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Waldorf hair yarn

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I'm in the process of planning two waldorf dolls for my daughters. DD2 is pretty easy as she already loves the baby doll I made DD1 so a simple kit will do her fine. DD1 however is a bit of a challenge as she shows little to no interest in dolls, preferring stuffed animal toys. But I thought if I went for something a little more fantasy-style in the hair, it might pique her interest. That was when I found the beautiful yarns by Jo-Anna on the waldorf toys website.(http://www.waldorf-toys.com/english.php)


The problem is, I have no idea how much yarn I will need. I hope to make a 16 inch doll with very long, stylable hair - how much yarn do you think I would I need for that?  Would one 50gram skein be enough? Would you recommend the plyed wool over the single? Has anyone ever used this wool before?


I also looked on Etsy but was overwhelmed by the amount of choice and no idea where to start. So would be grateful if anyone could recommend someone.


Thank you in advance and I do apologise if this question has already been asked before 

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I usually get 100 grams or two 50 gram balls in toning colors (even three, sometimes, looks more natural, like highlights). I'm not familiar with the yarn you mentioned, but I would go for more than 50 grams in case.
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thank you farmerbeth, I will go for around 100-150 in that case. i guess i could always knit something up with the surplus.

And I like the idea of choosing toning colours, might give that a go.

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You're welcome!  Good luck with the dolls!

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