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Krista--Hmm...interesting...she told me that meds might mess me up more and to use injectables if I was to go the IVF route... ??? I think I remember her saying that my number is .75 but I could be wrong. I have a hard time listening while panicking. smile.gif My insurance doesn't pay for the procedures--so that will be about $250. Is it bad that I am trusting your opinion on what to do more than my FS? Ha! smile.gif
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Mrs.PP: I hope your temp was just a fluke -- which it certainly could be. Best of luck to you! May I ask, are you doing ICI or IUI? I tried ICI for the first time last month, but I notice kgulbransen is "really, really" discouraging that.


Have people on this board had any success with ICI frozen sperm at home? If so PLEASE chime in.

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Originally Posted by lisedea View Post

Krista--Hmm...interesting...she told me that meds might mess me up more and to use injectables if I was to go the IVF route... ??? I think I remember her saying that my number is .75 but I could be wrong. I have a hard time listening while panicking. smile.gif My insurance doesn't pay for the procedures--so that will be about $250. Is it bad that I am trusting your opinion on what to do more than my FS? Ha! smile.gif

LOL. I should probably add the disclaimer to my signature "I am not a doctor and my opinion is just that. An opinion." In your case, you should do what you feel is right and probably trust your RE. I'm not all that familiar with details surrounding low FSH and AMH (or low ovarian reserve). But I would get further details as to what she means by "mess up?" Is she saying you're going to get more "messed up" if you go to IVF? Often, women will use injectables in an office setting with an IUI because it's cheaper than going to IVF. It's a great way to see how you respond to ovarian stimulation in addition which is always a plus in case you do go to IVF. When she says "messes up" does she also mean that in regards to Clomid and Femara which is a commonly prescribed stim?


I can't tell you what to do with 100% certainty, but what I think I (preach!) say a lot on here is it pays to get yourself educated and make educated decisions. You aren't necessarily here to replace your doctor's opinion, but they see hundreds of patients and only you see you. In other words, it pays to be educated about your particular situation because they don't always have the ability to do so. But not everyone is comfortable with this and would just rather totally trust their doctor because it's overwhelming. And I respect that.


Outdoorsy: I hope I'm not scaring you or anything! I know this is a daunting prospect and I don't want to make it seem like you won't ever get pregnant. As you can see on the Q&P board, there are a lot of wonderful success stories! I think the greatest thing about these boards is being able to look at other people's journeys and know you're not alone. Do read Stephanie Brill's Lesbian Conception book if you haven't already. She helped me to make some great decisions that I really do think helped me get pregnant. But much of it depends on your age, your fertility health, etc. so of course you will find women out there who have gotten pregnant with ICI at home. The question is, how many in comparison to pregnancy with IUI in office or pregnancy with known donor ICI? It took me 5 IUIs/1 ICI with frozen (all BFN) and 5 at home with fresh before I got pregnant at age 39. I started at age 38.


Anyway, I've probably shot my mouth off enough for one day. Have a great evening everyone!



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Handerson- Good luckfingersx.gif in your 2WW!goodvibes.gifJust curious, me and DW are doing the same thing our first insemination is next week but I was wondering what vendor for the semen shipper did you use?


MrsPP-Good Luckfingersx.gif hopefully everything works out for yougoodvibes.gif


Kgulbransen- I am sending good vibes ur way goodvibes.gifand good luck.fingersx.gif


Brite- Good Luckfingersx.gif In your 2WWdust.gif. AF was definitly mean to me this cycle I hope that was the last time I see her for a while. Can you move me to Waiting to O?



AFU- AF has officially went away, we plan to inseminate next week (soo exciting)biggrinbounce.gif yet nervous. We finally had a nice talk with KD and he changed his mind about taking his issues(due to previous recipients) out on us so he is much more understanding now and is willing to help out with saturday shipping if necessary. We are really praying it works outpraying.gif. Ladies please pray for us and send as much baby vibes and babydust our way as possible.



Good luck everyone and Sticky Babydust to all of you!!dust.gif  


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Tiney--It sounds like you have a great start! Have you considered going to an RE or fertility specialist instead of an OBGYN (I just went to one two weeks ago after trying for the past year...and I highly recommend it!)? Do you ever check your cervix? What about OPKs for the lh surge? Have you read the Brill book (http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Guide-Lesbian-Conception-Pregnancy/dp/1555839401/ref=sr_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318949972&sr=1-14)? When I first began, I read the Brill book, checked ferning, took temps, checked cervix daily, used OPKs, and checked CM. With that said...now I only temp, check the cervix when I am close to ovulation, check CM, and use OPKs (normally CD10-whenever I get a positive). I found the ferning wasn't very helpful for me because it showed that I was fertile at weird times...but that might just be me. In the Brill book it states you are most fertile when most signs match up--if one is off, I wouldn't rely on that. Good luck! Everyone is different so you need to find what works for you!

lisedea: Interesting idea about the RE and fertility specialist....May I ask what did you like about the RE? DP and I are so new at this we're kind of getting overwhelmed with all of our options... And yes the Brill book is our little Baby Bible! DP will be the one conceiving the 1st time around and we have just ordered speculums so we can get a good view of the cervix (TMI... smile.gif) I also agree about the ferning--and I actually think that's what threw us off this past month. We were so afraid that DP hadn't ovulated because the ferning didn't match up with all the other clues. 


