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Falling into Bajingo Juice: TTC #1 in our 30s - October 2011 - Page 4

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Yay for Caly!!!!!!!!  So happy for you!!!!!!!


Tickle, I'm chart stalking you and it looks GREAT!!!  I can't wait to see what the next few days hold for you!!!


Both of you, I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way because you both deserve full, healthy pregnancies!! 

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Public congrats to my girl Caly! :) Lots of love and sticky vibes. energy.gif


TT, I am so excited for you. Even better, I am SO happy to see that you can still let yourself be hopeful. It is inspiring and it gives me hope for hope, if you know what i mean. 


meander, so happy to see you here and Alaric's sweet face :)


Bel, how are you? Hope everything is going well.


Rosie, I still need to schedule my HSG, hanging out on CD7 need to get it done this week. Thanks for asking :) I haven't gotten sick yet but cold season hasn't really started here, it's been so hot. I need to get my flu shot this week, too, although they do come to my school at some point.


Cath, are you out there? Do you guys have a fall break. I may or may not have slept until 1:30 today ;)


andaluza, thanks for the response, you are right about the CBEFM and Clomid, although I didn't know it when I ordered. However, I ended up not starting Clomid this month so we'll see how it works. On the amazon reviews there are quite a few ladies who said it worked for them while on Clomid, too. :)



AFM, I am on CD7 and I didn't get to start Clomid this month because my doctor never sent the rx. She was supposed to send it and instructions snail mail. Oh well, I am kind of excited to try out the fertility monitor on a natural cycle anyway. I need to call right after I finish this to schedule my HSG. I'm starting to think I want to switch doctors but I'm still not sure. (There've been little things here and there, forgetting I need an HSG before she sends me to the IF people, not sending this RX, uhm, telling me I'm diabetic when I'm not...sigh)

I'm getting sick of Metformin and wondering if it's really necessary. GP said my sugars were barely pre-diabetic but blood tests also showed insulin resistance so I am sticking with it. Everyone says there's no way I have PCOS with my regular periods.



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TT - I am definitely chart stalking!  Looks good!  I read into all the unexpected high temps even after all these months.   :)

Boots - I am jealous of your fall break!   I am not sure why we don't do that here!

Caly - Stick baby! Stick! Stick!  And here's to a stable and stress free pregnancy!

Reelala - Sorry about AF - hopefully she doesn't cause you much trouble.  

Thebyr - I have a good friend with acid reflux.  She found out after years of suffering that it was just allergies.   But she was allergic to everything.  As long as she avoids gluten, sugar and dairy she doesn't get any reflux.  

AFM - Hubby and I went camping over the weekend.  It was cold, but we needed a little vacation.   I did have a few beers around the campfire, which made me feel a little guilty during the 2WW. Not that I am hopeful.  I have given up hope.greensad.gif

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So much going on in this thread! I am happy to see that some of us are falling into bajingo juice, really and potentially!


Best wishes to Caly for a wonderful pregnancy! 

And fingers crossed for tickletoes!


I am sorry about af, reelala. I also had a shopping spree a few days ago when af was imminent (preseed, instead cups, clomid rx). I think it is certainly a good sign to have a longer luteal phase! Mine was 16 days last month and 15 this month, but the best news about it is that I am not bleeding in the middle of my cycle for the time being, which was definitely a signal that my hormones were wacky.


Hi lilac, thanks for the generous offer! I'll see how they work after bd and let you know if I need any more, if no one else has taken you up on it. Since I used to use a diaphragm, they are quite similar, so I'd had years of practice in getting that to fit. 


Thebyr, those are the prenatals I've been taking. They seem to be agreeing with me. I don't have experience with acid reflux, but it sounds horrible. Sorry you have to deal with that.


I'm glad the fertility monitor is working for you boots. I am considering one seriously if this final cycle of clomid doesn't work. I also took a look at some other boards where women said that all the clomid did to affect the monitor was to give them more highs before they actually peaked, it seems. I am sorry that you doc does not seem to be on the ball. I am also kind of conflicted about my gyn.


