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Andaluza, I too am sorry about your dad, what a stressful thing to be going through at the same time as ttc and the holidays. How are you liking life without Clomid? I am at the end of my first cycle, 50mg. I am curious, did it either lengthen or shorten your cycles? Did it move your O date?


Tear, I remember you! Sort of sadly, I am still here, but I am so glad you came back to check on us. :) I am just beginning with my RE and she isn't talking IUI or IVF yet. I am unsure if my FSH levels have been checked. I wonder if that's something that an OBGYN would test? I think maybe, but I'm not sure. I'm waiting for results of my CD13 and CD21 tests. I am so glad that after everything you got your awesome baby girl. Did you try clomid and injectibles before IVF? What were those experiences like for you? My doc says I may have to move on to injections with a trigger shot but that's as far as she'll speculate, but like I said I don't have all the info yet.



AFM, actually CD30 of my first Clomid cycle, waiting for AF. I took a test several days ago and promised myself I wouldn't again. I was so sick seeing another BFN I scratched off the lines and threw it away. It was a really, really hard week for me because my (insensitive) coworker announced her pregnancy (two weeks after texting me lamenting she wasn't pregnant her second cycle trying, grrr). She is like a week pregnant and I'm so frustrated she's already told everyone at work and wants attention throughout the entire thing, in the same month I've started at my Fertility clinic.



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Welcome Doularebekah! I hope your stay here is short. Hmmm, that is weird about not bleeding. Your current chart looks like it is ovulatory, though, so I think that is a good sign for you! 

That is an interesting idea about a group for ttc in our 30s!I know there are other threads with 30-somethings, ttc in other situations. 


Hi boots! How is clomid going for you? I am sorry about your colleague. Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I didn't chart very well before clomid, since I had gone on bcp to regulate my cycles and suppress o before starting it. I started charting (poorly) the month right before I started clomid and that cycle was 29 days--I'm unsure of exactly when I ovulated, but between cd12-19 (I know, not much help). I don't know if the length of the cycle was because of the bcps or if that's my normal length.


On clomid my cycles ranged from 31-33 days and I o on cds 16-17. This month I also o either cd 16 or 18, so it seems as though it may not have changed my o date or I'm somehow still affected by clomid. My temps in general are slightly lower than when I used clomid and my lp symptoms are different. I really wish I had started charting for found TCOYF before seeing my gyn about my mid-cycle spotting.





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Welcome, doularebekah.  I am a little confused by your "let's start a TTC in your 30's group so we can have more than one thread".  Please explain.  One thread for 30 somethings seems like a better thing so all of our chatter and information stays in one place rather than helter skelter over the TTC forum.


I am going to work on updating the page and starting the new December thread (never did create a November thread).  I know several babies were born over in the Bajingo graduates thread so I need to update that.  So expect a new thread sometime today.



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Welcome doularebekah! I hope your stay here is short :)

Andaluza, I totally understand how you feel about your dad. My dad is an alcoholic too and the tension it brings to our lives and especially his relationship with my mother leaves me feeling like I have to walk on eggshells around him. My heart aches for the stress you're under because of this. I hope your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

AFM, CD 19 here. Temps spiked after O but then came down a bit. They're above coverline but a little lower than usual during this part of my cycle. I certainly don't feel like it worked this month, but my absence of symptoms and pessimism doesn't mean it didn't work. DH company holiday party is next weekend. It's black tie so we're getting super dressed up. I'd love to be able to have a glass of wine to help me loosen up a bit while meeting all of his coworkers for the first time, but I'll still be in the 2ww, so I really shouldn't drink. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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You guys, I am in total, utter and completely shock.




I am so freaking nervous that this isn't going to stick. This was my first clomid cycle. I am not going to go back to my OBGYN who told me that clomid wouldn't work, so I guess I'm calling my RE even though I've only been with them for one month. I'm so worried. Aaah! But happy! This is unreal!

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