decided to try for two more cycles doing at home inseminations.  DW is going to attempt to get an appointment to have bloodwork done this week, hopefully that'll happen for us.  Otherwise I guess we'll put it off until the following cycle.  If after the next two cycles she still isn't pregnant, we'll reevaluate.  Two more months is all the time we have left in this year to get pregnant, so after that we're looking at next spring.  We're seriously considering getting financing and doing IVF so we can swap eggs - which is one of the only ways here in Arizona for two moms to have some semblance of legal rights over the same child.  We'll see.  

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nosreves--Nice to see you back! Good luck with it all and I am glad you decided to ditch the flaky donor...not the best thing to add to an already stressful situation!

Midwife--Maui, huh?? Sounds relaxing! I know what you mean about the financial aspect...for us (a teacher and a paramedic student), we definitely don't have unlimited funds...so we save until we have enough, then try. Credit card debt is not something I want to get into...but I know that a lot of people do that as well...and pay off as they can. Good luck! I am sure the relaxing vacation and two months off will be very good for your next try!

Desert--I wonder if that law would apply in MI as well! DW and I were dicussing trying that anyway if we have to go the IVF route...hmm...something definitely to think about and reseach!

I have begun to find out what an impatient person I can be. Waiting for these results is just awful. On a more positive note, my LH level (according to OPKs) is higher than it was at any point last month--not quite positive but shouldn't be until tomorrow or the day after. Hooray! I might be back to my normal cycle!
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JanandJesse: Welcome.gifto the boards I hope that your stay is short & sweet


MrsPP: Thank you so much! Our fingers are tightly crossed as well! I have my fingers crossed for you as well for this cycle! And for your question DP & I have both come down with a cold this week we don't like to take traditional cold meds so my acupuncturist recommended Yin Chiao (we got it from Super Supplements) and let me tell you it has def helped shorten our cold and the severity of the symptoms!


Sky: Sorry to hear about AF being so painful greensad.gif



Vegan: Welcome Back! Good luck on your 2ww


Desert: hug2.gif


Nosreves: Welcome Back! I am sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time on Clomid & Estraidiol. I am also so sorry to hear that you have having such a ridiculously hard time with the French healthcare system. Although I am hoping that you get that BFP this cycle so that you never have to deal with these injustices again!


Steph: Welcome back! I am so jealous of your month in Maui! I too remember the stress emotionally & financially of switching from fresh to frozen. 


Lise: I am so hoping that your cycle goes back to normal so that you can get back in the TTC game!


wave.gif to anyone that I missed and BabyDust to ALL! Also if anyone has any changes that need to be made please let me know in *BOLD* so that I can make those changes


AFM: Sorry I have been MIA DP & I have both been sick all week fever.gif so we have spent the past 4 days sprawled out on the couches in the livingroom napping and watching movies filling our bodies with Chinese herbs & tea. I am currently 7DPO and the 2WW hysteria has slowly but surely began to set in. I took a test this morning to see if the HcG shot is out of my system, but it is still there, so I will be waiting until next weekend to test again (14DPO). I think we are going to take the same approach as last month and not test at all, just kind of let temps be our guide. We'll see how well that works out ROTFLMAO.gif

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Hi all I haven't checked in for a little over a week. Life has been nuts. It would be nice for other life areas to become less stressful while dealing fertilty stress. Unfortunately this is not how the cookie crumbles as everyone here probably knows- not only did I have work to hold my pee for 4 hrs to do opk this week , I also had alot to do at work. Argh!

Anyways in the ttc part of my life, this week was difficult and exciting. On the difficult side, I initiated a discussion with one of my best friends from hs about becoming my and dw's sperm donor. He is only the second person we've asked. We were turned by the first guy we asked (a good firiend of dw) and it felt so emotionally crushing that it was hard to think asking anyone again. It just came to me a couple weeks ago to ask my old friend who is gay and single and lives across the country from me. I knew logistics maybe hard but I thought I would just have a conversation. Maybe I didn't start off the request right because I broached the subject first in an email bc I had lost his number since I got a new cell. He did write me back and he seemed positive saying that he was coming back home in a few days got business and maybe he I and dw should get together to talk. Seemed promising enough until the day we were supposed to get together and he seemed to flake out on our talk by bringing his friend to dinner. It was ackward. Not much was talked about my request. Now I don't know I feel about the whole thing. Does anyone else have strange awkward pursuing-friends-to- be-known-donor stories?

