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Its October March mommies:) Monthly Chat

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Camera's girl those are SOME great great deals! WHOA!! A BOY!!?? Somehow I missed that! I assure you I would have said Congrats to you! Do you have a name??


Well someone else wrote too and now I can't recall! I will go back and look:)


AFM, nothing much going on. I lost two lbs:) So this is good:) A neighbor gave me 3 bella bands and three maturnity tops. I am grateful because I just don't want to spend money on maturnity clothing. I found a girl that THINKS she has a cosleeper and a baby gym to sell me for 15bucks for both. Thats pretty much all we need aside from an infant carrier:) I am most excited:) We have been offered three infant carriers. So if we have a girl we have the hook up on a girlie print:) A boy a VERY nice gender neutral print and the other one is green so gender neutral as well:) So I figure one of these three families will come through in the end:) I just use to think new new new was so fabulous. Now that I am on baby 4 I realize how short a time I use this stuff!


Well I hope all of my ladies are having fabulous weekends!

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3timesamom, I had a question for you, but didn't write it yet....why are they already having you take the GD test?  Is it because you have a history of it or...?? I think I won't be taking it until 3rd tri...   Also, thanks for starting a new chat thread!


And cameragirl...wow you already found out the sex of the baby!  Congratulations; were you hoping one way or the other?  I truly do not care other than wanting a healthy baby without problems. :)  (Thankfully, baby #1 appears to be healthy with no problems!)


Moved my OB appointment to tomorrow so I don't have to interrupt my first week of work at the new job with appointments.  After that, they're going to have to deal, lol.  They already know I am pregnant, so they know that entails going to appointments and such...  Otherwise, generally feeling less anxious than the last few weeks, but more anxious than I'd like to feel.  It's a lifelong problem with me; anxiety.  BLAH

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This time, we weren't really hoping either way. I just knew DD would be a girl, but this time I had no clue. We found out about a week ago. smile.gif

EDIT: A lot of people did say it was a boy. Everyone from my chiropractor, to her dad (my old chiropractor), my friend, my friend's brother in law, etc. This pregnancy has been different like night and day from when I was pregnant with DD. Everyone keeps asking me how I'm doing this time like I'm going to puke on them, since I kind of traumatized everyone around me (and myself) by puking nonstop with DD.
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I'd like to join in. Any rules? Like replying to previous posts? Posting every day? Thanks :-)
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Nope, no rules that I know of. Just a place to talk, vent, share things, etc. smile.gif
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I need to reinstall Windows on my computer...it is totally on the fritz and locking up every few minutes. I haven't had a chance to edit more than this one picture because of that, but here it is. We were lucky to get some great lighting before the clouds rolled in. I definitely got in my workout today. smile.gif

Edit: I had to move the picture. I'll be working on them most of today...maybe tomorrow. We got a lot of good ones, and some really hilarious mistakes. I like the belly pictures, too. We're going to try to squeeze in a session with just her, since she left some props she wanted to use at home. smile.gif http://www.flickr.com/photos/jillianjordan/sets/72157627806035208/
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hey ladies! 19 weeks today and finally feeling great :) I had a lingering "first trimester" with the fatigue and constant peeing and nausea. My next appointment is October 18 and my son's first birthday is on the 25th...very exciting! We are just going to do a little backyard barbeque (back-up plan is homemade pizza inside if it's raining) and homemade cake, nothing fancy. I've been feeling the baby move since 16 weeks, so that's very cool (I didn't feel Malachi until the day I turned 20 weeks).

cameragirl, I looked on your flickr stream and saw a few of the pics, they look great! I especially love the ones with the bare belly, but I'm a pregnant-belly junkie ;) 

3timesamom...I totally agree with the used stuff. With baby #1 I bought everything used and gender-neutral, now we have absolutely everything we need for baby #2 except for an extra dozen or two prefolds and maybe a couple covers. I bought all the baby stuff for the first year, including cloth diapers/crib/co-sleeper/highchair/etc. for around $600. I love being able to tell people that babies are SO not expensive, you just have to be willing not to buy a $800 crib and $75 diaper bag to go with a designer nursery! 