Wow, Pooruglyhappy, the weekend camping trip sounds amazing--just the sort of thing dh and I love to do--and chilly nights are perfect for getting close. I wish that you can find some hope, but I do understand--sometimes I just get so frustrated and wish there were something specific that I could do to make this happen already.


Not much new with me. Good thing I'm some days away from o because sleep has been weird and I haven't been able to temp for a few days now. 


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So happy and hopeful for you!



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Everyone, sorry I've been out to lunch.


Caly, so happy for you and so hopeful.  I know you don't want to get too excited and all that...I understand. 


TT, also glad to see you still hopeful and seeming pretty healthy! 


Boots! Here I am! I have been having a hard time in general.  Yes, 28 kindergarteners and no aide.  Really pretty unhappy with school. It's not a good situation there at all and it keeps getting more and more sad.  You crack me up saying you may or may not have slept til 1:30.  I may or may not have done similar things!  I am on my second week of break, but I am going thru a depression and don't really care about anything. 

I am on the brink of the fertility doc, but we both freaked out and argued and changed our appt to Nov 14.  Tomorrow I have the SIS that is like a HSG but for some reason my gyno ordered this and not that.  I don't think she really knows what she's doing.  That's a whole 'nother thing.


I am not really a charter, just a tracker, so I won't be much help with chart-stalking.


Hello everyone, and hi to Lilac and Pitch and everyone, and what a cutie, Meander! 




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Congrats to Bel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You give me hope! 



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Thread Starter 

I logged into 17 new messages!  I thought - Someone must be pregnant!  Now it looks like 2 people are/may be.


Congrats Bel and Caly!  Let me know when you are ready to be moved over to graduates!


Stick, baby, Stick!


TickleToes, I hope you get a BFP in the next few days!  That would be exciting!


I just printed out all my charts to take to my doctor today.  Going to see if my thyroid is doing what it ought to be and hopefully if my hormone levels are what they should be as well.


Stupid car quit working last night.  Had to drive DH to work so I could have the car to get to my appointment today, then I will have to go pick him up afterward.  Yeah.

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boots - If your intuition and those several episodes are telling you to switch up doctors, I'd try to follow them. If you are going to the RE after the HSG, then you may not need to deal with the OB again until it's time for prenatal care, in which case you can start "clean" with a new doc. Yay for scheduling the HSG! Mine hurt more than I expected, but I thought about it as labor practice and breathed through it. Yay for no colds yet this season!


PoorUglyHappy - Yay for camping, and don't feel guilty for those beers. TTC can't change your whole normal routine and life around, otherwise it's counter-productive. (I'm living proof!)


Cathe! Hi! I'm kind of disappointed that there can be a 28:1 ratio of teacher to kindergardeners. Seems like WAY too many for any effectiveness. :hugs: BTW - I wish I had skipped the OB and went straight to the fertility doc. OBs can give normal tests but my OB didn't even know about the sperm analysis with IUI prep, which was a huge deal for us (or would have been). 


lilac - Sorry for the car troubles. :-/ Hopefully you'll learn something useful with the thyroid tests. Good luck!


Bel and Caly, come visit in the grads thread! 


Just in case it's not obvious, anyone who'd like to pop in over there and join in the chat is very welcome to do so. 


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Originally Posted by amygirl72 View Post

Cal, That's a great quote! Makes me feel a little guilty feeling the way I do, but I'm going to give myself a day or two to just wallow...I finally got the results of my blood test: BFN. Still no AF and I'm 6 days late. This whole process is about to drive me mad. Trying my darndest to stay in the positive and not be cranky with my students and life in general, but I'm not doing a very good job. 

Don't feel guilty!  Just don't let people and their bad vibes get you down.  As women, with all the crazy bodily stuff we have to deal with, we have the right to wallow a bit.  Just remember to wallow for your own reasons, not because others are negative.


