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Thanks you outdoorsy and lisedea for the replies on the signature! I think I have to be a member for a little while longer wink1.gif ...but of course that won't be hard! 


Go_Vegan: Congratulations!! joy.gif

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SwtRainbowBrite: Sorry I can't help with info on progesterone...but I sure hope things start looking brighter for you wink1.gif. Sending good peaceful vibes and hugs your way.  hug2.gif




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SwtRainbow: That brushoff from your doc really sucks. So sorry to hear. On a lighter note, I've been meaning to mention that your sure have a gorgeous profile pic -- such sweet expression in it. I hope your day goes better today.


Vegan: Belated congrats on the faint line! and I've been thinking about you, hoping it would get darker. Any word?


As for me, yesterday I talked to an acquaintance who conceived with the help of a midwife, and she said it wasn't too medicalized at all. So I looked into it. The nearest lesbian-friendly AI place is about 90 minutes away from me, but at least such a place exists. So now I have a backup plan if the at-home ICI doesn't go so well. So I'm not freaking out as much as I was the last two days. Maybe now I can actually get some work done instead of feeling mentally fried the whole day.


Good luck for a good day to all! nod.gif

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threadcrashing again...

Brite--damnit. I was hoping those might get there in time. I don't know about the levels, but I hope that the extra support will help with the next round, even if it doesn't mean much now. Hopefully Krista will be able to help you figure out what a better range would be (Hi Krista! We just assume you know everything...because you do!) and whether you should be using those things 2 or 3 times per day. I'm so sorry your doctor is a jerk--I hope that you won't need to because you'll be preggo soon, but is there any way you could change to someone else? Someone, oh, I don't know...helpful?
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Outdoorsy: are you thinking at home IUIs? That would be awesome. We have a roving midwife company that does that here and I know lesbians that have used them and love them. I think the medical office can be cold and uninviting which isn't much fun. Usually the midwife will let your DP help to inseminate you as well which is always kind of nice.


Brite: ARRRGGGH!! That's me being frustrated on behalf of you to the medical community. I'm sorry your doc is being a jerk. Here's the deal with Progesterone (from what I know based on my own research because of my potential progesterone issues). Progesterone is important from ovulation through 12 weeks of pregnancy. It helps play a role in supporting a pregnancy (if implantation should occur). And until the placenta is able to take over at 12 weeks, some women need the support because their system isn't generating enough of the hormone.


However, there is some controversy as to whether it actually works. Many doctors will prescribe vaginal suppositories and many times will do so because they see it as a psychological thing that will help the patient (makes the patient feel like they're "doing something.") But there are also some women out there who swear that until they identified a low Progesterone issue and started taking supplements, that they were having difficulties getting/keeping a pregnancy. You will find this anecdotal information all over the Internet.


Cream is the least effective way to get Progesterone to your system. It takes a lot longer to deliver it where it needs to go. Oral is next best but also can take some time. Vaginal suppositories help deliver it right to the uterus. And in IVF, 90% of the time they prescribe Progesterone shots in oil to help aid the development of the embryo so this is standard practice.


My challenge is that both times when I got pregnant NO ONE tested my Progesterone level nor did they tell me to increase the dose! Although they swear it did not cause my miscarriage (and I tend to think it didn't) my first line of action with the next pregnancy will be to check my Progesterone level when I pee positive. No more of this mucking around. It's making me mad.


I'm afraid that it sounds like you might need a new doc. Is there any way that you can get to someone else? You need someone that will listen to you. It's not just about the fact that you're not getting pregnant at age 25. It's about the fact that you are a lesbian, and you need a different kind of plan then a straight couple who might have fertility issues. This is what we end up pushing on with the medical community.


Lots of hugs to you. I understand your frustration and anger and I'm glad you can vent here with us. Progesterone is inexpensive and you really need to find someone that will listen to those concerns and discuss them with you.


I can't remember, do you have a short luteal phase??



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Hi all! I'm jumping in after a couple weeks off to give an update. No time to read through the 4 pages (!!) I missed on my break. I hope there are some BFPs in there!


Anyway, my KD, got back to us and gave us an update about his life. His family illness is resolving and his move is complete so things should be easier for him now. We are supposedly on for next cycle. He has assured us that he will be available for one well-timed insem but will hope to fit in two insems. This is, of course, not ideal for us but at this point we are glad to have a KD. He really is a sweet guy and has really been trying to work things out with us. So the plan is to do what we can with him until we do our last two Clomid/Trigger/IUI cycles on our insurance early next year. After that...well, at that point we may be done, but I can't really predict that from where I'm standing now. 


I'm due to start AF next week and, since I didn't insem this cycle, I'm still on break until then. This might have been a very good cycle to skip since my ovulation signs were completely bizarre and I wonder if I even ovulated at all. ::shrugs:: It happens. I'm not worried. It is my birthday this weekend so I'm off to have some fun with a good amount of cocktails involved! I'll check in again when I'm off break.


