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Hi All, I wanted to pop in quick an pass along this information from a friend on the off chance that others besides Reelala are interested.  This information came from a fertility and pre-natal yoga instructor in Pennsylvania.  See below.


Cal7 - I took the O tests with FMU as directed by the tests, but I know others that do it every 12 hours in hopes of catching the LH surge.  Good luck!


I scheduled my follow-up HSG for November 2.  I'm dreading it.  They are going to try to dilate my right tube and clear the mucus.  DREADING IT.  Hopefully I pop positive in 11 days and I won't have to do it!  The upside for November 2nd? The new season of Top Chef.


Have a beautiful evening. K.



Restoring Fertility: Yoga for Optimal Fertility
By far my favorite! It's a 2 disk set and not the cheapest, but I like how it breaks down the practice into the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle. I liked the flow the added acupressure points that they used to help maximize fertility. 

Yoga Practices for Fertility: Techniques to Calm body, Mind and Spirit
Liked the flow of poses and information provided in the DVD.

Fertility Yoga with Dr. Monica Morell
My least favorite. Found the instructor annoying.

Yoga 4 Fertility with Brenda Strong
I bought this on a VCR tape and our player died so I was never able to watch it. She has a few DVD's and even one for partners yoga. She also sells fertility balls which you can use on key acupressure points.

Not yoga, but also a beneficial DVD on
Self Fertility Massage with Hethir Rodriguez CMT, MH

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Krunchy, that's great info - thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed that you don't have to do that follow-up test.

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Originally Posted by krunchyk View Post

Yoga 4 Fertility with Brenda Stronghttp://www.yoga4fertility.com/products/dvds.htmlI bought this on a VCR tape and our player died so I was never able to watch it. She has a few DVD's and even one for partners yoga. She also sells fertility balls which you can use on key acupressure points.Not yoga, but also a beneficial DVD onSelf Fertility Massage with Hethir Rodriguez CMT, MH



I just got this one last month on dvd from her website. I am used to yoga-cardio mixes and this is definitely more relaxed and she holds the poses for a long time which makes them more challenging. There is a very long intro that I watched most of the first time (about breath and relaxation) that I skip now. This reminds me I should be doing it now in preparation for O. 

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I'm out. My temp plummeted this morning and I'm now spotting. Its really unusual for my LP to go beyond 14 days and I'm on day 16 now.... I'm wondering if my O day was miscalculated by a day or something. I'm pretty disappointed though. I wasn't sure about anything, but it was nice to hope. I think I'll be having a nice glass of wine tonight.

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Originally Posted by Thebyr View Post

Cal7 - guess I should look up greens powder. *giggle* How do you grind them?





I purchased the chia seeds already ground, they had them in the supplement aisle at Whole Foods.


Greens are amazing - full of iron, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients to give you energy throughout the day.  I use a scoop of Amazing Grass greens every day.  You can mix it in water, milk, juice, or whatever your preference is.  I put a scoop each of chia and greens into a blender bottle with 8oz of water and throw it back.

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Yay, it's Friday!  What does everyone have planned this weekend?


AFM My hubby and I are going on a wine tour in Fredericksburg tomorrow, then Sunday watching football and having a family bbq.  Hopefully I'll have a couple of hours to sneak away and go for a run or bike ride!  Next Tuesday, I'm having produce delivered through a local service, so excited to try everything out!  I wish it was coming sooner so I could spend some time cooking over the weekend - guess I'll have to buy a pumpkin tonight for my pumpkin pie orngbiggrin.gif


With it being CD11, I want to get an early start on BD and probably continue 3-4 days past my predicted fertile days in ff.com.  I think we stopped trying too soon.  Also, BD on weekday mornings is a bad idea as I have to rush about and get to the office, no time to lay about and let gravity to its job.  My temps seem to be very sporadic - I think I'll roll around sometimes before waking up in the middle of the night, so some nights temps are high and some they're low.  This morning temps were high, and I could tell I'd been restless because my sheets were all in a tangle.  Ugg.


The BD'ing is fun sans birth control.  All those chemicals and hormones that had essentially cut off my libido are out of my system. 

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Aw, TickleToes, I'm sorry. hug2.gif It's terrible when your body (or maybe chart) plays tricks on you. I hope you enjoy your wine.


Catheleni, thanks for the sticky vibes! I certainly appreciate them!


Boots, I thought I posted a response to your post about the HSG, but I guess I haven't. So sorry! I'm glad it was painless and that the results showed no blockages (even though I know that in some ways it would be easier if they just found a damn problem).


AFM: Monday's blood test showed a normal hCG level but my progesterone was quite low, which is distressing - especially since I've been using progesterone suppositories since 2 DPO. One of the ladies on the graduates thread told me that the progesterone from the suppositories may not show up on a blood test (it has a localized effect), so hopefully the baby is getting more of it than my blood test indicates. I had another draw today, so I should know on Monday whether the hCG has been increasing like it should. I had a rough day yesterday but am a little calmer today.


Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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Calycanth, glad to hear that the progesterone can do it job without, necessarily, coming up high on a blood test.  I hope your results show good things on Monday.


My doctor still hasn't called back with results from my thyroid tests.  The blood was drawn on Wednesday.  The phlebotomist did a poor job, I have a big black and blue mark around the place where she poked me.  Hopefully I hear something back on Monday too.


Tonight DH and I are going out to eat to celebrate his 40th birthday.  Hopefully lots of his friends call him tomorrow.  They all live far away.  I sent them a reminder email with our phone number.  There is an art walk down town to be enjoyed after dinner and a reception for a History of Fashion exhibit at the art center.  I think it will be a fun weekend.

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TT, sorry for the bummer.  I know it sucks. 

