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The ONE Thread Graduates: October 2011

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This thread is for members of the ONE thread from the Trying to Conceive forum. Some of you have started similar threads in the DDCs but this is an all-inclusive, cross-DDC thread. We have all made connections and friendships with ladies who got BFPs before or after us so this can be a central thread for us to catch up and for those on the other side of the One thread to keep up with us!


In bold, please tell me: Name, Due Date, how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive, what "number" child this will be, and anything else you would like to add.




Due October 2011

13-Nicolian (Nicole), charted for 2 cycles, #3 (#4 for DH)

23-not_telling (Jess),  took 3 cycles, #2


Due November 2011

9-TalkToMeNow (Amanda), tried for 4 months, #4 (3rd pregnancy)

12-TTCChloeorConner (Nicole), tried for 16 cycles, #1


Due December 2011

11-Mummoth (Teresa), tried for 4 months (conceived on month "off!"), #3 (#1 for SO)

30-LadyScientist, conceived on the first "real" try, #1!


Due January 2012

25-MommyMatsumoto (Anna), tried for 15 months (tried vitex, soy, acupuncture, and leaving it up to DH!), #2

Writinglove, conceived the old-fashioned way in one month, #1


Due February 2012

19-OdinsMommy0409 (Laura), got pregnant on the second cycle after a chemical pregnancy, planning a HBAC with boy #2!


Due March 2012

28-tantylynn (Teesha), after 20 cycles (1st cycle of Clomid), #1 


Due April 2012

13-belacmsage (Bela),  26, tried 6 months with opks, fertility monitor, preseed, vitex, soy, b-6 and male fertility drugs too! Finally, left it up to DH to decide when to DTD, did it A LOT and got her BFP!

26-vivica2, tried for 1 1/2 years, went through 1 m/c, 4 rounds of clomid, progesterone, instead cups, bbt chart, soy isoflavones, and on and on and on.... can't wait to get fat and grumpy!  #3


Due May 2012

7-BubbleMa (Sarah), TTC for about 5 cycles (seems like much longer though).  We used a calendar to track fertility and DTD accordingly.  We also used Pre-Seed, and I took Maca, and EPO.  Baby #2 for me, #3 for So, our first together!

8-RenoKirbyButtrs (Jamie), got BFP on second month trying after 11 years! on BC, #1

12-janellody (Janelle), #1, got her BFP on the first month trying after several months charting


Due June 2010

6-kylie1 (Kylie), pregnant after 11 months of straight trying, on-and-off trying for about three years or so, with acupuncture twice and lots and lots of charts!  #4 (#3 for her and #2 for him)

6-AndtheStars (Maria), expecting #2

26-GradStudent13, expecting #1 after three months of trying


joy.gifONE Thread Babies! joy.gif



July 14th - Kayden (LivingSky)

August 19th - Reed Adam (jillybeans)

October 4th - Jacob (ValH)

October 11th - Julia (yellowdart)


Need an Update:


8/19-savah, conceived on 4th month (3rd temping), #2

9/11-LovingBaby (Elizabeth), took 7 months (charting, OV strips), #3


In Our Thoughts:





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Thanks for the new thread!!!!


So I woke up this morning to spotting, and I lost my mucus plug about halfway through the morning.  Yay!!  I'm having some contractions, but nothing consistent.  I'm hopeful to be in labor in the next few days.  

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Yay, glad to hear things are finally moving along ValH!

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Oh this is exciting Val!! Best of luck!

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Just back from a check-up.  I've dilated 1-2 centimeters... that's an improvement from the zero of Friday!  The doctor thinks I'll have this baby naturally in the next few days.  Just in case, we moved our induction to Friday (was scheduled to start tomorrow/deliver Wednesday), which will be close to 42 weeks.  I don't think I'll make it to Friday... or I sure hope I don't, anyway!

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That is an improvement! I doubt you'll make it to Friday, too. You guys should squeeze in one last date night before then (babies love to ruin plans...)

