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mmmmmmm poutine

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I had an apple fritter this morning and a cup of decaf and it was pretty good.  I didn't think of donut type foods - they are sweet but not too sweet but most importantly they are fried.  I am going to be so huge (again!)

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You should have joined me for lunch yesterday -- I had poutine from New York Fries for the first time in about 5 years.  It was so good.

Oh yum!  I think I have everything I need to make this for lunch today.


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Anyone indulging in a little Halloween candy? What is your favorite treat?
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If by a little, you mean a LOT, then yeah! My fav is Reese Cups.

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I hadn't felt the baby by 11 or so, and usually he's using my bladder as punching bag to get me out of bed in the morning. I admit to "poking" him awake by eating a few tootsie roll minis. Apparently he liked those. smile.gif

I LOVE my tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, and some of the flavored tootsie rolls like lime. I'm hoping some Kit-Kats find their way to our house tonight, because those are SOO good to my pregnant taste buds.
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I'm gonna have some Tillamook Utterly Peanutbuttery ice cream....I'm a little more excited than I should be. :)

We're not handing out candy this year since last year we got 3 actual kids and a bunch of very large, intimidating teenage boys. So sad, I love handing out treats!

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My favourite Hallowe'en candy is the Hallowe'en kisses.  I think between the four kids, we got one of those.  I guess they're not too popular.  And the kids all agreed that I could have it.  :P  I couldn't even find them at the store today.  Other than that, I like the little chocolate bars, mostly things like caramilk and the cookies & cream bars.   Yum.  So I picked up some of those at the half price sales today.  


I like seeing the different kinds of candies and treats that people hand out.  Each year that we've been here, someone has been giving out freezies (unfrozen).  The kids got juice boxes this year -- real juice, even.  And probably the biggest hit was plastic fangs in different colours.  My 9 yo went to sleep with his in last night, ugh.

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DD got a SoyJoy bar. What is that about? I pigged out on her tootsie rolls, which was a bad idea. Now I've got heartburn.blush.gif At least they taste delicious!
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Well, not quite pigging out, but I had a stressful day on Halloween and it took A LOT of discipline to keep out of it.  And I'm not that disciplined.  I'd say I ate about 1/3 as much as I would have not pregnant.  :)

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I had DH go get me a cinnamon dulce latte and some pumpkin bread from Starbucks today. I know, I know...caffeine. But seriously, I've been sick all week and it tastes soo good.
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Ice cream.  eat.gif  WAY too much ice cream.  I was a bit underweight before I got pregnant, or at least that is my rationalization.  :)

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Chalk another one up for dark chocolate. And I'm LOVING my homemade eggnog.

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