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All of your bad bugs and danger come from contamination during processing.  Buy as much of your food from local farmers and producers who follow good hygiene and you will be fine.  Do I trust a bag of spinach which has been mingled with tons of other spinach leaves in large processing facilities where one single "oops" can contaminate millions of bags or the bag of spinach I get at the farmers market from the producer I talk to every week and whose farm I have visited?  I'll take local. 


You are more likely to get sick from eating at a mexican restaurant where one of the staff forgot to wash their hands than a sushi restaurant which follows good hygiene practices. 


Regarding raw milk, the CDC finally released figures that allow one to calculate the risk of consuming raw milk compared to the risk of consuming other foods. 


“Using government figures for foodborne illness for the entire population, Dr. Beals has shown that you are about thirty-five thousand times more likely to get sick from other foods than you are from raw milk, and with good management practices in small grass-based dairies offering fresh unprocessed whole milk for direct human consumption, we may be able to reduce the risk even further.”




Pasteurized milk is more dangerous than raw milk in the long run and probably even in the short run.

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well. i have to say that watching what i eat seems really pointless when i have just spent the night in hospital with severe food poisoning and dehydration. where the heck did i get that? its obviously impossible to avoid because i overcook everything and not eaten any pregnancy no-no's! xxx

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UGH! Natwatson I'm sorry you went through that! Food poisoning is horrid. I hope you're feeling better. 


It can come from anywhere, as NicMom mentioned. All it takes is some bad hand-washing practices are a restaurant. The spinach example is good too. 

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With my first pregnancy I followed everything to the letter and was deeply distressed after forgetting and taking a bite of a turkey sandwich. I want to go back to that past pregnant self and give her a hug. I was so terrified! I had a perfect pregnancy.


Then I suffered two miscarriages, again after doing everything perfectly. I read a book called Miscarriage, Medicine, and Miracles by Dr. Bruce Young, an RE who specializes in pregnancy loss. I found the book deeply comforting, especially when he states that the causes of miscarriage are rooted in fetal abnormality that happens at conception, or an autoimmune response from the mother, which can be treated with baby aspirin and/or prescription blood thinners. I LOVE it when he says that no normal daily activity will cause a miscarriage, including:



-drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine

-eating deli meat or a hot dog

-picking up a toddler

-eating sushi


For this pregnancy I am taking high doses of folic acid and a low-dose baby aspirin (under a doctor's supervision), but am really relaxed about the other rules. I am allowing myself a few cups of coffee and cokes a week, the occasional deli sandwich if I'm starving and there is nothing else quick to eat, and even the occasional hotdog if I'm craving it.


I absolutely respect and admire the women who stick to the rules, but not if they judge what I choose to do.



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