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Hey everyone! My computer went on the fritz last week and I haven't been able to get on here. I'm sorry I don't have time for individual responses right now. I wish everyone around o time much happy bd and ewcm smile.gif
I'm CD 28 today and 14 DPO. My boobs have been sore for a week, which has never happened except for the first time I was pregnant. And I had what could have been an implantation dip in temp on 10 DPO. I'm keeping my fingers crossed here. If AF hasn't shown up by 16 DPO I'll test. It's so hard to not read into any little thing I feel going on in my body. This wait is soooooooooo hard!
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danadavis - best of luck to you!  keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

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Dana, I hope some great news happens in the next few days.


TeamViddy, I am totally with you on the planning bit.  I would have preferred, as a teacher, to have gotten pregnant already so the baby would have been born in late May, early June so I could enjoy maternity leave without fear of losing pay (6 weeks are paid, 6 weeks unpaid for a total of 12 weeks of maternity leave).  Well those months of having a baby are gone.  If I get pregnant this month, my due date would be the first day of school, Aug, 16, 2012.  If I got pregnant at Christmas time, my due date would be Sept. 21, 2012.  Ugh, big sigh, why isn't my body cooperating?

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Lilac, that's a big deal- could make a huge impact in your financial situation :(.  I work for myself so I just have to earn enough to compensate for the time off. Easier said than done. At this point I really just want to be able to use our family's beach house next summer (it's a 22 hour drive) and it looks like it won't be a biiig problem next year... Even if I am closer to 2nd trimester it will still be uncomfortable but the beach makes it worthwhile.

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dana-- that's great!  Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

AFM, I'm kind of bummed out today because AF came at 10 DPO.  Looks like my luteal phase is still pretty short...

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Dana - I'm sending you some positive energy and hope that you'll be announcing a BFP to us soon.


Lilac - If only our bodies could/would conform to our schedules. Last year, I remember almost hoping that I wouldn't get pregnant at any time that my due date fell at the beginning of the school year because I couldn't imagine someone else setting the tone for my class and then stepping in after that. Now, I'll take what I can get and figure that it will all somehow work out, even if the timing is less than ideal.


Ruby - So sorry about AF... sending a hug.

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It's not looking good here. Temp dropped this morning and boobs stopped hurting. AF probably coming tomorrow. *sigh*


Sorry about the short LP Lake.


Welcome Team! I hope your stay here is short.


Here's hoping we all get happy holiday bpfs!

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Well, I know I want to stay home and not work.  Too much expected of me at work to keep up with an infant, too.  But like tickletoes, I will take what I can get now.


On a positive front, I have been focusing on losing weight for the last 16 days and I am down 7 pounds.  I know it will slow down now but I will lose weight to make my body kick in and conceive (hopefully).

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lilac - congrats on the weight loss!  That's huge to lose that much weight in such a short amount of time.


AFM - I am having cramps today!  Can't figure out if abs are sore from spin (very likely), O (somewhat likely as OPK was not a solid positive but darker than yesterday), or indigestion (brussels sprouts for dinner last night).  I'm afraid that I might not O at all this month - I got a really bad cough and had to take Mucinex DM Sunday and Monday nights.  Not a great option at all, but in the battle of horrid cough and no sleep vs. nasty meds, I took the nasty meds.  CM has been disappointing since the little bit of EWCM Saturday morning, so not sure what the deal is.

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lilac: congrats on the 7lbs! i recently lost about 14 lbs and i'm finally starting to feel like "me" again! now to not gain it all back over the holidays... oy.


dana: wishing you (and all of us) a holiday bfp as well!


AFM: by my best guess i'm 3 or 4dpo and kinda expected to be feeling some post-o sore breasts or something being that i'm on clomid... but so far, nada. i'm definitely starting to move into crazy, obsessed territory now... thank goodness i have a trip to nyc coming up on friday. it will buy me a few days of distraction.

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indie1976: Don't worry... I think we're all in that territory. Hehehee. ROTFLMAO.gif


lilac: Very awesome on the weight loss!! I wish I would do that dang same. Since my mastectomy last December, I gained 15 lbssss. I do zumba 2x a week and walk, but I'm a food whore... so I need to be on an actual diet to lose it. I just don't wannaaaa. This I say after I scarfed down an enormous turkey shammy for lunch. Heh.

Ruby: Sorry about AF, butttt... just fyi... if I ever have a girl, Ruby is gonna be her name! It's my faveeee. joy.gif



I'm reallyyyyyyyyyyyy hoping for a Turkey baby!! I should be able to test about them. I'm 5DPO right now. When do you guys allow yourselves to test around? Just wondering.

