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lisedea: did you insem?! Inquiring minds want to know! 

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Good luck everyone!


2mommies -We thought about trying to conceive at the same time, but decided against it for logistical reasons. My wife is also overweight and wants to lose some pounds before she tries. We were also afraid we'd both catch. (I know, stupid, but if it was going to happen, it would happen to us.) If you're game, go for it.


Amt -I hope you get a BFP when you do test!

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Vienna: thanks for the tip and good luck! hopefully those sore boobs are a good sign! to answer your question, we have only done one IUI per cycle (at the docs) on the day of ovulation. unfortunately, between the cost of the donor sperm and the procedure, it's almost$1000 for each IUI. I'd love to do 2 or 3 per cycle but we simply can't afford that. I guess that's what you get when both parties work for non profits. sucks that it's about money. if we had an unlimited supply, we'd probably go straight to ivf. i have thought about doing it at home however, not bc of the cost, but more the setting and perhaps being more relaxed. my other half is a little squeamish about doing it at home however.

desertsunsets: thanks for the welcome and good luck to you and your wife! are you planning on using the same donor when you try? we want to use the same donor, if we can (and if i try again) so that our children are at least half siblings.

seraf: we thought about trying with both partners at the same time. or at least, my partner thought about it. i thought that it was crazy to think about both of us being pregnant at the same time. and then, of course, having more than one baby, possibly more than two because twins run on both sides of her family. instead, we decided that i would try first since i'm a few yrs older (36). (she's 34). i've been doing iui's for a yr now without luck so we're starting with her. i don't want to push her "clock" back any further. if i decide to try again we might be trying at the same time. thanks for the link, i'll check out the thread you suggested.
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I think AF is gonna start. She is spotting today :( Her body is confusing us lol... Oh well on to TTC#3. Good luck to everyone...

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Lise, I looked at your chart, how confusing.  When is you're RE appointment?


Carmen, your chart looks great.


MrsPP, your chart looks good too.  You feel good about it or just nervous?


rs11, losing weight is always a good plan, I think.  It may be coincidence, but I was borderline overweight on BMI and I lost 10 pounds about 2 weeks before I got pregnant.  Of course, I gained it all back within minutes, but the weight gain has slowed to a reasonable level again.  It wasn't a lot of weight, but I really felt like being so much heavier than was normal for me was hurting my chances of getting pregnant because I conceived the first 2 so easily.


2mommies, I consider my children to be siblings despite genes. winky.gif  Technically the first 3 will be half and the 4th will be completely unrelated.  I don't expect them to look much alike.  #1 and #3 have a chance, I guess, but DP is very different looking than me (black hair, green eyes, ghost white and freckles, almost half a foot taller, larger frame)  The first 2 look NOTHING alike despite each getting half their genes from me.  He looks just like me and she looks just like her donor (well, they each got their donor's body type).  Since they're both white and have blue eyes and light brown hair most people see that as enough to view them as sibs, but they don't even look related.  They share no actual features.  Even the eye and hair color are different shades.  Then DDs donor's son looks just like his half brother through his mom (but I don't think they look like their mom).  So going for half siblings may not do much to promote the look of family unity.  And FWIW, it is crazy to think about being pregnant at the same time.  And there are lots of mamas on here who are older than 36, so take heart.


Krista, congratulations on your smooth surgery.  I am very hopeful that that is the final step for you to find your way to your baby.  Good healing.