Also. I am now 2 dpo and whats different this time is that I am using prometrium (progestrone) to possibly lengthen luteal phase. I have only taken this drug via suppositories for one day and I am already feeling crazy side effects that make me feel that af is about to come...sore breasts .slight cramps..strange hyper feeling too. Can anyone who has taken progestrone relate to this?

I don't have alot of time to respond to different postings. I will say though Congratulations to Vienna. What a wonderful photo! I am so happy for you. Also thank you desertsunsets for your msg and good luck to u and dp on your process. To everyone else wishing you all a great start to your week and of course lots of babydust.
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Originally Posted by outdoorsy View Post
I've been reading the stuff that says frozen sperm lasts 12-24 hours. My GYN told me earlier is better. Just do it between days 8 and 15 after your period starts, she said! She was obviously not thinking about the fact that we're buying frozen, not just conjuring it up every night like some people.


Outdoorsy: welcome! I read your journey with great interest because timing of insemination and the medical community is my biggest focus (and gripe!) As I like to say here in the Bay Area, the medical community is queer friendly, but not queer knowledgeable when it comes to the timing of insemination. What your GYN told you is based on A) access to a husband's sperm and B) an average cycle. Not every women ovulates on CD14. Do you know what day you ovulated? Have you worked on pinpointing that? I think you are very right in researching it and understanding it better. I won't go into my long journey story but I've taken up the cause of timing and lesbian conception with such passion that my known donor and I are actually currently working with the media on an news story about it. With frozen, your timing has to be so meticulous so you really need to use all the tools you can (including what your doctor can provide through ultrasound) to pinpoint it.


Tilly: are you saving the OPKs, marking them with day and time and lining them up to see the progression? That should help you to pinpoint when the surge truly is. And don't forget, it doesn't have to be exactly equal in darkness to the control line, you just need to note a progression where it gets to its highest level of darkness and then drops off. I assume you're testing twice per day, once around 10am and once no longer than 12 hours later?


Desert: arrrgggggh! I'm sorry. I stomp on that BFN for you and tear it apart. Yes, I vote for testing as well. I think this is the one distinct advantage (and perhaps only one!) that lesbians have over straight women. Because we sometimes need medical assistance getting pregnant, they are willing to deem us "infertile" right away (not so great) and it leads to testing (great!) I know you'd like to think all is well with your DP and you could go naturally, but medical science has come so far and sometimes there are little things that can interfere. Take me for instance, I didn't realize I had a slightly elevated sugar level. It wasn't until I went through that testing with my General Practitioner that they suggested I was borderline PCOS and should take Metformin. It takes about three months to work through the system. On the third month of taking it (almost to the day) I got pregnant. So who knows. Sometimes you need to just gather the information even if it doesn't pinpoint anything specific. Are her tubes clear? How is the shape of her uterus? Don't waste any time. Please.


AFM: put me back to braving the TWW! We are back in the game, kiddos. We did five inseminations over a three day period with our two donors. My ovulation is kind of hiding out this month but I went ahead and HCG triggered last night anyway just to make it happen. Of course, I'm convinced I'm not normal and ovulate more like 70 hours after a trigger shot but since fresh sperm can live up to three days, I'm praying! It is scary as this is our first cycle post miscarriage and post surgery. Yikes.


Hugs to everyone.



Sorry to anyone else I missed. There are so many great women on here with so many different stories!


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Thanks you kgulbransen! Got lost there in all the threading! 


Here's the short version of our story:


DP and I met in college 5 years ago. DP is now in graduate school and I'm also trying to get my butt in the door. We are crazy about kids!! We have been wanting to start a family for 2 years but due to school and life in general--it never seemed like a good idea. Now that DP is well advanced in her program and we are financially stable, it's time! We have decided that DP will be the 1st to carry--but I will also carry once I'm along my program as well.


