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Looking for Doula and Midwife in KY/OH/WV tri-state area!

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I'm from Raceland, Kentucky (right next to the Ohio river) and the only midwives I can find are 45mins-2 hours away which would be too much traveling for appointments with a toddler. I'm approx 7 weeks pregnant, currently seeing an OBGYN, but I'm desperate to homebirth and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable without a midwife to assist. Also the midwife I like (Angelita Nixon) is just too far and I can't afford gas, time, and $4000 to go see her at this point in time. Also she isn't licensed in KY so I'd have to give birth across the river in Ohio in a hotel or something lol :/ But I'm desperate. Does anyone know any Midwives that are closer?! Also looking for a doula as well!

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I'm sorry, I searched and searched and came up with nothing. Your area has a severe lack of midwives! Probably because it's so rural. 45 minutes to prenatals isn't so bad if you are committed to having a midwife but homebirthing away from home defeats the purpose. Are there any an hour or less away that will attend you in your home? Perhaps you could find out who attends the Mennonite families around West Liberty, KY? There is also a Birth Center 1 hour away in Hurricane, WV http://www.familycarewv.org/womencare/index.html.


I found a doula! Julie Huron, Chesapeake Oh. Maybe she cane help you find more local options.

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After searching online, I've found:


-Valley Health Services (Huntington)

-United Health professionals(barboursville)

                -Susan C. King Watts

                -Cynthia J. Pierzala

-Casey Copeland (www.yourbarefootbirth.com)

-Amber Cardenas (Healthy Mama Childbirth)

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You will probably get more responses if you post this in your section of Finding Your Tribe here.
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Thank you all. Jamie if I didn't have a younger toddler (or if I had someone to baby sit, but I don't) I would gladly go 45 minutes to a prenatal. But 45 minutes 2-ways would be too much on him, especially towards the end of my pregnancy. There is 1 that I could find whom would attend, but unfortunately I cannot afford her. I may ask if I can see my OB for general prenatal care, but meet with her a few times during pregnancy and see if I can just hire her for a few visits and the birth. 

The birthing center can't accept Kentucky Medicaid, and a 1 hour drive while in labor.. Ouch. I hate to think!

But thanks I'll look into the Doula! :)


And I'm currently seeing an OB/GYN at Valley Health clinic, in Ohio. Again a 45 minute drive anywhere would end up being too much for my other child :-(


And thank you womenswisdom, I posted there at the same time as I did this but ended up only getting 1 response which was fairly useless :-(

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what's your nearest city?
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Ashland, Kentucky or Ironton Ohio? I'm not sure what's considered a "city" around here, truthfully. I'm from a huge city of a million people, and I now live in a town of 1,200 so..

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I am a long-time CPM, one hour up 93 from Ironton, in Jackson. One who does prenatals in my clients homes, not mine. I am not licensed in KY either, but do cross the river from time to time to time. In fact, the last birth I attended was in Lexington, a lot further than you! If you want to talk further, I  am here. 740-286-5756. or marlenecpm@frontier.com.

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I sometimes go to ESSO grotto mtgs at the Flatwoods library, the 3rd mon of almost every month. DH & I usually eat at Giovanni's before the 7pm mtg. Let me know if you ever want to meet me there.

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I take it you are no longer looking for a midwife?

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