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Weekly chat Oct 1-8

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Yay for the weekend!  It is soooo helpful to have DH home to help with DS so I can chill if I want or do errands.  I got some sausage and beef stew meat at the farmer's market today and I am hoping that I will get hit with some crazy energy and make something.  My pants are starting to annoy me.  Last pg I didn't move to maternity clothes until 20 weeks, I was able to wear some stretchy skirts and my pants were ok, it was summer.  This time, jeans suck.  I do not like the way they feel on my stomach.  I can wear all of my normal clothes but I feel like I am getting poochy in a way that I can tell but that probably looks like I had one to many beers to others.  It is a weird feeling.  I was trying to find some good maternity clothes online for some staples, but I wasn't really impressed.  Is it just me or are maternity pants incredibly not cute or way expensive? I guess I just felt like last time I was at the mercy of other people's style because I had to borrow clothes, a lot of which kind of fit b/c of different seasons etc.  This time, I have enough money to get some pieces that I will actually wear but do not see the point in spending a lot on some pants that I will only wear for several months!

DH found a job that he has applied for back in NC!!! I am beyond excited and hopeful which is way premature but it is more than nothing.  We are waiting to hear if he gets a call back for an interview.  I am not feeling patient.  I kind of feel in limbo of are we going to move or not?  I love my friends and lifestyle here, the only thing missing is seeing DH which is kind of a big deal winky.gif  Enjoying it while I can but eagerly praying we move back by Christmas!


I know food is kind of the center of things right now, definitely is for me.  How is everyone doing?

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12 weeks today!  Doing well, here. I have not moved to maternity clothes yet, but I will have to very soon. I have one pair of ratty jeans, one pair of overalls, and a pair of jogging pants that fit. Quite the wardrobe! Today I remembered that I have a long black skirt with an elastic waist. This is a huge relief. I now know what to where to church tomorrow and to my niece's baptism in a few weeks!


My nausea left a few weeks ago, but decided to come back this week. I have to be realy careful not to eat much after dinner or I get bad reflux and nausea when I go to bed. This is easier said than done, because I really like to snack at night! With my last two kids I was on reflux medicine. I was able to go off of it last year and did fine, but I am thinking I will have to go back on at some point in this pregnancy.


Food is good right now. DH just finished a 40 day fast this week, and it is really nice to be cooking for the whole family again. I am eating much better now. I make good dinners and have good leftovers for lunch. I made chicken and rice soup, cheeseburgers and oven fries, white chicken chili and salad, and sausage gravy, biscuits, and eggs for our dinners this week. Tonight we are going to have simple little whole wheat English muffin pizzas and then take the kids out for ice cream.


I am really excited for my midwife appointment Thursday. I will finally get to hear the heart beat. We are sharing our news now, anyway since I am as big as a house. I can't believe this is my last week in the 1st tri. When I go my BFP, October sounded forever away, and now here we are!

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13 weeks now, and feeling like a million bucks compared to two weeks ago!


October DID seem so far away in July!  For me, Oct, Nov, and Dec go by super quickly.  This is pretty much our last slow week--then Fall things begin--the new library is opening, different Halloween activities, long weekend at my parents' house, my birthday, Thanksgiving, a trip to CA to see the in-laws, then Christmas and New Year's.  And teaching DD what holidays are (and aren't) about for real this year.  She'll be almost 3 and is understanding a lot more. 


I'm already thinking Christmas, too.  My dad is making a kitchen for DD, so I'm collecting small food boxes and bottles to stock in the kitchen.  My plan is to fill them with something like foam peanuts and then wrap them in contact paper to make them last a little longer.  I'm going to fill bottles with colored beads and then glue the lids shut.  Anyone have any suggestions for other fun things to put in her kitchen?


I'm not really in maternity clothes yet, but I want to be. As soon as the pants will stay up, I'm in them. Fortunately I can sort of lounge around in whatever and then change before I leave the house.

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justKate - A lot of people make felt food, Along with the styrofoam peanuts you could put some of those poly fill pellets in the boxes to make it sound like something is being poured out. As long as you are sealing the box, you won't have to worry about them dropping out.


I'm not in maternity clothes yet either and really have no desire to be. I have one pair of jeans that I've been wearing. They are low cut skinny jeans with a good amount of stretch in the material. So I'm hoping that they work for a while longer yet. I'm loving the low cut jean!


I feel odd about "hiding" my pregnancy. There are 3 people ( a friend, my mom, and one of my sisters) that know but, we are physically hiding it from the rest of the world. My goal is November but I already have to wear baggy sweatshirts and jackets if I am around others. Why am I waiting to share this wonderful news with the world? I think that it is fun to announce a pregnancy when I am further along. It seems to go a bit faster and the stunned look on peoples faces when I say that I am already 5 months along is great too. Does this all make me very strange????  I'm not sure that I can get by that far without more people finding out but I'll try!


