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Falling into Bajingo Juice: TTC #1 in our 30s - October 2011 - Page 20

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Andaluza - hopefully you caught the egg anyway. I feel like you were close enough to your O either way. (lol - not that I count).



dana - I missed you! I wondered where you were. Sounds like you've been really busy. Thank you! I'm so excited! scared, but excited! Hubbies are so funny about Bd'ing every day for a week.. Go figure.


AFM - enjoying this last day of thanksgiving weekend (even though I worked yesterday). Hoping the next two weeks fly by because I'm pretty anxious to get to week 6 and see a heart flutter. I went to the movies yesterday (twice): with the girls to see Twilight and the guys joined us later for Immortals. The whole time I could only think about how uncomfy the movie seats were.

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I had a great time with family.  My DH got a bit annoyed at the end at our eating leftovers for breakfast.  He wants me eating more healthfully - where are the fruits and vegetables?  Yeah, of course, but twice a year dinner for breakfast won't make that much of a big deal.  Mashed potatoes for breakfast is wonderful!


Hoping that O was today.  We will just have to wait and see how the next two days temps go.  Another long EWCM month.


Working on creating some Christmas presents this afternoon/evening.

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Temp was not up today.  Grr.

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CD14 here, EWCM, aaaaaand.... DH was in a car accident yesterday. Thankfully he's mostly ok but his nk is sore and stiff. Poor guy. And of course BD is the furthest thing from his mind. I feel selfish for being frustrated about this. I should just be grateful that he wasn't hurt any worse. It just seems like something comes up around O time every month that keeps us from BD as much as we should. Oh well. Maybe some of Saturday and Sunday's BD sperm are still hangin' out up in there.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Aw, Dana! That sucks! No feeling selfish... I think we all think the same way. Hehehee. Glad your hubs is okay!


My friend just sent me this and I was hysterically laughing... so true! It'll definitely give you all a little chuckle.



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oh wow Dana - glad your hubby is ok.. but I can kinda feel why you're be frustrated. Hopefully there are still some swimmers hanging around like you said!


Pretty funny Erica!


AFM - I'm actually up to absolutely NOTHING. Work is crazy today and tomorrow and the weather sucks. So - I munch all day.

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Hello laides, I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!


thebyr - So so so happy for you!  How are you feeling?


andaluza - sounds like you maybe have caught your O this time!  Keeping fingers crossed.


lilac - how are your temps today?  I was reading through the info on temps at ff.com and there are so many factors, including stress. 


AFM - At 8 DPO, AF is scheduled to arrive Thursday (10 DPO).  I was having tremendous cramping pain last night that was probably due to indigestion, as it eased up after I took probiotics and a charcoal supplement.  However, between that, lots of slippery CM, and a hyper sense of smell, I decided to POAS just for kicks.  There was a teensy line, like just slightly more defined that the pic I shared last month at about 12 DPO that turned out to be nothing.  I tested again this morning.  The line was even fainter, but I tested about 15 minutes before leaving the house, so it's in the medicine cabinet to look at when I get home.  Trying very hard not to think about it!  I guess I will keep testing each day and see what happens.  Today, I'm having somewhat AF'ish cramping and still loads of CM.


Temps continue to be up since 2 DPO, with a very slight dip yesterday. 


I'm kind of worried because I've had to take a lot of cough and allergy meds this month.  If I end up pg, I really hope that won't affect the baby.  I remind myself of all the perfectly healthy babies accidentally conceived during times of heavy partying, and I feel a little better.  Trying to get away from meds and am self-medicating with vitamin C, humidifiers, salt water, etc. 

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Hi ladies!

Lilac, hoping that temp is up soon!

Dana, that is terrible about the accident. I hope your dh feels better soon for his sake and bd.

Erica, that link is so true and hilarious, although being the researcher that I am, I started temping right away (illusion of control).

Great news, Calpurnia! Can't wait for you to post a glaring positive soon!!


AFM, I'm not really feeling it this month, although maybe that's a good thing, seeing as though when I had tons of symptoms I wasn't pregnant. What is different this month is nausea and a lump in the pit of my stomach, but it is due to stress about work. Have a great day ladies!

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Cal7 - That's exciting. Fingers crossed for you. You should post the pics so we can try and see the line with you.