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Originally Posted by Calycanth View Post

TickleToes, that chart looks good! I'll be stalking you, too! fingersx.gif


I'm pregnant. I've been testing like crazy - I've used a lot of internet cheapies over the past few days. I had so thoroughly convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen this cycle (or ever, really) that I dismissed the faint positives as evaps. I used an FRER today (10 DPO), and sure enough, BFP! I didn't even have to squint or hold the test at a funny angle to see it.


I'm excited, but it's so early...I'm afraid it won't stick. I went in for betas today. Hopefully the midwife will be calling in a couple of days to tell me how astoundingly high my HCG level is. orngtongue.gif

Congrats Caly, what fabulous news!


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How is everyone this week?


I went to Denver this past weekend to visit my father and stepmother sans DH, sans BBT, so I paid absolutely no attention to symptoms, CF, chart, temps, all of that.  Instead I exercised a lot and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Today is CD8 and I'm feeling absolutely fabulous, well-rested, energetic, and ready for a great week.  I did chart temps this morning and since CD1 I've been in the 97's.  I looked at some other charts on ff.com and mine seem high, is this something to worry about or am I just a hottie? innocent.gif

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Hello TTC #1 in the 30's!  I haven't been around much these past six months.  I had to take a break to focus on my degree in order to get it finished.  I suddenly find myself with a BIG degree, jobless, and with lots of time on my hands, so I've returned to the message boards for support and company.  Thanks for making this such a welcoming place ladies!  


Congrats to Caly and Bel! I'm sending positive vibes to you, TT.


Calpurnia, I love Denver and call it home.  My partner and I hope to move back there in a year or so.  I also just returned from a visit, and I was able to re-energize with friends, great food, and fabulous weather.  


A bit about me since I've been gone for six months.  I was diagnosed in 1999 with PCOS, and then again in 2007 and 2011.  I tried to treat with natural herbs and supplements once we knew we were going to start ttc, but I didn't find a combination that worked for me.  It seemed as if everything I tried just threw my cycle off even more.  I then opted to try Metformin (5/2011), and have had three 32-ish day cycles with ovulation since that time.  Super exciting! However, in addition to prescribing Met, my RE also scheduled all the regular diagnostic tests for infertility including an HSG.  I then discovered that my right fallopian tube is blocked.  That was a bit of a kick in the teeth.  I've since been focusing on addressing my "phlegm-stagnant" conditions, and am hoping to keep on ovulating and to also clear the mucus out of my right fallopian tube.  Currently I am on CD 24, and no O, as of yet.  Sigh.  I knew from the start that this process would be hard for me due to the PCOS, but I didn't predict how sad I would be.  


I'm glad to be back (and done with the degree)!!



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Okay, my HSG is tomorrow. How much pain did everyone else experience? (Thanks for the input, Rosie). I plan to take four advil before I go, which is what I take when I have extreme cramps.


Called the doc again and the nurse said she'd make sure to send the clomid for next cycle. (I'm already on CD8, too late this time).

Liking the fertility monitor thusfar, my only complaint for $150  you would think you could scroll back through and see your cycles and fertility levels for previous months. But if it does its job, who cares.


As far as switching docs, I think you're right, Rosie, I will just hang in there with the HSG and the clomid cycles and hopefully that will do the trick and then I can switch or not when it's time for prenatal stuff.


Amygirl, I think wallowing for a few days is totally normal. At this point, I have had whole months where we've barely tried because I'm so jaded, but that's okay. As long as you eventually pick yourself back up.


So happy for Bel and Caly, still, and I heard that Val had her baby! May want to head over to grads and check it out. Welcome baby Jacob!

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Hey Boots, I found the procedure to be pretty uncomfortable, but it is really pretty swift.  From start to finish, I was done in less than ten minutes. The uncomfortable part lasted less than three minutes. I also had some mild cramping after the procedure.   The radiologist that performed the procedure noted, albeit anecdotally, that women with one or both sides blocked typically are more uncomfortable, so that may explain why it was harder for me.  I did a lot of googling before the procedure and it seemed as if a lot of women thought the experience wasn't so bad.  Good luck!