We wanted to use fresh sperm, but it didn't work out. We had major heart breaks, but now have decided to use frozen sperm. DP has been charting her BBT this past month and we have also been using a ferning monitor to detect ovulation. We have only recently started to check cervical mucus (in addition to BBT and ferning), but have found it a little difficult and overwhelming to detect ovulation. At one point the ferning monitor detected full fertility, however, CM did not match and BBT did not spike afterwards. Several days later CM was fertile and BBT spiked but then dropped the next day. DP's chart looks very erratic and so we're unsure how to clearly interpret it. We have our first OBGYN appt. Oct. 31st to discuss our options of insemination (IUI/ICI, both at home or in clinic). 


What methods have you ladies found most helpful to detect ovulation? How long do we chart for before we start inseminating? We have our donor picked out and wan to start as soon as we can. (we are so incredibly excited jumpers.gif) Any advice? 

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Threadcrashing to give SUPER HUGS AND LOVE to Krista!!!!!  This is it, girl!!! xoxoxoxo


Luck and love to all xo

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Tiney, welcome. I'm pretty new here too. Tried first with a known donor who turned out to be infertile. Did our first insem with frozen last month (ici at home). Based on advice from others here I have ordered plastic speculums to actually view the cervix instead of just checking mucus with my finger. I've been charting my cycle for over a year, and I would say that ovulation predictor kits (opks) have been pretty accurate for me. The drawback is they give you very little notice, plus after you get your positive, there can be some variability in the time until you ovulate. Some have suggested that if you use the non-digital opks with the two lines, you can actually watch the line darken over a couple days to see the LH surge approach. I used those for a while, but after one month with hard-to-read results, I went to the digital opk. This month I'm hoping to view the cervix to help confirm what I'm seeing on the opk. If you haven't seen beautifulcervix.com, which someone here recommended to me, you should check it out. It shows pictures of the cervix at every day of the cycle so you have an idea of what to look for.

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Good morning friends!


Thank you all for the advice re: cold medicine. I ended up getting some Tylenol Cold and Sinus stuff that I googled and found out was 'safe for pregnancy' so I figured it was safe for pre-pregnancy winky.gif Feeling much better now. I bought it before I saw Rainbow's herbal suggestion -I am totally trying that next time!


Outdoorsy - WELCOME! 


Skyandtru - So glad AF arrived! (don't hear that very often on this board!) Hope all is well with you!


Desert - You were right, the second time was waaaay more relaxed! FF has been bugging me lately too - well actually it's more my thermometers fault...more on that at the bottom. I'm so sorry about the BFN. I totally understand what you mean about the unknown. I really wish we could all have a crystal ball to find out how/when we are going to have a baby in our arms. Wouldn't that be nice?! I do feel you on the 'at home gamble' because that is what we're doing too. Don't feel like an idiot - there is no way you could have known. Sounds like you have come up with a solid plan though!  xoxo hug2.gif


nosreves - Hey there! Welcome back - so nice to "see" you!!! I hope everything comes together for you guys real soon. Hooray for a great acupuncturist! And how funny that your new donor is American!


MidwifeSteph - Welcome back to you too!!! Your time off sounds wonderful - DW and I are going to Hawaii in January (first time!) and cannot wait! Good luck this month!


lisedea - thinking of you!!! Hope you have your answers very soon. Hooray on the lh!


Rainbow - Hope you're feeling better! Oh and could you please move me to Waiting to know? Thank you :)


Krista - YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! Fingers are soooo crossed for you! This is it!!!


Tiney - Welcome to QC! To answer your question I have mostly used opk's, cervical mucus, cervical position and temps to detect ovulation. Good luck to you!