I hope more of you move on to the pregnancy threat before I return! Good luck!

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Outdoorsy: I had no medical intervention other than acupuncture when I conceived my DD. However, we used a KD.

Welcome back to the 2WW, krista! How exciting!

Brite: definitely sounds like you need a new doc. The RE I recently saw gave me a prescription even though he said the research is weak....it should be your choice.

Lisedea: I haven't been able to keep up to date with how you are doing....I hope you are getting some answers and have a plan?

Afm: Greetings from Philly! Work conference is going well but DD is all messed up for sleep because of the time change and the new environment so DP and I are TIRED. I'm on CD13 ( I think) and cm seems to be getting more fertile. Hoping I have another early O even without trying.
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Krista, I'm not talking about at-home IUI. If our ICI at home doesn't work, I will probably do IUI in the Boston area at a very lesbian-friendly AI place. It's a bit of a drive, but I know I'm lucky to have it within driving distance, even if I have to miss some work to go there.

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Thread Crashing - Vegan: Yahoo for the line! Congrats to you!!! So happy to hear this news. joy.gif


Rainbow - I echo what Krista said in her post above. I've struggled with low progesterone for a few years, and it sucks. If I recall, anything over 5 means you've ovulated. Once you get a BFP, anything less than 20 is considered dangerous for the baby to survive. I ended up asking my RE for progesterone pills because of my history with low prog, and she didn't hesitate to write me a prescription for it - Prometrium. In her opinion, 'it couldn't hurt' so she wrote me the prescription. I was on them for 2 months before I got my BFP, which I got 11dpo. With my first beta test, my P4 test came bact at 12, which was considered very low and dangerous. My RE immediately doubled my dose of Prometrium and put me on vaginal suppositories for that extra little "push". My 2nd Beta came back with a P4 of 16 and third was 24. I stayed on the vaginal until 12 weeks and on the pills until 16 weeks. Thankfully, the baby has made it through just fine and I am currently 34 weeks. orngbiggrin.gif If I were you, I'd definitely ask the doc again for the pills. There's no reason why you taking them will hurt you or your attempts to conceive. If she refuses, then I'd likely find another doctor who was more in line with my wishes. Hang in there!


Thinking of each of you and your TTC journey. I am cheer all of you to many BFP's!!!

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2ez: Quick clarification question for you. Were you on Prometrium during your whole cycle while trying to get pregnant (not while you were pregnant). In other words, you didn't take it during your period and your time leading up to ovulation, correct? You only used it during the 2ww? Congrats on hitting 24 weeks! Saw your belly shots and they're cute. Here's to a wonderful birth!


Outdoorsy: sorry for the misunderstanding.



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Hey Krista - The first month, I think I took it 20 days and the second month I was only on them for approx. 12 days because I didn't O that month so we didn't insem. It seems like I started taking them 3-5 days before my anticipated O date and then until after I got a BFN. My RE felt that having it in my body prior to possible conception wouldn't hurt so that's what I did. It was almost as if the Prometrium had a 'head start' on any conception/implantaion plans. My fingers are tightly crossed for you!!!

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Brite- sorry about the frustrating experience with your dr.  It's so wrong that your concerns are belittles because of your age.  Your level does sound low for 8DPO (http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/hormonelevels.html#female) my RE office automatically supplements if your are below 15 at 7DPO (as it falls in the might help can't hurt category).  I would look for a 2nd opinion.  Hang in there... sending you a hug2.gif.

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Thread Starter 

Vegan: broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif for your faint line! Congrats!


Tiney: Thank you!


Outdoorsy: Thank you so much! It is a pic from our Engagement Photo Shoot! 


Isa: I got them today!!!! OMGoodness thank you so much! It nearly brought me tears when I got it.... The kindness of strangers amazes me everyday!


Krista: First of all I want to thank you for being our resident medical advisor. I cherish and appreciate your extensive knowledge on things and your advice always helps me feel better after I post it here, I am going to be so sad (not really I will be ecstatic) when you get that BFP this month and you have to graduate. The things that you mentioned are things I have heard as well, you have some Drs. like mine who think it is a waste of time, but there are some that swear by it, and a quick Google search shows that there are lots of women that swear by it as well. I have saw a couple of natural health websites suggesting the external cream, but I had requested the internal to make sure I got all of the benefits of it being right there. I also agree with you about the doc, I love the practice itself but I now have an awful feeling against her, and that can only add to the negatives of TTC I should love my RE not feel as though I am being ignored. As far as my luteal phase it is not generally short because my cycles are so long.


Yeledov: I am happy that you were able to get things cleared up with KD! YAY for cocktails!!!


