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Cal7 I wish there was a 'like' button!  Thank you for such inspiring words!

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I'm sick and don't have the energy for a good, long, personal catch-up... but I wanted to joy.gifcongratulate Bel!!! And tackle Boots, who has been MIA for too long blowkiss.gif. And to say that reelala's chart is looking really pretty. I hope your temps continue to stay up there fingersx.gif.


Okay... taking my stuffy head off to bed sleepytime.gif.

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Thank you Calpurnia and Andaluza - I hope I'm not here for long either. :-)


Bel! Congrats... hope you can sprinkle some of your preggy juice on the rest of us. I wish you an awesome STRESS free pregnancy.

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Cal, That's a great quote! Makes me feel a little guilty feeling the way I do, but I'm going to give myself a day or two to just wallow...I finally got the results of my blood test: BFN. Still no AF and I'm 6 days late. This whole process is about to drive me mad. Trying my darndest to stay in the positive and not be cranky with my students and life in general, but I'm not doing a very good job. 


I haven't been able to talk to my dr yet, but my fear deep down is that I'm not getting my period because of early menopause. (I'm 39). About 5 months ago, I was 8 days late for no reason at all. I'm wondering if my cycle is changing, or what this could possible be. Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas on the matter?




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Calpurnia7, that is a great quote!  Sounds perfect for this TTC expedition!  Maybe we could be the Bajingo Juice Explorers.


Tickle, I hope you get to feeling better.  One of my coworkers had a kidney stone "attack" this week.  He was in so much pain he was vomiting.  Crazy stuff.


Amy, I hope you aren't in menopause yet.  When did your mom and grandmas reach menopause?  Is there history of early menopause in your family?  Keep up the good attitude with students.  So necessary.  This article I read reminded me how important it is to focus on the positive so that I can really live. http://www.lakeunionherald.org/103/10/42709.html

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Geez oh flip I'm behind. Welcome all the newbies and hello to all those I don't know too well but are now BJers! :) I hope to see you ALL nice and soon over in the other thread. dust.gif


Boots - :hugs: and :love:. Glad to see you post. Is the HSG done now? I hope your clinic has good finance plans, but try to take it one step at a time. I didn't, I envisioned every scenario and how costly it would be before going in, and there were a surprising number of options that weren't as expensive as I once thought. <3  Are you still getting as sick as you were last year? I know the cold season is starting here because I've had one…twice. :mad:


Hey Caly! 


Side note on UTIs - I used to get the all the time. Then changed up our lube (from KY to astroglide) and never had a problem since. THEN we went to pressed exclusively and no problems. No running straight to pee after either. Everyone's chemistry is different down there but lube matters!


BEL! Congratulations mama!!!!!! 


FYI - Dr. ValH will give birth to Jacob any day now if she hasn't already. She's been radio silent for a few days. Hopefully no news is great news.


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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post


Side note on UTIs - I used to get the all the time. Then changed up our lube (from KY to astroglide) and never had a problem since. THEN we went to pressed exclusively and no problems. No running straight to pee after either. Everyone's chemistry is different down there but lube matters!



That's a great point. In fact - my doc told me to stay away from lube while trying especially KY. She said it could cause the sperm motility problems.

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I think my DH and I are going to try PreSeed this month.  I haven't had a UTI (knock on wood), but we have used a silicone based lube and from some research I have done, that doesn't help sperm move along as they ought.  I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday to see about possible hypothyroidism.  I will be interested to see what happens since yesterday marked 6 months of trying for us although it has only been 5 cycles since mine tend to be on the long side.


This weekend is supposed to be beautiful here in Michigan.  It was in the mid 70s yesterday.  It was perfect.

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I hope that everyone is having a good weekend! 


I'm sorry about the bfn, amygirl72, and I hope you are not right about your fear. Have you had your hormone levels checked? That should be able to tell you if there is any pre/peri-menopausal stuff going on, which I hope is not the case. I think that lilac gives you some good suggestions about family history, and getting some blood work done should not be difficult and should give you a clearer idea.


I agree with you, lilac that focusing on the positive is so important. I remember when I made that change myself and how essential it has been to help me focus on achieving my goals. In my profession, I began to notice that some people confuse having a critical attitude with criticism, which leads to complaining (and worse, whining). Putting in the hard work is easier when I set myself up for some sort of success rather than anticipating the worst. It has been harder to apply this in ttc, since it seems at times so unclear as to whether what we're doing is moving us in the right direction. I hope you find some answers at your appointment on Tuesday! 


That is interesting, RosieL about the k-y, because that is what we used to use all the time. I would have never thought that it could have been the culprit for utis, but it's true that when ttc we use preseed and I haven't had one despite foregoing my previous post-bd cleaning regimen.   


AFM, I'm on cd4, waiting to O. I have a ton of work to do so I am trying to keep myself occupied with tranquil time with dh, work, and house stuff. Dh is talking about taking a few days off during our bd-marathon week, which could be a great idea :)  


I tried out the instead cups during my period and they seemed to fit pretty well. I'm not sure if it is a great idea to use them to try to keep the semen inside--opinions? I've read on here of women who've gotten bfps doing that, so I thought it might be worth a shot.



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hi ladies, feeling a little down as AF showed up Friday morning just as expected.  The good news is that I had one extra day of high temps (I assume that means better progesterone? anyone?) and I have had no cramps or nausea which is unheard of and amazing for me.  I am going to credit that to drinking RRL daily and drinking way less caffeine than usual.  I also may have ordered $150 worth of 'nug making supplies' including but not limited to: pre-seed, CBE digital O smileys!, 6 boxes of RRL and 3 months worth of prenatals.  I feel better now.  