AFM - Here we go again! Got a smiley at 11am on Sunday morning, cm was starting to get nice and clear/stretchy and my cervix was soft and high, starting to open. Since we only did one vial this month we decided that 18 hours past smiley was our best bet. Well that put us at 5am Monday morning...I slept HORRIBLY Sunday night and when 5am rolled around we were both pretty groggy - hit the snooze a few times, had to take the dog out...so the actual insem was more like 6 or 6:15. It was soooo much better than last time! We were relaxed, laughing and when DW located my cervix she said "whoa! this is the most open I've ever seen it!!!". I had Monday off work so I was able to stay in bed hips up for a long time. Then I moved to the couch and rested most of the day watching old episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I had o pain in the afternoon and thought we had timed it perfectly. BUT THEN this morning - NO TEMP RISE. I'm crushed. I know, I know, everything else lined up great...so why didn't it go up? I'm hoping it might be a fluke...our room was pretty cold last night, and my sleep was interrupted a few times...I don't know. I am thinking of chucking the thermometer this month and just going blind this time. I really can't decide...what would you do? Feeling pretty bloated and crampy today - but that just might be the chili I ate last night whistling.gif





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Hello Ladies.. Been MIA... but we inseminated today and will tomorrow also.. Just to all the new comers my Dp is the one being inseminated and we are using shipped chilled sperm. We warm it with our hands or under our underarms til feels room temp. Then we do out thing.. This time we actually bought a microscope lol my DP knows how to look for stuff and we wanted to make sure there were still swimmers and YAY there are. I thought was maybe they are dead when we get them cuz we been timing good I believe but now knowing they are still alive I feel a lil better about that part.. Sometimes it just takes time.. My friends did the same thing month after month and finally the 4th try got PG. This is our 3rd so we shall see!! Fingers Crossed. This time we kinda slacked on out temping.. but we just went by when she got her positive OPK.. Which she got only 1 yesterday then it went away.. IS THAT OK?

If this month doesnt work we are going to sit out a month or 2 and then look into a cyrobank.. Frozen seems better than chilled. And we always cant insem until a whole day after she gets a positive so with getting frozen we can the day she gets a pos and the day after so probably better timing.

Good luck Krista!! and to who ever else is in the TWW..

Go ahead and move us to TWW please.

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Krista--Yea! Finally! How long has it been since you have been in a TWW? I was trying to remember and couldn't... This has to be it! smile.gif

Brite--I have been sick with a cold for 7 days now! It is horrible. Today it is more in my chest than anything and I am so hoping I don't have to get meds to make it go away...I have been drinking a lot of emergen-c! I wish I could follow through with just waiting for AF and not testing! Each month I try...but then can't wait any longer and test way early. Sheepish.gif

Tiney--It sounds like you have a great start! Have you considered going to an RE or fertility specialist instead of an OBGYN (I just went to one two weeks ago after trying for the past year...and I highly recommend it!)? Do you ever check your cervix? What about OPKs for the lh surge? Have you read the Brill book (http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Guide-Lesbian-Conception-Pregnancy/dp/1555839401/ref=sr_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318949972&sr=1-14)? When I first began, I read the Brill book, checked ferning, took temps, checked cervix daily, used OPKs, and checked CM. With that said...now I only temp, check the cervix when I am close to ovulation, check CM, and use OPKs (normally CD10-whenever I get a positive). I found the ferning wasn't very helpful for me because it showed that I was fertile at weird times...but that might just be me. In the Brill book it states you are most fertile when most signs match up--if one is off, I wouldn't rely on that. Good luck! Everyone is different so you need to find what works for you!

MrsPP--Ugg! That is the worst! I would just wait and see what your temp is tomorrow morning...totally could be the result of a cold room or you are just ovulating a bit late. Even if you do, it is still possible!! fingersx.gif