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Hi everyone.  Congrats on your baby boy Camergirl! I love my boys.  Everyone else is hoping for a girl this time but as we move along I find myself hoping for another boy.  Not that I won't be happy with a girl - I just think everyone else will be so excited about a girl that it will be a little overwhelming.  And we'll have the "share" her more.  This baby will make the 8th grandchild, and they are all boys so far.   Anyway, I look forward to hearing about everyone elses babies - and names!  We are going to need some serious name inspiration over here, especially if it is a boy.  Ds2 didn't have a name until about 10 minutes before we left the hospital.


I'm 15 weeks today and just starting to feel better.  I actually ate breakfast and am already feeling a little peckish.  I am still pretty tired, but we did have a crazy weekend - ds2 turned 6 and we threw him his first real, themed birthday.  He is fascinated by mummies so we did and ancient Egypt thing and I made everything myself.  It was a great party and he was very happy but it was exhausting for me.  Today I should be able to rest some.


I am starting to think about baby stuff.  I gave away everything so we are staring almost from scratch.  We have diapers, a car seat and an Ergo, and we still have the table we used for changing.  But we need a changing pad, and I would like another Moses basket.  And then clothes and diaper covers - I am thinking about making gowns, and my mom will make some covers.  It's funny to me too that people think babies are so expensive.  Doing Ap-ish things certainly eliminates the need for a lot of the gear.  We were lucky that the only thing we bought at the beginning that we didn't end up using was a co-sleeper - neither of my babies would actually sleep in it - and we were able to sell it for close to what we paid for it originally.  Hopefully I'll be able to find the Moses basket used somewhere.

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Originally Posted by SageR View Post

It's funny to me too that people think babies are so expensive.  Doing Ap-ish things certainly eliminates the need for a lot of the gear. 

The thing that makes them a huge expense is that they need care. Either the family loses an income so that one parent can stay at home, or daycare needs to be paid for. That's a HUGE hit to the budget in my opinion, not even counting gear. Obviously this may not be a factor if this is not the first child and one parent already stays at home.
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Kyamo - Agreed; the huge expense with babies is losing one income or paying for care.  I wish we could survive on one income, but we cannot.  I have had the last 6 weeks off (quit my job; long story!), which has been awesome, but it's time to go back to work so we don't go into the hole!   If I am working, we still bring home extra even paying for care for two kids.  If I'm not working, we quickly start digging into savings.  It stinks.


As far as "stuff" goes, no, you don't have to pay a lot for a baby's stuff even if you want all the "gear". :)


Welcome, Lizziemum; just post when you feel like it!


It's a beautiful day here today.  Had an OB appointment and when DS heard the heartbeat, he said "hearts!"  which impressed the heck out of the OB (there was no picture or anything he could see; apparently we have said "that's the baby's heartbeat" with the home doppler enough).  He's only 23 months, but he is quite verbal, which I LOVE.  So much easier to communicate.  We also do some signing, which I think has been helpful.   We went grocery shopping, I let DS zone out on TV for a bit while I cleaned up our "important documents file" and then we went outside.  It's supposed to be about 75 F and perfect all week; how awesome for my last week before having to work again!!!



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Originally Posted by Kyamo View Post

The thing that makes them a huge expense is that they need care. Either the family loses an income so that one parent can stay at home, or daycare needs to be paid for. That's a HUGE hit to the budget in my opinion, not even counting gear. Obviously this may not be a factor if this is not the first child and one parent already stays at home.

Well, of course!  Raising children requires a lot of income one way or another.  We only have one income and it's a struggle, and I can't even afford to have a job. Childcare would take most of what I earn.  We'd actually end up in the red.  I honestly don't know how a lot of people do it - I'm constantly amazed that we manage somehow. I was really referring to the stuff, and why people think they need so much and why it has to be new, in response to pps My sister had two cribs, a pack and play, a couple bouncy seats, a swing, several carriers, a tub, a seat thingy to put into the tup, mobiles, play gym things, a few strollers (a jogger, a convertible, an old fashioned pram style, and folding style), dozens of quilts and blankets - I mean, hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, all brand new  She had stuff  in boxes 5 years after she had her first baby, and she still had a big shower for the second one and got all sorts more stuff and was stressed out that she didn't have enough.  That baby had a complete nursery that he never even slept in.  Maybe that kind of planning isn't common everywhere but it seems to be the norm around here that people think you must have a huge shower and you must have x,y, and z.  People actually express annoyance with me because I say we don't really need much - how can we not need more stuff?  It's something I didn't understand before having babies and certainly don't get now that I've been through it a few times and know how little you really need.