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Yay, Val!!! Go, go, go! LOL


I just got back from my ultrasound. At 34 weeks, 3 days, Conner is weighing in at 6lbs 9 oz. He's expected to be just under 9lbs at term. Now I REALLY hope he comes early. LOL We've got a box or two of newborn diapers that I'll be bummed about not being able to use. =D


He's still head down, which makes me happy.


And his right kidney is still measuring borderline for big, so at birth, they're going to put him on antibiotics and then give his kidney a follow up ultrasound. He said it is so close to "normal" though that he wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being nothing.


He also looks exactly like me. Dad is kind of bummed about that. LOL He's got my puffy cheeks, my "Angelina Jolie" lips, and my pig nose. It's so cute! And he's got hair!





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yeah Val!!! good luck, enjoy!!!



ttccorc- what a cute pic!!! hope you get him a week early for your sake. :)


afm- approaching 11 weeks, started telling some people.....so exciting to be really here!!!!

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Val, I hope you're in labor or holding a baby right now!


TTCCoC - that's a good looking baby.  I never got any 3D pix of my babe.  Oh well, I'll be seeing her soon enough.


Vivica - do you feel fat and grumpy yet?  :D


AFM:  just sitting here simmering at 39+2.  Induction is on the table at 41+6, so hopefully something moves before then.  Baby still hasn't engaged.  


I bought a breast pump.  

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yellowdart, totaly grumpy and only plump for now, but im getting there! haha


hope baby getts moving before the 41 week mark!

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TTCCoC, those are some great pics of Conner! Fingers crossed (fingersex? winky.gif The ONE thread corrupted me...) that he comes early for your sake.

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Hi guys!  wave.gif  Peeking in though I'm only 5wks2days and nervous as hell!


Val, I hope that you are holding your LO right now!


ETA:  and Kylie, you will notice that my ticker involves fingersex.

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AndtheStars!!!  YAY!!!! Congrats!!

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Glad to see some new ladies around here! Looking forward to some updates soon too!


I am having sleep issues. I can't seem to stay asleep and am waking up a lot during the night. I have insomnia off and on and it might just be another episode of that but that is usually a falling asleep problem. Anyone have and suggestions on what to try or do?

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Congrats on the BFP AndtheStars!!  I'm gonna put you on the list!  Lemme know if you want more of a blurb.  I love BFPs.  


belacmsage, sorry about the sleep issues.  I have a terrible time sleeping these days, but I'm 9.5 months pregnant.  What sometimes works for me is sex and a hot shower, but that takes some planning.  :/


It's my due date TODAY!  Babe shows no signs of moving out, though.  om.gif

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Hang in there, Yellowdart!  I can't wait to hear about the good news of your babe's arrival!

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Yay YellowDart! Go, go, go!


I'm almost positive VAL has had her baby by now. WHERE'S THE UPDATE?!?!


I still haven't had any insomnia issues. *Knock on wood* Just in the last week or so, I've started waking up at night to pee, but I never have an issue falling back asleep.


We got baby's crib today. It was the final step in his room's preparation. Gulp. I'm having a baby...........................................................................................................................................................

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Hi ladies!  Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a crazy week.  Baby Jacob did come, all by himself!!  He arrived at 9:55am on October 4, weight 8lb 12.1oz, 21 inches.  He's just perfect, with big brown eyes and a head full of dark hair!  It was a fantastic experience.  I did end up with an epidural, which I didn't want originally... but after nearly 12 hours of labor and only 6 centimeters, with vomiting/dry heaving with every contraction, I needed something.  Even with the epidural, it was a great experience, and I have my beautiful baby boy.  


Hope everyone is doing well!  

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Congrats ValH and welcome baby Jacob!

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*gulp* 6 weeks pregnant on the dot. I'm incredibly tired...and sick...


*stretch, yawn*


Grats on the baby ValH!

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