So...my fertility doctor called me back last night at 8:00. She told me that my AMH had pretty much the same outcome as my FSH--all borderline. She did say, however, that she recommended that I try the next three cycles through IUI at the clinic...so we are going to go that route and hope one cycle sticks! If not, our next step is to save up for IVF.
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Hi!  New here and not sure if this is the right place to post.  My wife and I will begin TTC with a good friend of ours (also gay) at the end of Oct/first week of Nov.  I will carry.  He will be co-parenting with us and we do not want his parental rights to be terminated.  Prior to meeting my wife, I had two other kids (daughter is 13, son is 8) with two different friends.  We've co-parented the entire time and it's worked beautifully with no legal intervention at all.  However, this time there will be three of us from the very start, and it's important to us that all three of us are legally recognized.  I know it's rare, but if anyone has any information re: third parent adoption or legal recognition of three parents, we'd really appreciate it!  There was a recent case in Oregon where three parents were granted legal rights, and I've seen that in Canada there are cases with three parents "allowed" on birth certificates.  My wife and I are married (well, domestic partnership in WA state that translates into civil union here in Chicago) and he is in NYC.  Legal recognition or not, it won't change the way we parent together.  We just think it's important that we push for the structure of our family to be equally recognized and protected.  Thanks so much!


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I know its soon, but I just wanted to look into it just incase. What are good banks? Who are you using?

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I was trying to edit my last post but it was acting up.

Anyways. I want to know good but not to pricey banks?? Also do you use ICI or IUI? Washed or unwashed? Whats better when you are doing at home inseminations? We have just been inseminating the sperm we get vaginally with syringe. who does it this way and how do you buy your sperm???

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Handerson--There are lots of different banks that you can use--it really depends on where you live, whether you want ID release or not. I used to use Midwest out of Chicago until they closed down at the beginning of the year. They only sell sperm from anonymous donors and only IUI vials (we have used both depending on if we if we were going to do an actual IUI or not--you probably just want ICI for how you are doing it) and used to be the cheapest. When they reopened, they raised their price but are still cheaper than a lot. I now use European Sperm Bank out of Seattle. The shipping is a lot more expensive because of how far away it is but they have a 'featured donor' of each month (buy one get one vial free...). They also only have donors that are willing to be known. I love them! You have time...do research on banks around your area to save on shipping costs and then branch out from there if you aren't impressed. Call them if you have any questions--if they don't seem friendly and helpful, I would stay away! smile.gif Good luck!
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Handerson: just a quick shoutout that I would really, really consider not using frozen sperm for an at-home ICI. That is probably the lowest possible way to conceive statistically (memorize Brill's book, she's really good about covering all this). I would consider an at home IUI with frozen sperm either done by a midwife or you are taught how to do it for your partner. But you have to be taught, going up into the uterus is no easy task and isn't something to be taken lightly from a safety perspective. Also, most banks are pricey. That's the game they play. Probably CA is the most expensive but you could argue you get the smartest possible donors considering one bank is located down the street from UC Berkeley and the other down the street from Stanford! I still maintain your best bet statistically is fresh sperm (as in nearby, not shipped chilled) with at home insems. But I know that's not possible for everyone. So next bet is frozen with timed IUI.


Tiney: chart now. I wish I had started charting more than three months prior to inseminating for the first time. It seriously takes months to figure out how to predict ovulation and if you happen to be irregular, it can take even longer. If you're question revolves around "how long should I chart within a cycle before we inseminate?" you really only need to chart right after your period ends and up to a couple of days after you think you ovulated.


Lisedea: what was your AMH number exactly (if you don't mind my asking)? I can't remember but have you done injectables? If they are concerned about your ovarian reserve, then your sole goal in life is to produce as many eggs within a cycle as possible so that you catch that "one" that is actually decent and not as aged. If you're going to spend the money and go the IUI route in the doc's office (unless your insurance covers 100%) I would really consider maximizing your chances. If not injectibles, Clomid or Femara (if you haven't already tried.)


MrsPP: Don't be crushed. There are many times where your temp rise isn't actually recorded until a couple of days after ovulation. Even if this isn't the regular gig for you, it can happen. Just be as patient as you can be. And don't forget: temping is really used for a historical look at when you ovulated, not to predict ovulation. That's why you use it in coordination with other signs. And when THREE signs line up, you're most likely in the ovulation phase.


Thanks to everyone for the lovely shoutouts after we got back in the game. It's still scary but a lot of other exciting things are happening for us right now so it keeps me distracted. I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday so the timing was perfect yet again. Two of three times we hit timing and insemination perfection we got pregnant so here's to hoping!



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