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This year when asked my 3 yr old son informed me he wanted the whole family to go as his favorite book Fox In Socks. Um, okay. He is fox, my 1 yr old daughter is Sue, I am Knox, my husband is Luke Luck (originally he wanted slow joe crow but I convinced him otherwise), & my (black lab/beagle) dog is the poodle eating noodles in the tweetle beetle battle.



My goal is to spend under $25 for the whole thing! (I have spent $15) As of last night I have


Fox: red hoodie with ears (came out super awesome! very proud of that since I sew it to last 2 years), red pants (with pants loops because I get annoyed when people say he's in pjs), the tail (it doesn't stand up...suggestions? My husband says to sew up to the hoodie) I need to to do the socks, mittens, and the nose. ugh NOSE...he has high expectations for this nose...suggestions? Oh yea and a little box to collect treats.


Knox: I took two sweatshirts (one 1 size bigger the other 2 sizes bigger) cut up the larger one and sewed the body to the first. I'm callin' it! the next big thing SWEATSHIRT DRESSES! it is super comfy. I also made ears and hands from towels (from freecycle) need to dye it all yellow, put the pink collar on, blue socks (because of one stupid page...also I think my son likes the idea of us matching), make yellow legs out towels (thank you freecycle)


Luke Luck: I made the hat out of felt came out pretty good if I do say so myself! and he will wear all brown and shave into a silly mustache. I just  need to make a yellow ascot (how?...what exactly is an ascot?) and a little yellow duck (my son says...no duck no luke luck)


Sue: This is harder then I thought...bought a white sweatshirt one size bigger cut off cuffs and collar. Made ruffles on bottom from remaining sweatshirt material from knox sweatshirt (luckily? I'm a large lady ^_^) and the collar as well. It looks totally adorable nailed it and when her little diaper butt moves it moves the ruffles perfectly. super cute. Need to make pink socks, hair wig (ideas?) dye orange, and put buttons on...and if time permits a slow joe crow doll (Pattern? anyone? please? I'm thinking about it but I dunno) oh yea i also have a cardboard needle and spool with pink yarn.


poodle: this is super funny! sewed cotton balls onto the cuffs I cut off and put snaps on them sized to dogs ankles. I took the collar and put straps on the side, sewed fabric and cotton balls to it for the head piece. (really funny) When he wears it...he clearly looks embarrassed. I drew a bowl of noodles and a tweetle beetle bottle puddle battle muddle (^_^) glued both to cardboard. Noodles will be mounted onto head piece and hang down, tweetle beetles will be mounted onto chest piece. I need to make chest piece...and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the tail pom pom to stay once his tail wags. suggestions?




OH YEA...I also need to memorize the book, I was recently informed...you know, in case anyone asks. he wants everyone to have lines they say (he is teaching my 1yr old to say "fox socks box knox" but it sounds like "onyx onyx onyx onyx")

(last year I made a pocoyo costume...it was a gazillion times easier (and looked super cute...sewed the legs and sleeves super long and tacked them up...still wears it this year)...my son's first halloween I put monster horns on him...funny...and my daughter I put on a zebra hoodie and called it good)


I think this is the halloween that kills me. Thankfully next year...he can start making his own...right? please tell me a 4 yr old can figure out their own costume with minimal help...from daddy maybe


oh and the best part...since he is a bossy three year old...I get to feel like a sweatshop worker for not working fast enough ("I need nose" "I don' tink das right...look at book" "where socks? Fox needs socks") and for the verisimilitude not being perfect. I almost cried when he said the tweetle beetle bottle puddle battle muddle was "perfect" "das nice, I like it, good job mama...now I need socks"...He inspects the stitching (fox is handsewn), fit, and compares it all to the book...which isn't so much read for fun anymore...more like a manual for life (oh and when we read the book...4x a day...he says, "das you, das me")...since I also have a (long) list of stuff to do he has taken to walking through the list to make sure...can't remember where dirty socks go but by golly he knows every item on that list and so help me if I forget orange dye at the store again!


I am enjoying it but don't know if I'll make the halloween deadline...If anyone wants I'll post a picture of the finished product...

to the person who says they get store bought...that sounds like a dream ^_^

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My soon-to-be 3-year-old is going to be a robot - a "LoveBot 3000" specifically.  I put together a robot costume that is accessorized with little pink hearts and a love meter.  Very cute.  :)


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I am attempting to make a Milli (Team Umizoomi) costume with felt and fabric glue. gotta love a girl with mighty math powers!  winky.gif

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I wish you could post pictures!!! I was cracking up at both of these ideas! haa haaaa!


