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Breastfeeding & co-sleeping

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I am posting this in both the breastfeeding forum and here since this may be the better place:


My DD is 12 weeks old and needs to be burped during our nursing sessions.  If not, she usually spits up at the end.  (Maybe I have a fast let down??)  When we do co-sleep with her she will latch on and off and drift in and out of sleep, but often is awakened by gas or the need to spit up.  I have tried to sit up with her periodically so she can burp, but then she doesn't seem to get back to sleep as easily. I have also tried rolling her onto her side to pat her back, but she rarely burps in that position. 

Any suggestions?

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I would love ideas too - same happening with my baby!

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My guy had a few nights of that happening--it wasn't a chronic issue.  I put him onto a pillow, so he was elevated a little, next to me.

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We had the same issue. I prop the girls heads up a little and place a burp cloth over the tiny pillow. I actually use a "bed wedge" that came with a co-sleeper but I put it in our bed.

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Our friends taught us a burping technique that worked better. Place both hands around baby´s tummy and back, sit heer on you leg looking towards your other leg and lift him and seat him slowly but repeatedly. Also, maybe she doens´t like sleeping next to you? Maybe it is too much distraction?

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my (now 7 month old) babe did this for MONTHS. It was such a drag because I was happy lying down and feeding her whenever she woke and falling back to sleep, but I ended up having to sit up and and feed her so I was awake enough to burp her.


It did end...maybe around 4 months? Now we happily feed lying down. (except for the part where she wakes up and wants to play for 2 hours...but that's another story, the rest of the night is bliss)


I'm not sure what you can do about it now, I never figured it out. But it probably will end! I ended up just working out how I could work with it in the meantime!



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