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Crazy dream

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So I have had vivid, intense dreams my whole life, but all my dreams about this pregnancy have been pretty tame (almost nonexistent). Last night changed that. I had a dream that I had the baby but it was a rat baby (side note: I love rats and have had a few as pets... But still).

So I was trying to breastfeed this baby rat and I was sitting with my sister and suddenly realized that something wasn't right. I looked at her and said "I could've sworn I was going to have a human baby." But I kept thinking I had no proof that the baby would be human. Then I remembered my 20-week ultrasound photos and I was like "yes! There WAS a human baby! I saw pictures of it's face!"

I kept looking in the mirror to see if maybe I was still pregnant but I wasn't, my tummy was totally flat and my boobs had shrunk. I was wandering around the house saying "where's my baby?" I was so confused and panicked and sad. I've never been so relieved to wake up!
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Aww! I'm sorry. I've had vivid dreams like that too. Where my baby was nowhere to be found in the hospital and I couldn't get up from the bed because of my epidural. Scary stuff. And this pregnancy, this pregnancy is almost healing for me. I've had a few peaceful dreams of delivery of this one. One of them, I was birthing in a birthing pool, and he slid right out after just a couple hours of labor and my hand followed him as he floated up to the top of the water and he started wailing immediately. I hope you can have some nice dreams before you have this baby.

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When I was pregnant with my first, I had a dream that she was born and she was a cat! The doctors kept assuring me that she was totally normal, her ears would look more normal in a few weeks, etc. And then I was trying to nurse this cat that was biting and clawing me. It was so bizarre. So yeah, you're not the only one!

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Pregnancy dreams are so weird, first go round I dreamed I had the baby and couldn't find her, someone tossed her on the couch and then my cousin was sitting on her.

But as my son was born, his color was so strange, he was making meowing sounds and I was so sleep deprived that I briefly thought he was a cat.
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