DH misses all the fun stuff when he is out of town. I have 2 kiddos sick with some sort of virus. Fevers and stomach aches abound! So far no puking so I am thankful. I'm actually at my mom's so I feel a bit bad about bringing the virus into her house but I had no idea of course. I am just thankful that I've been feeling better.


Small Miracles.

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adore, sorry about the sick kiddos.  I bet it is funny to see the looks on their faces.


Kate- I totally get the way these months fly by, it's like that for us too but you have to add in Jan-the start of March for our girls birthdays. (jan 1, march 5, and feb 8) so I guess the time will fly pretty quickly until baby comes since he/she will be the start of April.



flavorful, I'll cross my fingers for you!! How'd your appt go Thursday?  Mine was good nice heartbeat and when I laughed it got him.her moving all around.


mom2 sammy, hope you can control the reflux.


AFM- I just went to an amazingly beautiful wedding for my midwife and met some fabulous people. You could totally feel the love between her and her new husband. my Hubs said even he felt it.  The back up midwife didn't make it at all and the main midwife left during the reception because 3 babies were born the same day!





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Thursday- the appointment went well.  A lot of paperwork but then I got to hear the heartbeat and the baby was squirming around everywhere.  It feel very real all of a sudden and kind of calmed some fears I have had in the back of my mind.  So excited!


Mom2 sammy- yeah I totally blame you for me craving some sausage gravy and biscuits!  I made them last night and they tasted soooo good and I felt good at night for the first time! yay! might be having them for dinner tonight too....


Justkate- cool about the kitchen! I am trying to figure out how to do the whole what holidays really mean etc with DS now.  He is young but I want to get some conversations going and traditions in place. I love Christmas btw.  


Adore- so sorry about the sickness going around your family. I hope it is speedy and so glad you get to be with your mom instead of home alone!


I am beside myself with excitement today because my mw in NC said she would hold a spot for me in April in case we get to move back! I had emailed her just asking what the possibility was that she might have a spot in a couple of months so I could prepare myself.  I cannot say just what a big relief it is to know that I have a great homebirth mw no matter what state I am going to be in for the birth.  I know I talk about it a lot and I will try not to for a bit but I can't stop thinking about how to organize things for a move and what life would be like there vs if we were here.  My mind is going crazy.  Last night I was up for over two hours because DH, who had gone to a work social thing, lost his keys and then the subways didn't run so he had to take a taxi from Manhattan.  Not huge deals just annoying and meant that when he said he left at 2am and wasn't home by 3:30 I was freaking out but trying to be calm. Everything was fine, just took a long time. I was super tired this morning though and trying to sleep off a cold. Sinus pressure behind my right eye annoying but not too bad.

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13 weeks here and I'm really hoping I'm on the other side of this ms.  I felt just awful yesterday but today seems a bit better.  I'm actually starting to eat more which is good for my body but not so good for the scale!  I am actually craving protein now which is great!  Trader Joes has these awesome chipotle chicken chunks on sticks which are so good and cook up in the oven fairly quickly.  I like them dipped in blue cheese dressing!  I might go make some right now...Otherwise, it's pretty calm around here.  DS just learned how to say "baby" but he really doesn't have any concept of why I point to my belly when I say baby =)  he is almost 22 months old and his language is exploding.  So fun!  He keeps me so busy though, and tired!  I hope everyone has a great week.  Happy second trimester to about half of us =)

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finally have my first dr. appointment tomorrow but I'm really nervous that we won't get to hear the heartbeat. Since it would be a month until I go in again, I'm afraid to have to wait another month to hear it. Maybe that's not how it works. I don't look at all pregnant, pants aren't even kindof snug. I feel squishier than before (as in, not as toned) but otherwise nothing noticeable. Since I'll only be 10+6 tomorrow, and my uterus is so severely tipped back, I can't help but fear the silence. Hoping hoping hoping to hear it.


Oddly, for the first time today, I experienced the metallic tasting toothpaste thing. Trying to take it as a good sign since I haven't had any other symptoms for so long.


And with everyone else, October did seem so far away back at the beginning of all of this. While I'm so anxious to get through the heartbeat milestone, time needs to slow down! Must enjoy!

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Autumngrey - I have my second appoint this Thursday and I will be 2 days shy of 14 weeks. I haven't heard the heartbeat yet and have this silly fear that there isn't a baby growing inside. Best of luck to you that you do get to hear the heartbeat. It's the best form of reassurance this early on.. in my opinion!