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I just got back from the long weekend visiting my sister in-law.  She has kindly given us an old pram from her daughter.  It's great.  It's a few years old but she's looked after it.  A 4 wheeler rather than the newer style 3 wheelers but it's very compact and I like that.  It'll be nice and little in the shopping centres rather than a really big thing.


I'm also quite stressed at the moment as as work I'm having to negotiate a pay rise.  I just don't need this stress at the moment.  I seem to be very susceptible at the moment to stressing out about nuisance things that are happening to me, like having to argue with my boss.  Then I feel bad that I shouldn't be stressing out while I'm pregnant and need to calm down.  Then that makes it worse  :-(

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See, we never experienced a decrease in income due to having to stay home with a baby because I have never worked since we've been married. I can definitely understand how that would be significant if both spouses were working for awhile before having kids. We have a very low take-home income (under 18,000), but because hubby is in the Air Force our rent, utilities, and healthcare are covered. We are really comfortable on one income and have a good amount in savings. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my littles! 

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cameragirl-congrats on the boy! The pictures were awesome too!


I must agree with everyone! Babies are only as expensive as u make them. We will get a crib and a car seat and then search yard sales for clothes. We did find a 3 in 1 crib that will turn into a full bed.


afm: it is a busy week dh had a colonoscopy yesterday, wendesday is my day to help at school, Thursday o/b in the am then we drive 2 hrs to my brothers so my ds and niece can be interviewed by the news about type 1 diabetes in their lives and their walk team for the ADA. friday we have a funeral, and sat we have a harvest celebration.


Everyone thinks I am having a girl. I have been so sick. dh says that only a female can tear you up inside like this. I have my u/s the 18th of this month. I am so excited I did not have a preference in sex I will be thrilled with either. But everyone including the doctor is convinced that butter bean here is a girl. 

we haven't told the kids yet. We haven't told anyone really. We live 2 hrs from everyone so hiding is no problem. The plan is that everyone will get a surprise in this years Christmas card. I want to somehow make the announcement look like a gift. We will tell the kids right before we do the cards so they can help.

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Celist, They are saying that I am overweight and my babies are 9lbs. So basically I am high risk. I think its crap personally. I passed the test however. They are a bit over the top and ridiculous. IMO. I have ONE more apmnt with them and that is the scan and to get my records.


Cameras girl I LOVE those pics!  I have always wanted to get prenatal shots but I never have a pretty baby belly. I have this lumpy dumpy thing. So I am all set with images of that! LOL


Birth is awesome, You have a one year old and one due in March? WOW you will be busy! I have a daycare guy thats one and he keeps me on my toes! I have to pick up EVERYTHING. He will certainly eat everything.


Lizzie mum, welcome!


Sager, When I started this journey I was thinking girl girl girl! Now I think, don't care don't care don't care;) Especially after they said baby had downs. They appear to have been wrong and for that I am thankful but it sure changes what you think is important!


Edymoomom, that seems busy! What a fun way to tell everyone:)


AFM, I just think that gear doesn't need to be expensive. I can see loss of income being a challenge but I just meant day to day and stuff. Babies don't need much at all! We have all our old gear and we will make do with what we have already. We got the co sleeper and baby gym  for 15 bucks:) I am most excited about this:) What a deal. I am confident that whether baby uses it or not I can get my  money back out of it:) Heard babies HB today with the midwife and talked about BP with her. She has been concerning me because she thinks I am so high! 130/80. Basically I am getting towards hypertension but that is what I ALWAYS come up. I don't know what to do to change that. I have been reading online to eat lots of protein and to eat a low fat diet. I also still haven't gained weight which is most exciting! The first trimester I couldn't stop eating! If I didn't I was STARVING and felt like I would vomit! So glad to be past that:) We are 17 weeks tomorrow:) I can't believe we have all come so far! How exciting!