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ericaf: i'm totally going to test on turkey day! i will be 11 or 12 dpo so it will still be a tad early but i know i won't be able to resist with it being a holiday and all :)

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Originally Posted by indie1976 View Post

ericaf: i'm totally going to test on turkey day! i will be 11 or 12 dpo so it will still be a tad early but i know i won't be able to resist with it being a holiday and all :)

Love it!  What a wonderful thing to be thankful for!

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indie: Okay, awesome!! I'll be 12 DPO then. I feel like I've seen sooooooo many womens charts on FF friend show positive between 10-11 DPO. Need. To. Test. Now.


Haha. No no. I'll be good! whistling.gif

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Ladies, I'm joining you! I will be 13 DPO and am totally testing on Thanksgiving.  


Lilacvioletiris - Congrats on the weight loss! What an accomplishment.  


TT –I’m glad you are taking steps to decompress and simplify life.  This process is so emotionally draining.  I’m in a bit of a forced state of relaxation these days.  New research says that relaxed women have a better chance of conceiving boys, whereas women with greater levels of stress have a greater chance to conceive girls.  Interesting…


Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could pick the perfect time to have a baby? I just finished my PhD in September. I really wanted to be 20-30 weeks pregnant at the time of the defense.  That would have allowed me time to relax, decompress, and ease into motherhood.  Instead, I’m 8 weeks past the defense and am unemployed. I’ve started applying for jobs in the worst economy of our generation, and it isn’t going well.  I really wanted to avoid a career/baby conundrum by simply having a baby, but I also don’t want to hang out for two years until I conceive.  The timing thing does happen for some.  A peer in my program decided to do the same thing.  She got pregnant on the first try, defended around the first of October, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl last week.  Her academic appointment starts in January. A blessed life, for sure. 


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yay kk! who else is going to join us??


i've been reading through the 'banjingo juice turned into a bun in the oven" thread for inspiration. after my m/c last year i have found it harder and harder to imagine myself getting pregnant again... so many negative thoughts, constantly. but it helps to read through other people's journies. i'm doing my best to stay hopeful and appreciative of all that i have now. so in the spirit of thanksgiving... i am thankful that as broken as i feel sometimes, i still have all the right "ingredients" to make babies :) also, i'm thankful for my dh - for so many reasons. life is good. now to welcome a little one to share it with!

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Hi I am New on here ... I am 39 and TTC for the last 3 months ... I had a mirena iud (horrible) and after I had that removed I have been ttc... I am not real familiar with all the web lingo either.. so any help would be appreciated.


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Welcome Shell!  I am not so good at the web lingo either!  A friend just had mirena removed after an awful experience.  Are your cycles back to normal?   Are you taking your BBT (Basal Body Temp)?


Lilac - when I originally started TTC, I believed that I could pick the due date.  In fact several other teachers at my school told me that is what they did.   Get pregnant in May, end up with the longest possible maternity leave. (we get 12 weeks SDI leave plus a few of unpaid leave).   I gave myself a three month window one month too early, one month too late and one month right in the middle.  Well obviously that didn't happen.  It didn't happen the second year either.  Now I'll take any baby at any time!


Dana- I don't know how you resist POAS.  I buy the cheapies in bulk and start at 10 or 11 DPO.    I can't wait. I am hoping for some good news for you soon!


AFM - I need this Thanksgiving break to catch up!  The first long run of school without a break always seems the longest to me.  We didn't even have Veterans Day off.  I have parent conferences on Monday and Tuesday then get W  -F off!  Yay!   I am also on CD 4 so no turkey baby for me.  Well maybe post turkey BD.  lol.   We have also begun the process to adopt from foster care.   Apparently the waiting list is long for infants so I am going to be simultaneously working on both.  







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It has been 3 month since I had the mirena removed and it seemed I went back to a normal cycle, I started using the clear blue easy ovulaton 2 months ago and this past cycle i started using pre-seed, because I do not have cm (?) ... well I had a happ face on my ovulation test on the 7th (that means my LH surge has started) ... So I am not sure if that means that I ovulated or just had a LH surge... its all so confusing... I am cramping today and so frusterated that I am about to start AF.


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Yeah, PUH, I am ready for a baby whenever.  I also saw a sign about being a foster parent.  Every child needs someone to love them!


Have you guys voted in the Best of Mothering polls.  Check them out.  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1336048/best-of-mothering-personal-care-mom-run-off-poll

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