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Even though I am incredibly anti-ultrasounds, if I don't hear a heartbeat tomorrow via doppler (11 weeks, 1 day), I'm requesting one. I've had two missed miscarriages and heard my son's heartbeat at 11 weeks last time around. SO...I will definitely expect the worst if I don't hear it. The anxiety is driving me up the wall. I want to go and hear it, but then I'm also afraid of the silence. I'll definitely let y'all know how it goes. :)

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Is anyone else using pregnancy bands? The ones that keep unbuttoned pants up? I'm loving those. Even for pants that I can still button I use them for a little extra bit of comfort. Works so well!

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I'm using them and love them. I actually bought 5 from this seller on eBay where you can pick your colors. They're working GREAT! Although I have noticed I can't wear them more than once without washing or the pants start to sag because the belly band isn't quite taut enough.

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Does anyone here use homeopathics? I've been using three recommended by my midwife, and they were working great, but suddenly (around the same time I got a cold) there is a burning, quite hot, sensation under my tongue when I use them. I've never even heard of such a thing, and I'm just wondering if something is wrong (I got a bad batch), or if this can be a side effect, or what?

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Originally Posted by zuzusplace View Post

Does anyone here use homeopathics? I've been using three recommended by my midwife, and they were working great, but suddenly (around the same time I got a cold) there is a burning, quite hot, sensation under my tongue when I use them. I've never even heard of such a thing, and I'm just wondering if something is wrong (I got a bad batch), or if this can be a side effect, or what?

I do but some of them I do not use while pregnant. What are you using specifically? Are they the little white round "pills"? Or are they drops? I've used drops before and when they have been hot under the tongue I add them to juice. I know they absorb best under the tongue but I'm not going to let something sit there and burn me.


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I'm so envious of all of you hearing those heartbeats! joy.gif My next appointment is a week away and I really wish it was tomorrow instead of next Tuesday. My midwives didn't check for a heartbeat last time around til 16 weeks because they told me it was 50/50 for finding it at the previous (12 week) appointment. This time around I'll be well into my 14th week so I can't imagine it would be that hard to find. I can't wait!!
Right now I'm looking into some cheap local short-run programs for kids and debating signing up my daughter for a "Little Farmer" one where she'd get to learn about a different animal and meet them each week at the farm in our city... but it runs from January to March. I'm trying to figure out if I'm crazy to think I'll be ok trudging along in the snow/sleet by transit/walking up to about a month before my due date. I'd hate to have to cut it short since we will be paying for it and I'm sure my daughter will love it. Would you ladies sign up for something like that at that point in your pregnancy? shrug.gif
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Laura, I think I would, I'm starting this year as a daisy girl scout leader and just plan on taking 2 weeks off after baby is born, but then I don't have to deal with snow.


Sallyrae, hope you hear the heartbeat, and as for the ultrasound, if you end up going with it, i think we each have to do what feels best for us.


zuzu I have had that happen with homeopathics, but just when I was sick.


favorful, that's awesome about your nc midwife. I say go ahead and talk about the move, it's exciting. We after all the talk in early pregnancy of moving are not moving. I am a little sad about not getting more land and farm animals...and no sewing room, but there are a lot of memories in this house.


kboch- i am LOVING buffalo wings in blue cheese, best thing to eat this pregnancy.


My Hubs and I went on our first date in 2 years, it was a double with my sister and her boyfriend, they actually took us out. It was good timing since our anniversary is on the 13th, so we counted it as an anniversary thing.  (It'll be 9 years) My sister is also going to watch the kids while Hubs and I go out alone. Very cool. we need to get the time in now since I probably won't be away from the baby at all for 9 months -a year

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I'm taking the little round white pills. Specifically calc carb, nux vomica, and sepia. But since this has happened to others before (especially when sick) I'm going to assume it's nothing too odd happening.


Courtney, yay for date nights. DH and I don't ever leave our kids with babysitters, only family, so it's not often we go out. We will be getting ourown date night this week though, even if only to go to "movie night" for one of my classes (a required event, but he can usually get away with popping in and no one minds).

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New week!


Yay for heartbeats and appointments!  Mine isn't until the END of the MONTH!  I'll be 15 weeks or so by then, so hopefully should be able to hear the heartbeat.

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Thursday Girl - My anniversary is Oct 13th too! :) 

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I cannot wait until my next appointment, but its not until the 20th! I already saw the baby a few weeks ago, and all was fine, but I just dont feel like its real yet. I am completely symptom free (a little boob pain when nursing dd) but otherwise, absolutely nothing! I remember feeling pretty normal with dds pregnancy, but it still, I just dont feel pregnant. Im 10 weeks, and I cannot wait to start feeling movement, sadly that probably won't be for a while, and I'm a pretty impatient person! lol.
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