I'll come back and do personals later but I did want to check in 

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Anduluza, glad you had success with the instead cups.  I have tried them a few times and found them difficult to position for me.  I have heard of women using them to keep the swimmers inside "better".  I am willing to send you my stash for the price of postage.  Anybody want a box of Instead Cups with 3 missing?  They all come individually wrapped.


Reelala, sounds like you have a positive game plan!  It reminds me to go out and get some Pre-Seed.  I probably won't need it for a couple of weeks, depending on my cycle this month, but it is always good to be prepared!


I am looking forward to seeing the doctor tomorrow to, if nothing else, rule out hypothyroidism.  I will just have to wait and see what happens.

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Umm... PLEASE stalk my chart! I'm getting a little excited/nervous here... gotta run to work, but please stalk!

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TT - I love that high temp today! It looks extremely similar to May's chart, which is awesome. Looks like tomorrow's temp is the biggest differentiator between your average and your preggo chart. :D I'll be stalking!

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Happy Monday!!!!biggrinbounce.gif


I'm still keeping track of my temps. I'm really only doing it to see if this app I have is accurate.. because I plan on using it next month when we officially start trying. I've been taking my prenatals - although I plan on switching from the gummies to Citranatal 90 soon. I know I need more stuff - and the gummies don't have iron or calcium.


I wanted to lose a little more weight - but I think my body doesn't want me to.. I think it knows I'm thinking about getting preggers. I've decided that's my truth. ROTFLMAO.gif

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I forgot to mention.. One reason we have one more month is because I suffer from SERIOUS acid reflux. Partly because I became addicted to omeprazole (prilosec). I took it for over a year and recently got off because I wanted to be drug free while preggers.. but I couldn't eat and suffered A LOT. So my OB wants me on something while I"m pregnant. My primary care doc seemed to think I could take zantac a few weeks, easing off the doses before getting all the way off. But so far - after 2 weeks I'm still on the max dose. I'm willing to suffer through the pain of being off all meds until the baby is born.. (I suffered through 4 1/2 months of no meds already) but I know I won't be able to eat what I need to eat for the baby's needs.


Anyone else have a reflux or GERD problem? It pretty much controls my life. I don't think it will cause any #TTC problems.. but it could. Especially if I'm up all night again and can't eat. I recently read about chia seeds on the boards and they actually seem like they might work, help me lose those few extra lbs and allow me to be med free for pregnancy.

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TT: I am totally stalking you but I am not going to say ANYTHING else because I feel like I might jinx you. Not a word. 2whistle.gif


Thebyr: I have acid reflux and have been on omeprazole for....8 years now? Nothing else was able to control it, and not taking anything turned out to be impossible for me. I concieved, carried and am now BFing on it with no issues that could possibly be attributed to the omeprazole. Alaric is 3 months old now, happy and healthy after a scary birth (meds were never a factor; I had an amniotic fluid infection.)

You may have a completely different story...but I just wanted to say that not everybody can realistically manage to be completely med-free (for pregnancy or otherwise) and it can be OKAY to take drugs--if you really do need them. I struggled a lot with accepting that. But honestly, the heartburn got so bad during my pregnancy (hormones mess with everything!) even with the omeprazole that I thought it wasn't helping--and when I tried stopping it I couldn't eat at all for days...I could barely tolerate water. Not an ideal situation at all. Anyway. It worked *for me*.

Again, you will have your own challenges, and I hope you can find a way to deal with your AR in a way that's comfortable and healthy for your stomac I h AND your peace of mind.

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Am home now... and don't have much time to write. We are expecting house guests this evening for a dance event taking place tomorrow. The house is mostly clean... with the exception of my office and our bedroom, and random dusty places that my husband is apparently blind to. He's such a neat freak... it amazes me that he doesn't see dust the way I do! I can leave the bedroom a mess until after the guests leave because they won't be in there... but my office is hard to miss... and I'm ashamed to admit that its a nightmare! I may or may not try to tackle it. We'll see where my energy is at.


I've been riding an excited/nervous high all day. Now that I'm home I'm ready to crash for a long nap. I'm trying not to obsess over my chart too much, but it is hard not to. I really want this to be what I think it is... and I'm afraid of being right because I'm afraid of losing another one. Its an odd mixture of feelings. I think I'll go to the store and buy a test so that I'll have one on hand tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on what my temps look like. If I am pregnant, I want to be seen by my OB as soon as possible so she can start monitoring my levels and such.


Meander, Alaric is beautiful!


Pitch - If you happen to pop by, I wanted to let you know that I got your note and will write back when things slow down here. Much love!


Okay, off to clean... organize the event... and catch up on my neglected homework and lesson plans from last week.

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TickleToes, that chart looks good! I'll be stalking you, too! fingersx.gif


I'm pregnant. I've been testing like crazy - I've used a lot of internet cheapies over the past few days. I had so thoroughly convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen this cycle (or ever, really) that I dismissed the faint positives as evaps. I used an FRER today (10 DPO), and sure enough, BFP! I didn't even have to squint or hold the test at a funny angle to see it.


I'm excited, but it's so early...I'm afraid it won't stick. I went in for betas today. Hopefully the midwife will be calling in a couple of days to tell me how astoundingly high my HCG level is. orngtongue.gif

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I'm a teensy bit excited for you Caly. STICK BABY STICK!!!


What's your edd?















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Yahoo! Caly, I'm so very happy for you! joy.gif


Sending lots of sticky love your way!

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