Well Sethie is wanting me to set up a train track for him. So off I go. Have a good day ladies:)

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Cameras girl I LOVE those pics!  I have always wanted to get prenatal shots but I never have a pretty baby belly. I have this lumpy dumpy thing. So I am all set with images of that! LOL

I swear she inherited the awesome genes! My belly after DD looked like an angry tiger clawed the heck out of me. The stretch marks are already turning pink again, and I'm only 17.5 weeks. No fair! Luckily, Photoshop exists. I may have my sister take some for me, and just airbrush the stretch marks out of some. smile.gif We're going to take more pictures of my cousin. In some of them, her shirt looks see-through and her bra is showing. She has some props she wanted to use, and I'm not exactly busy aside from homeschooling. I told her it is my gift to her anyways. smile.gif

We had potato soup for dinner last night since it is sprinkling and cool out. It was sooo good that I'm having more for lunch. smile.gif I'm making vegetarian chili for DD and my mom in case they want something else for dinner tonight. It is supposed to be wet and cold this week, so I figured they'd enjoy that. DD gets to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with my mom's preschool class. Hopefully they don't get rained out.
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3timesamom, I agree, that is silly. 9 pounds is on the high side of "normal" but still not ridiculously large.  And it sounds like they are making you take the test again at 28 weeks?? BAAAHHHHHH!!!


birthisawesome, WOW, to have rent, utilities and healthcare paid for?  Those are the largest expenses probably anyone has.  I guess it does pay to be in the armed forces...though I hope your hubby does stay safe!!!  But I can see how you could be OK on his take home salary if you have your large expenses taken care of and no day care to pay for.  Awesome!!!


cameragirl, I have to admit; I scrolled back quite a ways in your photos and think I saw some of your daughter?  She is SO PRETTY!  She is pretty cute doing those little "model" poses, too. LOL


LizzieMum...I guess you are in Australia, so things must be done differently there (just as things are done differently from organization to organization here in the USA), but why do you HAVE to negotiate a pay raise/rise right now?  Why is it required?  I have never heard of that before.  Are you some kind of advocate or union boss or something?


Apparently nesting has come early to my household.  All the extra STUFF in my life is getting to me.  We are working on cleaning out one room or half a room at a time.  I have already packed up several bags and boxes of things we don't use or need.  I think I will give them all to a charity shop; I can't stand the idea of trying to put stuff on Craigslist or Freecycle or anything like that right now, y'know?  I just feel proud I did the work to declutter and make my house a nicer place for us all to live.  Can't wait until it is done and then we will have to be very thoughtful about bringing in ANYTHING new (except...DS's birthday is right around the corner, so I'm sure there will be an influx of crap then).

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Originally Posted by Cellist View Post

cameragirl, I have to admit; I scrolled back quite a ways in your photos and think I saw some of your daughter?  She is SO PRETTY!  She is pretty cute doing those little "model" poses, too. LOL

Thank you. smile.gif She's a total ham. I HAD to take pictures of her with my cousin, too. Except in those pictures, she's staring at my cousin's husband with a side eye, and they look really funny. The pictures before the maternity pictures are from April when her preschool class went to the railroad museum. It is horrible for pictures, but the old trains are so neat.
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Cellist, Yep they want another draw at 28 weeks. Infact they were basically checking ME for diabetes. Diabetes this early would not be gestational. In the third trimester sometimes your placenta doesn't act right and that is why baby is bigger. I always pass it though and they ALWAYS act like my babies MUST have it. I just don't know!  We have been going through old toys. See I use to save them all for the next baby. Now on baby four I have A LOT of toys! I have high standards now for what is worth saving! LOL We are actually listing everything and have had quite a response! If I sell everything listed (thats just what is listed) to the people who say they will take it I have made 40 bucks this week off crap in my barn! PLUS I still have fabulousness for new baby:)


Camera's girl! I hope she gets to go today:) I am taking the boys apple picking since we don't have Charolette. I hope I make it back for my walk though! I did forget about photo shop! I don't know how one would photo shop my lumps though;)


AFM, Off to get those kiddos up for school:)



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DD got to go to the pumpkin patch. It stormed hard last night, and she got into bed with me at about 2 AM. Then Daddy took her out of the bed for no real reason, and at 3 AM she was back. It was all fine and dandy until I had what felt like hot rocks pushing into my back. It was her hands and feet, trying to push me out of the bed in her sleep. Then she had to come in and ask me if they had mud puddles a the pumpkin patch, because she didn't know if she should wear her rain boots. Luckily it shouldn't start to rain again for a few hours. It has been SOO quiet here. I'm kind of glad for the short break...but wondering what to do about the homeschooling today. Guess we'll see how tired she is when she gets back.

Btw - our little chicken is getting better! She is still spasming and her neck flops when she gets startled, but it isn't lasting that long. She's eating more and doesn't reek like the medicine anymore, either. Hopefully she can go outside in another week or so.
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