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RosieL-- DH hasn't indicated that he's hoping for one gender more than the other...I think he's just impatient.  The contractions lasted for about 2 hours last night and were regular but not painful.  They started at the top of my uterus and went down...true labor contractions are more centered at the bottom of the uterus.  It's been on and off all day today, and I've tried to have as easy a day as possible...difficult when alone with a 2 year old all day!  But, much more relaxed than the week in general.   I seem to be doing ok, so I'll take it easy again tomorrow and see how it goes i guess. It's alarming but doesnt seem like a true emergency...at least i hope i'm not missing something...

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Thanks Unassisted, what about the umbilical cord? I keep hearing two things that sound very similar (have been the whole pregnancy) one about 140 up higher, and one about 155 down lower. It used to seem like they were about 4 inches apart, today only about 2. I know the heart rate varies, but I can always watch for minutes and have the one in the 135-145 range and the other about 150-160 (I can go back and forth hearing the same two rates in the same two spots without variation). I'm still refusing to accept my husbands twin diagnosis since we had the early ultrasound, and thought maybe one of these other things (placenta, cord, etc) could be causing the other rate.


(Edited to add: oh, and anyway, if it were twins it seems odd that the slower rate would always be higher in the uterus than the faster rate.)

The cord had the same whooshwhoosh ocean sound.  I did find that once I found one sound, I could follow it to the other sound until one faded into the other, and I was able to tell baby's position as relative to the placenta position that way - kind of a game of Candy Land by following the Umbilical Path!  :)  I would be a little twin-suspicious hearing what you're hearing, although I have no twin experience to base that on personally.


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kaismom- can you just tell her it's going to be just the immediate family? (you know if it is). My mom was there for the first 2 births but not the 3rd. I told her at the second that if she said something negative (like with my first when i was scared and didn't want to do it she said "tough luck, you shouldhave thought of that earlier" or something just as stupid that I would kick her out.

This is a possibility. It will depend on how private we end up keeping it. I am considering having a friend do birth photography and I have another friend who is a doula that I am considering asking to come. I can imagine that having them there but not her would not go over well. She is a tricky one, my mom and I can totally hear her saying something along the lines of the gem your mom tossed out. She is just not the calm, loving and supportive type. 


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Kaismum, are you going unassisted? Because if you will have a midwife there, I will just about bet she'd be willing to help take the blame for you and tell mom no. My mom and I don't get along either, and I didn't want her at my births, but for my home birth we were living together (she has cancer, and I guess I thought I could cure decades of problems by helping take care of her....but that's another story). Anyway, she was getting on my nerves, so the midwife at one point said they needed quiet and could she wait upstairs with the kids. Later, when she started yelling at the kids and I threatened to kill her under my breath (48 hour painful labor and I was not feeling like being nice), they told her they needed some things from the store and sent her on errands. Midwives are generally pretty good, from what I understand, running interference, taking the blame for hard to hear decisions, and all around sheltering you from unpleasantness during labor. Maybe that could help??? I hope so.

Thanks, for this! I hadn't even considered asking our midwife (when we finally choose one!). I think that if we decide to let her come that I probably will discuss it with our midwife in advance so that she can help to keep her out of my hair. 


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Whoops! Sorry for the double-ish post! 



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Rasa - Thanks, that was helpful. I hadn't really considered putting the mattress on the floor. I will have to talk to my husband about that. Or, I could just put my son's on the floor in his room if I am still going in there at night at that point. It is a relief to have a plan! 

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