Caly, hoping all is well.  Sounds promising.  I think sometimes we know so much that we actually make ourselves nuts.

Sounds like everyone has plans this weekend!  We are going to visit my bestie-sister friend for saturday, and we're going to cook.  It should be nice. 


Have a nice weekend ladies!

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My temps dropped too and an early test was negative, so I drank 2 beers tonight. I'm right there with you.


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Thanks for the hug, Caly. I'm feeling a little better about it today. Resigned would be more accurate, I guess. The wine was nice. As was the coffee I had for breakfast. I'm sending lots of healthy thoughts your way. I hope your test results on Monday show everything is just where it should be.


Lilac - sorry to hear about the bruises. I hate it when that happens. One phlebotomist told me that keeping the guaze and bandage on for 30 minutes can minimize that effect, if its going to happen. I had no idea about that and had been taking the bandages off immediately because I wasn't bleeding. Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like a good time!


Cath & Dana - Thanks for the support. Dana, I'm sorry your temps dropped too. Enjoy your week of indulgences.


I have a four day weekend - hooray for fall break! I should be spending it busting my butt to get my homework done and to catch up on paperwork for work... but I spent most of yesterday laying around. I needed that emotionally. I DID buy nine, yes nine, pumpkins though! I love to carve pumpkins. I did an Obama pumpkin in 2008 that was pretty fabulous. I've found it difficult to top that one and need some inspiration. Any ideas ladies?




I also bought a TON of bulbs yesterday. I'm going to put them in the ground this afternoon. I got many kinds of tulips, hyacinths, iris, several kinds of allium, snowdrops, crocus, and lords & ladies. I'm a relative beginner at gardening still, so I need to figure out how they'll fit in and look with the perrienials I have, but I am excited about it. I'm also demonstrating swing dance styles at a retirement home to entertain the residents there this afternoon.


Oh, and I learned that tonight is an awareness/remembrance day for pregnancy and infant loss. So I'll be lighting two candles on my porch tonight (if its not too windy). I think that will be a bit healing to participate in.

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Tickle Toes

That is an amazing pumpkin!  You are truly an artist.

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TickleToes and Dana, so sorry about your temp drops. greensad.gif  Better luck next month!


Oh lilac, that stinks about the bruise! I hope you hear some positive news next week.


Caly, sending lots more sticky vibes your way!!! I hope Monday brings you some good news as well.


I have been semi-lurking these threads lately, just popping in a bit to vent, to whoever will listen!


I'm having a hard time with emotions lately. This month I've just been trying to deal with stress at work and stress with my family and I feel like I have nowhere to go except you ladies. I know this is the case with everyone TTC, but doesn't it often seem like everyone is announcing their pregnancy these days except you? That is how I am feeling. I guess it seems more prevalent the longer you've been trying? I don't know - my journey has only been 5 months. I thought I was a more patient person than this! But, I recently found out a friend of mine is pregnant - with TWINS - and now, a family member has announced her pregnancy. I don't know why, I do feel happy for her, I do. I do!!! It will be great to have a new addition to the family. I don't know her situation, how long she's been trying, or what, but for some reason her announcement hit me harder - I guess because hers was so unexpected and such a surprise. (She isn't married or in a long term relationship that I know of.) And I just heard a story about how a woman conceived after 10 YEARS of trying (and after giving up all hope and about to look at adoption) and is now pregnant with her 2nd, so I know I haven't known true struggle like she and other ladies have known... but I can't help feeling BLAH this month. ARGH!!


Whew. Thanks for listening, whoever is still reading!  orngtongue.gif


It's CD15 for me, no O yet but ever since AF ended we have been BDing almost every other day, sometimes every couple of days, even though I know it's too early. We pretty much missed our window of opportunity last month since DH was out of town during my O week, so trying again with full force this month. I think the Vitex I've been taking has made me depressed or something because I got in a funk SO awful last night, I thought I'd never get out of it. I might just cut back to 2/day and start B6 along with B-complex and see where that gets me.

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I 2nd that! I meant to say something in my previous post but WOW that pumpkin is magnificent!!

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Tickle Toes- WOW! What an amazing pumpkin. Great job on that one.

Ncat- Ouch. What rough timing for the pregnancy announcements to come in. I think how you feel is absolutely understandable! Good for you for coming here and venting. It sure beats bottling up all those emotions. You have a whole new month and O to take advantage of. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and have fun with the BD. Your day will come too when you get to announce you're pregnant. Who knows, maybe this timing happened for a good reason. At the very least, you'll have 2 women close to you that you can go to for advice and hand-me-downs. dust.gifAnd there's some fertile fairy dust for you stillheart.gif

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TickleToes, that's an amazing pumpkin! What kind of tool did you use to carve it? I can't wait to see what you do this year.


Ncat, that's how I've felt every time someone in my life has announced a pregnancy since I miscarried in 2010. Every time. hug2.gif The great thing about this forum is that it's a completely safe space to vent. We can all relate.


Dana, I'm sorry your temps dropped. I hope you treat yourself to a couple more "adult beverages" this weekend. winky.gif





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Wow, TT I'm blown away but your carving skills. Incredible. I'm so sorry AF found you. 

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Thanks, everyone! I would love to have ideas for a pumpkin this year and am open to suggestions. I'm drawing a blank. 


Caly, I used a linoleum block cutting set - the kind you use to carve designs on linoleum for printmaking. The brighter parts of the image on the pumpkin are where I carved deeper into the surface.


Ncat - Caly is right. We've all been where you are at and understand. I'm glad you can vent here. hug2.gif

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These are the candles I lit tonight. Marc was really sweet about helping me find the flowers and set them out.

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TT what an amazing way to remember your little angels xo

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