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Sara/Seraf--Nope...didn't insem. greensad.gif I didn't want to waste it on my wacky cycle so we are sending the tank back tomorrow morning. I am totally disappointed and depressed on how this cycle worked out...I was feeling so positive about it!! My appoint. is on Wednesday so I am hoping I get some answers. How are you two feeling??
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2mommies: I wanted to do a quick shoutout and welcome to you! I'm glad you found us. I know exactly how you feel right now. I was there, last year when we were trying and had gone through 6 IUIs. Like you, everything for me (test wise) panned out very normal. The only thing that was off was my age (I was 38 then, 39 now). I know this may not be an option for you at all, but I want to pipe up to say that I ended up doing a lot of research and soul searching and decided that I felt my chances of getting pg using frozen sperm once a cycle in a clinic setting was not going to get me pregnant. I have straight friends in a support group who have had to do that and it's not getting them pregnant either. Overall, it's a very expensive venture as you well know. As a result, we went down a road we really did not think we ever would on the quest for a baby. We found a known donor (via a website). We used him for 3 months. On the fourth month we introduced a second known donor (also found via the web) and I got pregnant. I did miscarry but did get pregnant right away again, with the same donors. Although also a miscarriage, I still attribute fresh sperm on and being able to inseminate up to four times per cycle as the reason why I got pregnant. If this happens to be an option for you and DP, I would highly recommend looking into it. I must warn you, it's not for everyone and it has it's challenges but we figured parenthood does to so why not go for it! Best of luck and I hope we can be of support to you no matter where the journey takes you next!


A shout out to the rest of y'all! I'm looking at the first week of November to get back in the insem. One of our donors confirmed today so I'm super excited.



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If she starts today that will mean shes 2 days early. what the heck... her LP last month was 13 now 11...?? But its not heavy yet. So maybe she will start normal tomorrow. So that would be 12 days... The signs this time was soo different from last month that AF tricked us and its done it again in a different way.. So not nice...

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Lise,  perhaps you're not supposed to have a cancer?  Sara's last few cycles were wacky.  Hopefully the RE has some good insight.  I'm good, life is generally good.  Sara wonders how you're doing up there almost every day. She wants to come visit next summer.



and all the rest (Click to show)

Sara is sick as a dog.  When she's not working 7 days a week she is curled up in the fetal position a lot of the time.  Her first doctor appointment is tomorrow and I think she's going to ask about medicine for her stomach.  Between barfing (which reassures her, but she would love to go back to simple sore boobs) and other GI issues, exhaustion, twinges, cramps and pain, I don't think she's thrilled with life at the moment.  If I had had a harder early pregnancy, I think she may have thought twice about getting pregnant when she did.  

I am pretty good (its relative, today I'm not in pain).  Big as a house and nervous as hell about the fact that I go on maternity leave in a month.  
We are both working way too much right now trying to save money to get us through the winter.   Trying to do lots of projects so the house is ready.  
Sara brought home some outfits for next summer and she got sizes for both new babies, which made me go wow.  
Here's a picture of me lately.



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Thread Starter 

Sky: Welcome.gif That is rather sucky that your KD won't front a mere $15 so that you can insem on time. Is there anyway for you to send a new shipping label so that you can get the sperm on O day?


Amt: No worries! When are you going to test? Jaxon is tooooo cute smile.gif


2mommies: Welcome.gifWe do have a BFP timeline for me so that we both are aware of when it is time to throw in the towel, but the plan is once I get a sticky BFP my DP will likely be insemming soon after that! Her clock did not start ticking until we started TTCing and now she wants to carry as well, I am so excited to see life grow in her!


Vienna: Fingers crossed for your BFP next week!


Desert: Welcome back! hug2.gifabout your feelings surrounding the foster kids mom, I know that feeling all too well, I have a cousin who just keeps popping out children and the state keeps removing them from the home because she keeps abusing them. But I have to just remember that our time is coming and we will ROCK as parents! I hope FD feels better soon, isn't amazing how resilient kids are? And YAY for true IUIs!!! Fingers crossed that this is your & DP's cycle!


KS: YAY for good lining!


Carmen: I am hoping that some of that threadkeepers luck rubs off on us! Fingers still crossed for your BFP! When are you going to test?


Lisdea: Sorry to hear that you aren't insemming this week, I am hoping that your wacky cycle straightens itself out soon!


Krista: It is already the 1st week of October so you will blink and November will be here and you will be back in the game!!