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Can someone explain to me how to do a signature? Can't figure it out.... 



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Outdoorsy--I got pregnant my first try with frozen sperm doing it ICI. It ended in miscarriage...but it happened.
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Holy Crap!!! I got a super faint line on a test this morning! After 12 rounds! I can't even really believe that it could be true.

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Yay vegan!
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Yea! So happy for you Vegan!! joy.gif
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SKY- We are using babiesbymail. It comes nice and cozy and the frozen packs are alwasy still frozen when we get out sperm so the sperm is still chilled. Also we microscoped ours yesterday just to see if they are still alive when we get the sperm and they were still moving so yay. Good luck. Who r u using?


Outdoorsy- I was wondering the same and I have read that people have gottten pregnant by ICI at home... IDK. Id also like to know who else knows people that have done it this way. But for now we are doing it chilled shipped at home insems..



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lisedea and handerson - thanks for replying. We've only tried once, so I we're going to keep trying for now with ICI at home.


Tiney, I read on another thread that you have to be a member for like 7 days or something before you can create a signature. Then an option appears at the bottom of your profile, I think.



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Threadcrashing--VEGAN! Stick, stick, stick, little bean! joy.gif
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Vegan!! That is awesome. I know you must be freaking out right now, but this is great. I'm so glad you guys changed up your method.



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Handerson- orngbiggrin.gifthat's great!  I have finally found someone who is using Babiesbymail what a relief!. We are using them as well! how far did yours have to travel and how many hours did it take before you insemed? i was wondering because i have asked others and they all went with biotranz.


Go Vegan- Yay for you! I am sending goodvibes and more sticky babydust your way!!!!!!goodvibes.gif

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I am in cycle day 7 and I was wondering when I should start using opks? and should I use the robitussin or wait until our next cycle of ttc if this one don't work out?

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Sky--Depends on how long your cycle is. Check out this site: http://www.peeonastick.com/opkfaq.html#8
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Tiney--It is a RE or FS job to know about infertility (we all qualify because of the male factor!) and to come up with plans to make it work for you...OBGYNs just don't always know...
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Sky- Our guy lives 1 state away. He sends the sample at the last drop off time at the fedex over there and i think its 6pm. and then i pay for it to get here by 8am but luckily we got our yesterday by 7am. then today we had him make it for the 10am delivery cuz its 30 dollars cheaper and my dp wasnt going to insem til she got off work. So yesterday we insemed at 7am which was 13 hours after he sent it, and then today was 22 hours after. It was kept chilled the whole time and we used the microscope both yesterday and today and both had ALOT of swimmers swimming around so i was happy to see that.

Only thing that sucks about this process is alot of these women insem the day of there OPK and then the day after. We get our OPK then insem the day after- usually 18-24 hours the positive and then we insem the day after. Which im sure she ovulated but just covering just incase.


If I were you I would start doing OPKs at CD10 day. Thats when we do.

This is our 3rd try. Fingers Crossed!!!!


Good luck to you.! Just remember it could take a few times.

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Hello everyone I promise that I will not not be self absorbed tomorrow and I will do personals....


I am really upset & frankly pissed off! I just got my Progesterone test results that I took on 8DPO (CD 22) and the result was 6.08. Of course I had no idea what is a good/normal range for Progesterone so I am have been consulting with Dr. Google and it seems that 6.08 is low and what I have read also states that after your progesterone drops to a certain number it signals AF to start. Does anyone know if this is indeed true?


The reason why I am pissed is because my RE just shrugged me off and said that we would test just to prove that I had a "Normal" progesterone levels despite my early unexplained losses. She said she did not want to prescribe the cream because she did not feel that I needed it at my "age". Frankly I am SICK & TRIED of hearing that because I am young apparently I am not supposed to have any TTC issues and it must all be in my head. And it's not just the RE's office that I get this attitude from I have heard it from fellow TTCers (which is hurtful) and I have had it up to here with it! Yes I wish that at 25 I didn't have any infertility issues and frankly I think it sucks for anyone to have to go through Infertility, but especially someone who is in the "prime" fertility time and can't get/stay pregnant and people continue to shove it in your face! *Deep Breath* RANT over, I am sorry I just needed to get that off my chest or I my head might have exploded.


With all that if anyone knows anything about Progesterone levels please let me know. 

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