My son (2) wanted to be a chocolate chip cookie or a marshmellow.  So I made his chocolate chip costume out of light brown fabric, cut into circles and glued to cardboard.  The chocolate chips are dark brown fabric covering plastic balls cut in half and glued to the light brown fabric.  He'll wear it like a sign - I'll sew straps to connect the front and back cookies together.  My husband and I are going as the milk (daddy) and mouse (me) so together we'll be for the book "when you give a mouse a cookie".  :)   

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ds just turned 4 and has his heart set on iron man. im not big on super heroes, but thats what he likes, lol. his daddy bought him his costume (we're divorced, he sent us a text last night with a picture). ds is so excited... now i have to figure out how to do an "iron dog" costume, since he wants the dog to match him again. last year, by sheer luck, they were both pirates
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DD1 is going to be a zombie bride. DD2 is going to be either a leopard (already made costume for a party earlier this year that ended up not being held, so she never got to wear it) or a dalmatian, which is a store-bought costume we've had around for a couple of years. DD3 is going to be the cutest little pumpkin fairy you've ever seen! She's 2, she doesn't really "get" Halloween yet and didn't care about her costume, so I played on her passionate love of all things fairies and am making her a pumpkin fairy costume.

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DD1 (15) is going to be Batgirl.

DD2 (6) is going to be Tinkerbell.

DD3 (2) is going to be a bee.

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My son chose Darth Vader. I was pulling for Mario!!! Ah well!

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DS wants to be Batman, a dinosaur, a lion, Buzz Lightyear and a fireman. Luckily, he has all these costumes in his costume box. We will just change his costume at every stop we make.

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What a great idea! My son was struggling with wanting to be a few things. Maybe we'll do this as well!

Originally Posted by MnMtm View Post

DS wants to be Batman, a dinosaur, a lion, Buzz Lightyear and a fireman. Luckily, he has all these costumes in his costume box. We will just change his costume at every stop we make.


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my dauhgters ages 7 and 4 are gonna be bumble bees. and my son is going to be woody from toystory- my mil got his costume for 1.00 at yard sale last wk and in great condition so we are going with that since money is very tight.

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ds1 (7) is luigi, ds2 (5) is mario, and I of course am princess peach, because they need a princess :)

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DS is going to be a Rooster. He is really into farm animals right now, especially the chickens.


I made his costume. I used red felt and a brown knit beanie to make a hat with a rooster comb. I sewed 3 feather boas onto a knit vest, and I made a rooster tail out of some long green feathers and some felt that I sewed to the butt of some orange leggings. I made him some orange felt booties with claws. He looks so cute in it, and so proud! He does this funny 'chicken dance' where he leans over and dances with his arms like wings, its hillarious.

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DS (9) is going to be the blue Angry Bird. My mom and I made it and I love it. Fleece outer with padding and muslin underneath. Felt face. It's open at the bottom so he can squat and pull it over his knees to look authentic because he wants to do that at every house.


DD (8) is Bellatrix Lestrange (from Harry Potter). We found a black wizard dress (flared at wrists) at Goodwill, cut off the sleeves, removed teh top 2 inches and added elastic to make the sleeves stay up as separate pieces. We also found a black shirt with a fake metallic corset. Removed the the sleeves, took it in and she's wearing it over the gown. Knee high black boots and a wand, both of which she already owns. $3 for fake jewelry and a bottle of hairspray to make her hair crazy.  She wore it to a party a few weeks ago. 

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1 princess--pretty dress and  $ store accoutrements.  (4.5 yrs)


1 elephant--gray sweats and taped on homemade ears, trunk, and tail  (ds, will be 3 in 1 week)


1 peanut, store-bought costume, same thing ds 2 was his first halloween  (ds  11 months)


ds1 age 7 wanted to be a frog, green sweats and homemade decorations but i didnt find green sweats and ds3 is in the hospital so he is borrowing either anakin or a transformer




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The oldest, 11, after much deliberation carved out an enormous gourd and is wearing it as a hat!  The younger siblings are unimpressed!

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