Seraf: YAY for the update on Sara (I thought she had completely abandoned us orngbiggrin.gif) & thank you for the updated pic of you I had been lurking on Q&P, but after this last cycle I found it too hard, so thank you for coming over and updating us! How much longer? Any ideas on the sex of the little bean?


AFM: Nothing new really going on. I am loving that not only is Femara covered on our insurance, but that I am having minimal side effects from it! I still take it at night like the Clomid, but thankfully no hot flashes, and no "Clo"ments. I have been a little irritable, but I blame the ignorance/ridiculous behavior of the people around me not the meds LOL winky.gif DP thinks that my vivid dreams, sleep talking, and the onslaught of kicks & slaps she has been receiving in the middle of the night is thanks to the meds though LOL! We go for our follicle check on Friday and I am a little nervous because unlike the Clomid I don't feel anything happening in my ovaries. 

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Rainbow. thank you for the welome!, KD is taking out some past issues on me i guessgreensad.gif, but other than that he is awesomethumb.gif. we are trying to find out now if there is anyway possible we can get the sperm on O day but we haven't had much luck soo it looks like we either will be sending him a different shipping label and receiving it on saturday and inseminate than or just receive it on friday and inseminate than either way we really hope is works out goodpraying.gif

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help.gifANYONE HELP!! How often should we keep in contact with KD before the insemination? We don't want to be pests but we also don't want him to forget what we have planned in two weeks. how should we handle this situation?

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seraf: It is a pretty chart isn't it? Sorry to hear Sara is so sick...but I'm also very happy for her too :)

lisedea: I hope you get some answers this week. Let us know how it goes.


handerson: I think it's fairly normal for a LP to vary by a day now and then. Maybe AF won't even show up after all!!


Sky: If it was me, I would check in 2 or 3 days before he is supposed to send the goods and confirm that he's still good to go. Other than that, I wouldn't think any other contact is necessary unless there is something specific you need to tell him or ask him.


Afm: As seraf said, my chart looks great but other than feeling super cranky, which I always feel before AF since giving birth (never really had pms emotionally this bad....), I still don't feel pregnant unfortunately. Maybe I'll be one of those people who suddenly has NO symptoms but is actually pregnant. Also, I had almost forgotten, I have my very first RE appointment on Thursday!



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I have been MIA but still lurk and try to keep up... 


Krista.. I am so glad your surgery went well and that you are resting up for a november insem


rainbow.. I am so sorry you saw AF ugly head.. and happy to hear you are liking the new meds better


Carmen.. FX


Welcome Sky.. and hope you get the swimmers as close to O day as possible ( shipping can be difficult when O shows up on a saturday, we have a friend who donates for us and it is the same thing.. if we get O on saturday it is really impossible to get the goods) but we fortunatly only live 2 hrs from him and we have a 2nd back up donor)


Lise.. sorry for the wacky cycle and good luck at the appt!


Seraf.. not long now! you must be so excited! And sorry sarah is not feeling so well! 


Desert: I know how you feel.. all the kids born to parents who cant care for them, or wont.. and they end up in foster care.. and we have it so hard to try and even get a baby.. will u be taking the new baby as well? 



AFU.. DP and I have been taking the last month to re connect.. we have not been arguing hardly at all.. we have stopped all talks of TTC.. we did have a dr appt a few weeks ago and tests came back all clear and normal.. DP did discuss doing IUI at the dr office ( they give a 40 percent discount for cash customers ( our ins does not cover IUI) so that was a nice surprise.. almost makes doing an IUI affordable.... but i am giving her time to clear her head and decide when she is ready!


AFM.. starting my 4th week of Metformin and then on to CLOMID.. .. I am adjusted well to the metformin now.. i have learned to take the full dose at night before bed.. and am not nauseated any more.. I am extra tired all the time.. DP complains I am always tired... but i figure its my body playing catch up or something.. All i know is i am wanting to be in bed at 8 pm ... I am usually a night owl up until 11/12... I m not looking fwd to clomid... then i have to pick a donor ( I am going with a frozen IUI ready) because my ins covers the IUI.. so its a bit more afforable.. I am not even going to look at ordering sperm until the US says I actually ovulate!


i know ive missed some personals.. sorry.. but baby dust to everyone in the TWW 





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Carmen- thank you for the advice I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I think he is gonna forget about us or bail out, I gotta stop thinking like that.



