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My 7yr old has bo

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My 7yr old has recently started a new school and has become very active.  I noticed she has started to smell quite bad and I'm worried she will be picked on.  I get her to wash as soon as she comes home from a sports game and she showers everyday.  I bought her a deodorant but recently a friend of mine had breast cancer so I got her one with no aluminium in it (on the advice of the friend).  I have been reading that this seems to be quite common but I haven't heard anyone say their child has grown out of it?

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I just wanted to mention that there is no evidence that deodorants cause breast cancer.


I don't think 7 is too early for a little bit of body odor. I don't know anyone who has outgrown body odor.


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mine started at 6. she has a tiny area of BO, but its pretty potent.


every morning before going to school, she washes her underarms with a wash cloth and rubs alum on it. 


i never make her wear clothes twice as i have noticed BO mostly comes from the clothes rather than the body. 

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I do all that but even yesterday as it was a hot day she had a vest top and shorts on and washed before we left, we walked into town and by time we got back I could smell her again.


She uses deodorant which is aluminium free which smells quite strong and now she is a big girl she can wear body spray.  I just think its so sad, she is a pretty little thing with lots of friends and I would hate that this would cause her to loose friends. (girls can be so mean)!!!

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perhaps in the middle of the day she can go to the bathroom and wipe herself again with just a damp paper towel and then use deodorant again. 

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I think that your DD is very fortunate to have a mother that is in tune with her needs.


Have you spoken with her pediatrician or other care provider? Sometimes serious BO in children can be a sign of something more serious; a metabolic disorder, a reaction to certain foods (dairy, corn, eggs, wheat, etc...), (some naturopaths think even) heavy metal toxicity, or overactive sweat glands. 


Is she getting plenty of water to drink? Does she eat or drink greens? 


Conventional antiperspirants/ deodorants are designed for adults, so I would not have her use those either. Has she tried a deodorant crystal? Maybe try sprinkling her armpits with baking soda overnight and rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar or sage tea in the morning. She could pack some wipes (either store-bought or made with cut up t-shirts and witch hazel/water in a baggie) to freshen up midday, too. 



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Buy Anti-perspirant, NOT just deodorant.  The current issue is FAR more important than potential unsubstantiated future breast cancer risk.  Girls can be really mean, and you don't want your DD to be the stinky kid for her whole school career.  That could devastate her self image, and seriously alter her life. (I'm not trying to be a drama queen, but you need to fix this for real.  Do natural baking soda crystals on yourself, but please help your daughter NOW.)

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Have you thought that the smell might be coming from her clothes?  Since you mentioned that the BO seems to linger more on the clothing than on her, you may want to investigate your laundry routine.  Are you using a really effective detergent?  Are the clothes sitting wet in the washer too long?  Sometimes if they're either not getting really clean or sitting damp too long, they can pick up nasty odors that really intensify with body heat.  If I were you, I'd do a hot wash with a strong detergent and dry on hot and see if that helps the problem.


Don't know if it'll help but it's worth looking into.


Good luck!

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what kind of material is the vest top. 


i have noticed with my dd, pure cotton is easier on her BO (washes out really well) than other materials. the worst is the sports material - spandex? that slippery man made fiber. the smell even after a thousand washes never really do come out. 


but i would also check with the ped about medical reasons. esp. food sensitivities. if you feel that's reasonable enough.


i have noticed even after long sweaty days dd only smells if you get REALLY close to her. 

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I have her wash everyday, change her clothes every day.  I'm a bit of a germ afobe so I keep her very clean, she eats very healthy - when we got into town the other day she said I'm starving can I have a fruit salad.  I think like you and just worry that people will start to pick on her but today even after she played sports she didn't smell.  I need to maybe chill out and just keep an eye on her.  I have bought her a few smelly things like body spray, deodorant etc so if she takes her deodorant and perfum to school other girls will want to smell nice and it won't be a big deal it'll be like the first person getting to wear make-up to school.  I will keep checking her and if I find she is smelling again I will just get her to clean herself.  I'm going to turn her into a crazy lady like me!!

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devonmum if she has some food sensitivities it doesnt mean eating healthy will solve it or cause it. its just her body system.


just keep an eye on it.


i mean really its natural to smell after some activity.


though the good news is - its fall. not too hot and sweaty.

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