Carmen: I agree! I have 1 more vials in their andrology lab and after that the hunt is on for a new RE! How is the weather in Philly?


Ez: Thank you for the reassuring nudge I am going to ask again, and then if she still shrugs me off I am going to find someone who listens to me because she works for me not the other way around


Ad Astra: I agree with you that it is low, the RE's office claims that is a good number I am really starting to become suspicious of their intentions. I am not at the point of saying they are an office that keeps women unpregnant to keep the cash flowing in, but stunts like this push me towards that conclusion


AFM: I think I pretty much covered the majority of the saga above, but basically the RE's medical assistant called and said that 6.08 was a good number and I didn't require supplementation. I was baffled and dumbfounded because everything that I saw online indicated that was way too low. Regardless I think I am out this cycle. My chart took a nosedive this morning after it never recovered from the nosedive the other day. I am so disappointed but I know that DP will be more hurt than I am, she subconsciously rubs my stomach in her sleep and she is always referring to the "baby" that is in my belly. My body is really beginning to frustrate me, I am expecting AF Sunday or Monday *sigh*

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Brite--Awww...I am sorry things are so rough right now and I am sorry about the temp dive. I definitely agree that a new RE is in order. Could you transfer the vial instead of doing one more cycle with them? If not, can you ask for progesterone supplements for this next cycle? I am getting my level checked on Monday...when I find out, we can compare numbers and doctor reactions. smile.gif

Carmen--Thanks for asking! The last blood test showed that I have a diminished ovarian reserve but my FS wants me to try anyway with her the next three cycles. This time, I am going to try naturally...but if things don't work out, I might go for the meds. I was so depressed about it for a while...but really, there isn't anything I can do about it... Are you trying this cycle?

Krista--How are you feeling???

Well..temping daily (uggg...) and blood tests here and there. Progesterone check at 6dpo on Monday morning (everything I have read says that I should be doing it at 7dpo...hope it is okay!). I have been having strange cramping on and off since ovulation...since I didn't insem, I know it can't be sign of anything good...hoping that I am just be overly sensitive to how I am feeling and that something isn't wrong... In other news, on Wednesday a friend asked if we would be willing to adopt a baby (her friend's 18-year-old cousin with already two babies that she cannot afford...) in 4 months....so D and I have been doing lots of research and lots of discussing. If it all goes through, I plan to still try these next few cycles...I figure, whatever is meant to be, is meant to be!
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Brite, you are more than welcome! You can pay me back in ridiculously cute baby pictures in about 10 months, ok? wink1.gif
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I'm definitely pregnant! The lines keep getting darker and I am queasy and my boobs are huge and tender! Babydust to everyone!

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Carmen: Hope everything happened like clockwork for your O


Lise: wow what an amazing situation to be - to be asked to be possibly adopt your friend's cousin child. Life does work in mysterious ways.


Brite: Oh I feel your pain about you questioning your low progestrone levels. I am in a similar boat and my RE who didn't really seemed concerned about it, thinking LH phase of 10 days was fine and I guess my progestrone were checked once and the level seemed ok to her. But after reading your post and everyone else's as well, I think that its time that I do a little more research on progestrone. (Thank you Krista for all of your wisdom- it is so helpful!). I don't know much about it but insisted this past month that my doctor prescribe me it. As far as the your doctor not taking your concerns seriously due to your age, that is ridiculous. An issue is an issue regardless your age. I think that you deserve to have a doctor to is giving you the attention and consideration that you and your DP are putting forth in the TTC process. As an aside,when you said that your DP will rub your belly in your sleep, I thought awh. That is adorable and a great sign that she is in this process with you on a subconscious level.


AFM: Ok this is the first month I've taken progestrone (Prometrium suppositories) At this point (8 dpo) I am not noticing any strange side effects anymore bsides sore breasts which I heard could also be a pregnancy sign. The first few days I experienced tremendous cramping off and on, so much so that it would have been very different to gauge whether I experienced implantation cramping. It is so difficult during 2 ww to not ponder the reason of any physical symptom that springs up. Maybe on some level this is part of the fun of being in this process.

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Vegan:  YEAH!!!!!!! guitar.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjammin.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gif

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vegan: from Sara and myself, a much over due veggie parade. 


broc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gif broc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gif

                         broc1.gif carrot.gif banana.gif

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Originally Posted by outdoorsy View Post

Some have suggested that if you use the non-digital opks with the two lines, you can actually watch the line darken over a couple days to see the LH surge approach. \

You can do this with the digital OPKs as well. Just pop the stick out after it reads and look at the line. It will get noticeably darker as the surge approaches. Just check it soon after testing, as the lines fade with time. I've done this several times. In fact, I've used this method to know I need to wait a couple of days before testing again, because the line is nowhere near dark enough for ovulation.

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