Cananny- Thank you for the welcome, we are really hoping to O on friday soo everything smoothly sails from there, I wish we had a backup donor.

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Just popping in to say hello, and a quick catch-up.joy.gif


Rainbow: I'm sorry to hear about your BFN! I hope that the threadkeeper's luck brings you good news this month.  Baby dust!! goodvibes.gif


To everyone on the TWW - keeping my fingers crossed that this month is the one for you!!


AFM - heading in for my endometrial biopsy tomorrow afternoon, and will have the results 20 days after that.  Assuming no probs, the doc should be ready to help us with the frozen insems in November!  Otherwise, I'm just taking advantage of this 'no trying' period.  With the chillier weather arriving, that means some yummy red wine, and fall beers.  And, of course, I'm playing my heart out at roller derby, and not worrying about a thing! orngbiggrin.gif


Keeping you all in my mind, with my fingers crossed for lots of veggie parades this month!! grouphug.gif



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Thanks for the beautiful new thread, Rainbow! 


Ok, friends. So confused. 14dpo - bfn with frer. Temp rise this morning. No signs of AF - she's due tomorrow but I almost always have spotting 1-2 days before. Now, nothing. Just creamy cm. Had some cramping Saturday and Sunday. I really would just love to know either way so we can move on. I really thought we were out but then the damn temp rise...any thoughts?

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Brite: Thank you for taking up the October thread! I hope it brings you luck! Could you move me to Waiting to O?


No time for personal replies this morning so just a quick update. I started right on time, the first day of my vacation. The BFN was for real so I'm back on the ttc coaster. My vacation was exactly what I needed though and I was able to let go of the failed cycle pretty quickly. I feel refreshed and ready to jump back into real life. The break from my weigh loss focus likely set me back a few pounds but it was so worth it!


I'll check back in as soon as I can!

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thanks for all of the input and support everyone! again, so great to find a forum like this. i actually only stumbled upon it when doing a google search for at home insems.

seraf: i agree that no matter if my future children are biologically linked or not, they will be siblings in the true "family" sense of the word. i'm not so concerned about the look of the family or sibling resemblance. to us, it would be ideal if we could both have babies with the same donor but not absolutely necessary.

kgulbransen: thank you so much for the shout out. using a known donor has been on the table but we didn't want the strings attached and went the anonymous donor route. we understand that frozen sperm isn't quite as aggressive/viable and odds of conception are lower. since i've had no success over the past year, i'd certainly reconsider using a known donor. we are going to start trying with my DP using the donor sperm that we have in storage but if she has difficulty, we may go the route that you are suggesting. and of course, i'm not totally convinced that i'm throwing in the towel just yet, so we may consider that route for me as well. there's so much to consider and the process of seeking out the right donor is very scary. choosing a donor with a cryobank is one thing, but this is a whole different ballgame.

swtrainbow: sounds like a fantastic plan! my clock didn't start ticking until my niece and nephew came into my life. it was like my brain was instantly rewired to want my own. then i met my DP, fell madly in love and just knew that we needed to have a family and both experience pregnancy.
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Cananny: Sounds like things are calming down a bit in your house :) Good to hear!

dandy: Good luck today!

MrsPP: Your chart does look great! I would guess one of three things (sorry, I don't have a clear answer ;) ). You are pregnant and will get a BFP in the next couple of days or your temp will drop tomorrow and AF will start in the next day or two or you O'd on CD15 so AF isn't due for a couple of days still. Just my guesses!


Afm: 10DPO and my temp dipped a bit. I still don't feel pregnant so I'm not going to bother testing today (I only have one test left). I'll test for sure before my appointment on Thursday with the RE if AF doesn't show up before then.

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