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Can I join? :)

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Hi everyone!  Hubby and I recently found out that our final baby #4 has turned into final babies 4 AND 5! Twins! eek!!!

I was recommended this site for the multiples forum, and thought I'd introduce myself over here as well if that's ok.

I'm 13 weeks (we found out at 12w2d), and due April 8th, but I won't be going over 38 weeks, so hopefully the babies will be here the end of March and no earlier!

We have 3 kiddos, A is 4.5, W is 2.5 ,and E is 13 months. (W is our only boy so far! Hoping for at least one brother for him now!) Come March I'll be 24 with 5 kids under 5.5 I'm not sure if that makes us crazy or blessed! Maybe a little of both? ;)

Dh is in the AF, so unfortunately we are 1700+ miles away from family, which is a great disadvantage with this pregnancy. I stay at home with the kiddos, A is in Pre-k and W is starting a weekly play group.

I look forward to getting to know everyone :)

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Welcome! Sounds like you have a crazy house now, and it's just going to get crazier! Lucky that you can stay home with the children.

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hey welcome. I also live a million (well not quite...) miles from home. Are you in the USA or abroad? 



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Welcome and congrats! Twins! Yikes! You'll do great I'm sure. I look forward to having you in our group!



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Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome and congrats on twins :)

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Congratulations mama! Welcome to our latemarch/april ddc orngbiggrin.gif

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welcome and congrats! My mom was in the same boat as you, although I think she was 26 when she had 4 (me) and then discovered she was also having #5. She lived away from her family and my dad wasn't available (not b/c of military just b/c he was being a$$).  She threw herself into us and was an amazing mother when we were young, I often wished she had a resource like mothering so maybe she wouldn't have been so alone. I wish you luck and look forward to getting to know you.

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