Um - I feel... ok. I haven't really "felt" preggers today. Might be used to some of the symptoms and work has been a little stressful today preparing for the conference tomorrow. But other than that - just waiting for my appointments in the next few weeks.


Andaluza. hug2.gif Work stress SUCKS! Hope it eases up and you get some relaxation.

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Hello Ladies :-)

So I have decided to not do any OPK's this month .. I have been temping but still dont understand it.. I just dont want to be stressed for Christmas time... we are just BD ing every other day the whole cycle.. I mean if its going to happen ( I pray it will) then it will happen... Im trying not to stress over it and started a new work out routine :-) it has made me feel better.

My christmas wish is for everyone to have BFP dust.gif  to all! <3


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Temp was up today and FF put my O date as Saturday.  Maybe?  Three good deposits were made in the best time of the month so maybe in another 7 days good things will be said.

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Ericaf thanks for sharing that link! That's hilarious and so true :)

Oh Cal I hope AF doesn't arrive!

Thebyr I can't wait to her about your appointments.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed Lilac :) I love how you mentioned three good deposits. On Sunday before BD I asked DH if I could take out a withdrawal from the sperm bank.

Goodnight ladies sleepytime.gif

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Ugggg horrid day today.  The lingering cough has turned in to downright sick.  I'm heading to the doctor this afternoon.  The test I took yesterday ended up fading into a BFN by the end of the day.  At this point I'm kind of hoping I'm not, I'm so worried about taking medication right now if I could be pg.

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Hi there, Thebyr! Thanks for the commiseration about work; I know you said there's a lot going on where you are, too. I hope it eases up soon.


Shell, you are right, you should do what you are comfortable with. So if you are able to keep up ever other day, then good for you and dh!


Way to go, Lilac!


Hang in there, Dana!


Sorry to hear about your illness and the test, Calpurniahug2.gif I hope you feel great soon.


AFM, not really any noticeable symptoms. A slight headache every once in a while, some tingling in my breasts, slight crampy/pulling in ovaries, and slight backache. We noticed my cervix is high during bd, but that has also happened before during my luteal phase.


Not sure when/if to test, because if I o'd on cd 16, then I'm 8dpo, but if I o'd on cd 18, then I'm only 6dpo. I think I'll wait til this weekend. I decided not to see my gyn and get hormones tested, since I would have had to do it Mon or Tues and I wasn't in the mood, so no beta.


I figured out that if I have my usual 16 day luteal phase, I'll be o right near the 24th, after which we travel to visit my family. So we may have to deal with bd in the guest room on a squeaky bed around family, all of whom have time off from work. The good news is that I am pretty focused on my huge project, so I hope to get a lot done before the end of the year. 

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I had an excellent snow day today!  I got constructive and made an up-cycled denim tote bag for my secret Santa gift.  The lady who is receiving it is getting something awesome!



Dana, the "deposits" terminology actually came from my DH first.  It was pretty funny.  It has more meaning now that we are TTC.


Calpurnia, hopefully you will be able to figure out what is going on with your sickness.  Not fun.


Anduluza, can't wait to see what news this weekend brings!

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lilac: LOVE it!! How awesome!


Now this may be a dumb question... but what does "AFM" mean? Is that a person on here? I'm confused.


Stillllllllllll waiting for my Dr to call me from my bloodwork from Monday. If I don't hear from her by lunch, I'm soooo calling. I wanna know what the heck is up with my progesterone levels, dang it!


And glad I made all you ladies giggle with that link... I was cracking up. Not me at allll. Lol. Sheepish.gif

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AFM means: "As for Me." Took me about 2 weeks to figure that out. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Hahahaha! Thanks, Thebyr! How did I not figure that one out? Duh. Lol. winky.gif

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For weeks I thought it was someone on the board too. Then I thought it meant - Auntie Flo Missed. I was so confused. I'm sure the abbreviation is somewhere on the board that I was supposed to read before I started posting.. but clearly I missed it. lol

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Got my results for CD3 testing.


LH: 10.8

FSH: 9.8

Estradiol: 32

Progesterone: .3


She thinks everything is normal, but that I def need to get going on the babymaking (which I am, duh). I asked her (and pushed) on the CD22 testing and she said they don't really do that because they don't put anyone on progesterone unless they're pregnant (if I needed that anyway) so I'd have to go to a fertility place. I'm slightly freaking out.


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