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Hi Krunchyk!   I, too, have a "big" degree.  smile.gif  I often wonder if all the stress has lead to my fertility issues.  I had a lot of trouble finding a job.  The economy was tanking and many Universities had hiring freezes.  Despite tons of interviews, I only got two offers and I took the less prestigious of the two (a hs teaching job) for my sanity's sake and for the sake of starting a family without worrying about tenure.  Luckily, I love my job and I love where I live, too.  (The job required a > 3000 mi. relocation to LA.)  Nice to see you here with and lucky you to find yourself with extra time on your hands! I need some of that!  :)








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PUH please don't give up hope!  At least you got to relax on your trip.  


Andaluza YAY for not spotting - that is HUGE!  I am meal of your LP.  Mine is a cruddy 12/13 days hopefully that is enough time to have the eggie borrow deep and stick!  Have you tried the pre seed yet?  I messed up and bought Pre which is not internal - non returnable of course - DH and I used it and loved it though!  Felt very 'real' if ya know what I mean.  Tell me more about the instead cups - I've never heard of them...


Catheleni hug.gif


Lilac I hope your appt went well and that your car troubles are sorted out quickly.


Cal7 you're def a hottie! Crossing my fingers that this is your cycle.  Your positive attitude is catchy - loving it! Do you have a chart I can stalk??


Hi KrunchyK - hope that your stay here is a short one!


goodvibes.gifGood luck tomorrow Boots - I hope it is not uncomfortable for you.


AFM CD5 today which means I am going to start doing the digital smileys tomorrow.  I usually ovulate CD12/13 is CD 6 too early?  Also - should I do FMU and then again in the afternoon?  There seems to be a ton of variables with the OPKs help.gif


Also, can you please link my chart for me? I'm back at it again this month http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35b593

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Hi, I'm new here. This looks like just place for me right now and I'm so glad to have found this forum:) I'm danadavis108 and my DH and I just started TTC. I'm 34 years old and I do chart, but I do it old-school on copied sheets from Take Charge of Your Fertility (an awesome book). I'm in the 2-week waiting period and man, time seems to have slowed down! This wait is killing me!!!

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Hi ladies. 


I hope that the sis went well, catheleni. It is very sad to see what budget cuts have done to classroom sizes. 


Lilac, how was the dr appointment? I hope you hear that everything is just fine.


Calpurnia, your weekend sounds great! I am not sure if overall warm temps mean anything. I have heard that low temps do sometimes signal hormonal imbalances.


Congratulations on your degree, Crunchyk! I am sorry that pcos has been such a pain. In reading many ttc blogs of women with pcos it seems that everyone ends up finding a route that finally gets them pregnant, but there are so many different approaches, I hope you find one that works for you soon.


Boots, my hsg was both a good and uncomfortable experience. Good because the doc doing it talked me through everything very calmly (as I dug my fingernails into my palms the whole time). I enjoyed seeing what was happening on the screen. I found the insertion of the catheter and the dye to be uncomfortably crampy but not like daggers or anything traumatic. My results were normal, but the procedure affected me most on a deep emotional level, though, which I wasn't expecting. I hope that it is stress-free for you.


Pooruglyhappy I feel similarly about my profession having driven so much of my life and causing me so much stress that I am certain it's affected my health. I'm trying to manage stress, but throwing ttc into the mix has not helped. I have good and bad days and just try to do the best I can.


Reelala, I think that your lp is quite long enough. Mine being longer hasn't done me any good so far, either. We've been using preseed for several months, just a bit at a time (we don't insert it in any special way). Instead cups are menstruation cups, meant to replace tampons/pads, but I started reading about women using them here to keep the semen closer to the cervix after bd. One lady on the clomid thread got pregnant the month she used them, so since this is my last month on clomid, I decided I'd try them out.  I think I'll keep it natural and raise my hips for about 20 min and then insert one to try to stop loss of semen when getting up, using bathroom, etc. For the past few months I've tried to lie in bed for hours, reading, doing work, but it's truly been a pain in the neck (and unsuccessful anyway), so I'm hoping the cups will liberate me, somehow.


Welcome danadavis108! I hope your stay here is short!


Still waiting to o here...   

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